100+ Cool Last Names for Characters with Meaning in 2024

Poweful last names, cool last names for girls, cool last names for boys, fictional surnames, unique surnames for rpw: Picking out the best cool last names for characters is tricky, whether you’re looking for the coolest last names for characters in a novel need a unique last name for fantasy, gaming usernames or online role-play scenarios. You don’t want to choose something that sounds fake, but you don’t necessarily want something that’s really common either. 

Cool Last Names For Characters With Meaning

This list of cool last names covers all the bases, including cute and pretty last names for girls, powerful and interesting last names for guys, uncommon and unique last names for fantasy characters, and more.

If you’re hoping to stumble upon that perfect & cool last names for characters, then you are in the right place.

But before you dive in, read up! Knowing these tips for how to choose a cool last name can help you make the perfect first name and surname pairing.

How To Choose a Cool Last Name for your Character

Before you scroll through the list of  last name ideas, check out these tips for how to pick a name for your beloved characters:

1. Consider the meaning.

With each name, there is a meaning behind it and by choosing the name with the right meaning, you can give insight into who your character is. Do the legwork to research what a last name means and consider how that applies to your characters. As you do so, you might even explore a new facet of your character’s personality.

2. See how it sounds with the first name.

While this tip might seem obvious, it’s worth paying special attention to. How a last name sounds with the first name can often be the deciding factor as to how real the name sounds. And don’t just read them to yourself—say the name out loud a few times and in a few different scenarios, too.

3. Count how many syllables it is.

You find the last name you love, but how many syllables is it? This really does matter, because most last names only have a couple of syllables. The longer it is or the more syllables there are, the more likely it will trip up your reader.

4. Ask yourself what “feeling” the last name creates and if it matches with your character’s persona.

You know your characters so well, but your reader is just meeting them for the first time. How their name feels is as important as what it is. Keep this in mind and how you want your reader to feel about a character.

5. Consider its uniqueness.

Depending on the character, you might want a more unique last name. However, a more tertiary character might call for a simpler, more common last name. Take into account how familiar your reader will feel with the name and whether that will distract from your story.

Cool Last Names for Boys in 2021

Like with unique last names for girls, the choices in our list of last names for guys could be last names for anyone. We think these names could be especially useful in bringing many types of male characters to life!

AbrahamFather of nations
AshfordEdge of a sword
BenjaminSon of my right hand
BooneGood; a blessing
ElrodGod is the king
FrederickPeaceful ruler
HaleHero; from the hall
LangstonFrom the tall man’s tower
Levisay (leh-vih-say)Dear victory
McElfresh (mc-EL-fresh)Son of the brindled lad
Trevino (treh-VEE-noh)Lives at a place where boundaries meet
WhitlockWhite hair
Yarbrough (yar-bro)Earthworks; fortifications

Poweful last names, cool last names for girls, cool last names for boys, fictional surnames, unique surnames for rpw, Some more cool last names for boys as follows…

1. Collymore

2. Stoll

3. Verlice

4. Adler

5. Huxley

6. Ledger

7. Hayes

8. Ford

9. Finnegan

10. Beckett

11. Gatlin

12. Pierce

13. Zimmerman

14. Dawson

15. Wilson

16. Adair

17. Gray

18. Curran

19. Crassus

20. Anderson

21. Adams

22. Carter

23. Hendrix

24. Lennon

25. Gasper

Cool Last Names for Girls in 2021

Though last names for girls and guys are interchangeable in most situations, we have listed some cool last names for girls in 2021.

Amana (ah-MAH-nuh)Integrity, faithful, trust
Barlowe (bahr-loh)Lives on the hill
HartStag; strong; brave
Hendrix (HEN-dricks)Ruler of the home
KatzPriest of justice
Laurier (law-ree-ay)Bay tree
MaddenLittle dog
Sai (sigh)To order; to send
Villarreal (bee-AH-reