120+ Best Boy Names that Mean Gift From God & More in 2023

Choosing a name for your baby is a cherished endeavor, often influenced by profound meanings, cultural significance, and family traditions.

Names that convey positive attributes hold a special place in this decision-making process.

Now let’s dive in and delve into the world of boy names that mean “gift,” celebrating the joy and blessing that a new life brings and exploring the cultural richness behind these meaningful monikers.

The Significance of Names:

Names have a profound impact on an individual’s identity and can reflect qualities that parents hope their child embodies.

A name that signifies “gift” encapsulates the sentiment of gratitude and appreciation for the blessing that a child represents to their family and the world.

Cultural and Linguistic Diversity:

Across different cultures and languages, names that mean “gift” are abundant, each carrying unique nuances and histories.

Let’s explore some of these names and their cultural significance:

  1. Matthew: Derived from the Hebrew name “Matityahu,” meaning “gift of Yahweh,” Matthew is a widely cherished name in Christian communities, symbolizing a divine blessing.
  2. Nathaniel: With Hebrew origins, Nathaniel translates to “gift of God.” The name’s timeless elegance has made it a popular choice across various cultures.
  3. Jonathan: Meaning “gift of Jehovah” in Hebrew, Jonathan reflects a sense of gratitude and reverence.
  4. Theodore: A name with Greek roots, Theodore translates to “gift of God.” It has been embraced by various cultures for its classic charm.
  5. Jesse: This name has Hebrew origins and means “gift.” It holds historical and biblical significance, as Jesse was the father of King David.
  6. Ataullah: In Arabic, Ataullah means “gift of Allah,” emphasizing the idea of a divine blessing.
  7. Donato: Derived from Latin, Donato means “gift” or “given.” It embodies the concept of something bestowed upon the child.
  8. Ethan: With Hebrew origins, Ethan signifies “strong” or “gift of the island.” It embodies the strength and blessings that a child brings.
  9. Zane: Zane has several linguistic origins, including Hebrew and Arabic, where it means “gift from God.”
  10. Doron: This Hebrew name directly translates to “gift.” It reflects the appreciation and thankfulness for the child’s presence.

Embracing the Sentiment:

Selecting a name that means “gift” for your baby boy is a beautiful way to embrace the sentiment of gratitude and celebrate the precious blessing that he is.

Beyond their linguistic beauty, these names carry profound meanings that echo the joy and love that accompany a new life.

Boy names mean precious gift

  1. Akwaugo. This delightful Igbo name means “precious daughter.”
  2. Alaine. Of Old German origins, Alaine means “precious.”
  3. Alamea. A name with Hawaiian roots, Alamea means both “precious” and “ripe.”
  4. Alana. With its Old German roots, Alana means “precious.”
  5. Anmol. This Hindi name means “priceless.”
  6. Aziza. Equal parts strength and sweetness, this name of Arabic and Hebrew origins means both “precious” and “mighty.”
  7. Blessing. Need we say more?
  8. Callidora. With its Greek origins, Callidora means “gift of beauty.”
  9. Caoimhe. This beautiful Irish name means “precious” and “gentle.” It is pronounced as Kwee-vuh or Kee-vuh.
  10. Darina. From its Slavic roots, Darina means “gift.”
  11. Eudora. Of Greek origin, Eudora means “good gift.”
  12. Hibah. This generous name of Arabic origin means “gift.”
  13. Lulu. This adorable name means both “pearl” and “precious.”
  14. Mattana. This name has Hebrew roots and means both “gifts” and “rains.”
  15. Mehir. “Reward.”
  16. Mercedes. More than the name of a luxury car brand, Mercedes is of Latin origin and means “gracious gifts.”
  17. Nadira. With its Arabic roots, Nadira means “precious” or “scarce.”
  18. Neo. This name has two equally wonderful meanings — “gift” and “new.”
  19. Oashni. “God’s precious gifts.”
  20. Precious. This one is as precious as the name suggests.
  1. Gia. “God is gracious.”
  2. Giovanni. “God is gracious.”
  3. Grace. “God’s grace.”
  4. Hanah. “In God’s favor.”
  5. Harmehar. “God’s grace.”
  6. Hanno. “God is gracious.”
  7. Hans. “God is gracious.”
  8. Ian. A popular name in various parts of the world, Ian is the Scottish version of the name John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  9. Ivan. And this one is the Slavic version. Its meaning? Also “God is gracious”.
  10. Jackie. This popular gender-neutral name means “God is gracious.”
  11. Jackson. A common surname, Jackson works just as well as a first name. It means “son of John” — and John means “God is gracious.”
  12. Jaina. “God is gracious.”
  13. Jamiel. With its Hebrew roots, Jamiel means “in God’s favor.”
  14. Jan. A form of John, Jan means “God is gracious.”
  15. Janek. “God is gracious.”
  16. Janet. The feminine form of John, Janet means “God is gracious.” It might be a particularly popular option for fans of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  17. Janey. “God is gracious.”
  18. Janina. “God is gracious.”
  19. Jansen. This popular Scandinavian name means “God is gracious.” You might want to opt for the shortened version, Jans.
  20. Jayne. An ever-popular name, Jayne means “God is gracious.”
  21. Jeanelle. “God is gracious.”
  22. Jenica. “God is gracious.”
  23. João. This popular Portuguese name also means “God is gracious.”
  24. Johann. A German variation, Johann is another great option when it comes to choosing a name filled with grace.
  25. John. A Biblical name that never goes out of style, John means — you guessed it — “God is gracious.”
  26. Sean. Believe it or not, Sean is also a version of John. With Irish roots, it too means “God is gracious.”
  1. Adiel. A name with Hebrew roots, Adiel means “ornament of God.”
  2. Ataullah. An Arabic name, Ataullah means “gift of God.”
  3. Bozidar. This name of Slavic origin means “divine gift.”
  4. Corban. With its Hebrew roots, rather than a gift from God, Corban means “gift to God.”
  5. Davarsh. This name of Indian origin means “God’s gift.”
  6. Donatello. More than a famous ninja turtle, Donatello means “gift from God.”
  7. Donato. This interesting Spanish and Italian name means “gift from God.”
  8. Dorek. With its Polish roots, Dorek means, of course, “gift from God.”
  9. Gaddiel. “God is my fortune.”
  10. Jeremiah. “Appointed by God.”
  11. Jeremy. “God will uplift.”
  12. Matteo. If you’re looking to add a bit of Italian flavor, Matteo will be the perfect gift for you.
  13. Thaddeus. This powerful name either means “gift from God” or “courageous heart.”
  14. Theodore. With its Greek roots, this classical name means “gift of God.” And it comes with the lovely Theo as a shortened form.
  15. Ukesh. This Tamil name means “God’s gift.”
  16. Yanis. “Gift of God.”
  17. Zebadiah. “Given by God.”
  1. Adaya. This sweet Hebrew name means either “God’s jewel” or “God’s witness.”
  2. Aldora. With its Greek origins, Aldora means “winged gift.”
  3. Alya. Of Arabic origins, Alya means “from heaven.”
  4. Anna. “Grace” or “favor.”
  5. Anya. As a Russian version of Anna, Anya means “grace” or “favor.” It has other meanings too — “power,” “mother,” and “eye.”
  6. Benedict. “Blessed.”
  7. Dolly. Belonging to the inimitable songbird Dolly Parton, this name means “gift of God.”
  8. Dorinda. “Gift of God.”
  9. Dorothea. Opt for Dorothea, Dorothy, or Theodora — they all mean “gift of God.”
  10. Elidi. This name has Greek roots and means “gift of the sun.”
  11. Godiva. “God’s gift.”
  12. Iva. Connected to the names Jane, Ivy, and Ivana, Iva means “God is gracious.”
  13. Jani. With its Hebrew roots, this adorable name means “gift from God.”
  14. Joyce. This cheerful name simply means “Lord.”
  15. Medora. This name is a special kind of present — it means “mother’s gift.”
  16. Miesha. With its Slavic roots, Miesha means “gift from God.”
  17. Pandora. A character known for her curiosity, Pandora means “all gifts.”
  18. Parisha. This Arabic name means “gift from God.”
  19. Shani. With its Irish roots, Shani means “gift from God.”
  20. Siân. This Welsh name is pronounced Shahn and means “God is merciful.”
  1. Jedidiah. Meaning “gift from God”. Plus, with its Biblical roots, Jedidiah is a name that carries a lot of weight and significance.
  2. Johanna. A variant of the name “Joanna” and means “God is gracious” or “God’s gift.”
  3. Jonathan. From the Hebrew words for “God” and “given.” So you could say that Jonathan is a gift from the heavens above!
  4. Matthew. This Biblical name belonged to one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ and means “gift of God.”
  5. Nathaniel. Whether you choose Nathaniel, Nathan, or Nate, you’ll have a gift that is “given by God” in Hebrew.
  6. Cadeau. Pair it with Celeste as a middle name, and you’ve got a beautiful French name meaning “heavenly gift”.
  7. Daliso. An African name meaning “heavenly gift.”
  8. Makanalani. Meaning “heavenly gift” in Hawaiian.

Male baby names

  • Aaron – [Hebrew] “Gift from God”
  • Adonai – [Hebrew] “My Lord and Master”
  • Angelo – [Italian] “Messenger of God”
  • Benjamin – [Hebrew] “Son of the Right Hand”
  • Caleb – [Hebrew] “Faithful and Bold”
  • Caspian – [Persian] “Sea of Bounty”
  • Christopher – [Greek] “Bearer of Christ”
  • Daniel – [Hebrew] “God is My Judge”
  • Dante -[Italian] “Enduring and Lasting”
  • David – [Hebrew] “Beloved”
  • Dominic – [Latin] “Belonging to the Lord”
  • Elijah – [Hebrew] “My God is Yahweh”
  • Emery – [German] “Brave and Powerful”
  • Ezekiel – [Hebrew] “God Strengthens”
  • Gabriel – [Hebrew] “God is My Strength”
  • Gideon – [Hebrew] “Mighty Warrior”
  • Isaac – [Hebrew] “He Will Laugh”
  • Isaiah – [Hebrew] “God is Salvation”
  • Ivan – [Slavic] “God is Gracious”
  • James – [Hebrew] “He who Supplants”
  • Jared – [Hebrew] “Descendant”
  • Jeremiah – [Hebrew] “Exalted of the Lord”
  • John – [Hebrew] “Graced by God”
  • Jonathan – [Hebrew] “Gift of God”
  • Joseph – [Hebrew] “God will Increase”
  • Joshua – [Hebrew] “Yahweh is Salvation”
  • Jude – [Hebrew] “Praised”
  • Levi – [Hebrew] “Joined to the Lord”
  • Luke – [Greek] “Light Giving”
  • Mark – [Latin] “War-like”
  • Matthew – [Hebrew] “Gift of the Lord”
  • Michael – [Hebrew] “Who is Like God”
  • Moses – [Hebrew] “Drawn Out”
  • Noah – [Hebrew] “Rest”
  • Oliver – [Latin] “Peaceful”
  • Owen – [Welsh] “Young Warrior”
  • Riley – [Irish] “Brave”
  • Samuel – [Hebrew] “Name of God”
  • Sebastian – [Latin] “Venerable”
  • William – [German] “Protector”
  • Wabana – [Native American] “gift from God”

Unisex baby names

  • Amani – [Arabic] “Peace”
  • Amias – [Hebrew] “My people are blessed”
  • Anacleto – [Italian] “Gift from God”
  • Aseem – [Indian] “Boundless”
  • Bezalel – [Hebrew] “In the shadow of God”
  • Blessing – [English] “Gift from God”
  • Deo – [Latin] “Godlike”
  • Divine – [Latin] “Gift from God”
  • Emmett – [German] “Universal”
  • Grisel – [Spanish] “God’s gracious gift”
  • Hannan – [Arabic] “God’s mercy”
  • Jahdiel – [Hebrew] “God rejoices”
  • Kadmiel – [Hebrew] “God is my righteousness”
  • Kedar – [Hebrew] “Powerful”
  • Kiran – [Indian] “Ray of light”
  • Mesiah – [Hebrew] “Messiah”
  • Micaiah – [Hebrew] “Who is like God”
  • Nadav – [Hebrew] “Generous”
  • Nimai – [Indian] “Gift from God”
  • Niran – [Hebrew] “God’s fire”

Things to avoid while choosing the boy names

When choosing a name for your baby boy, there are certain factors to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid to ensure you select a name that your child can carry with pride throughout their life.

Here are some things to avoid:

  • Unintended Negative Associations: Be cautious of names that might have negative connotations or associations, whether due to popular culture, historical figures, or other reasons. Research the name’s background and meaning to ensure it aligns with your values.
  • Difficult Pronunciation and Spelling: Names that are difficult to pronounce or spell might lead to frustration and miscommunication throughout your child’s life. Opt for a name that is easily recognizable and straightforward.
  • Trendy or Fad Names: While trendy names might be popular in the moment, they can quickly become outdated and lose their appeal. Choose a name that is timeless and will stand the test of time.
  • Overly Complicated or Long Names: Lengthy names can be challenging to write, spell, and fit on official documents. Consider the practicality of your chosen name.
  • Cultural Appropriation: Be respectful of cultural origins and avoid appropriating names from cultures to which you do not belong. Choose names that honor your own heritage or have personal significance.
  • Awkward Initials or Nicknames: Think about how the initials of the first, middle, and last name might combine. Also, consider potential nicknames that could arise from the name you choose.
  • Overused or Common Names: While classic names are timeless, extremely common names might lead to your child being one of many with the same name in their school or community.
  • Forgetting About the Surname: Consider how the first name pairs with the family surname. Avoid combinations that might sound awkward, rhyme excessively, or create unintentional words.
  • Unusual Spellings: While unique spellings can be intriguing, overly creative or unconventional spellings might lead to confusion and mispronunciation.
  • Sibling Name Incompatibility: If you already have other children, think about how the new name will harmonize with your existing children’s names.
  • Ignoring Family and Cultural Traditions: While you want to choose a name that resonates with you, it’s also important to consider family traditions or cultural naming practices that may hold significance.
  • Name Bullying Potential: Kids can be unkind, and some names may be more prone to teasing or bullying. Be cautious of names that could potentially lead to negative experiences.
  • Forgetting About Professionalism: Consider how the name might be perceived in professional settings. Names that are too unconventional might impact your child’s future career prospects.
  • Ignoring Your Gut Feeling: Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a name that resonates with you and feels right for your child. Don’t solely base your decision on others’ opinions.

Remember, the name you choose is a meaningful gift you give to your child.

Take your time, do thorough research, and select a name that holds significance and brings joy to your family.

Conclusion on Boy Names that Mean Gift

The process of naming a child is a journey of love, hope, and significance. Opting for a name that means “gift” encapsulates the profound appreciation for the miracle of life.

Whether drawn from ancient origins or more modern derivations, these names symbolize the gratitude and joy that a child brings into the world.

As you embark on this meaningful decision, consider the cultural richness and timeless beauty that boy names meaning “gift” can bring to your family’s story.

That’s all for this awesome and mind storming post to choose the best name for your boy that mean gift, share it with all your friends and family members too who has just now welcomed a baby boy in their home.

Thank You 🙂

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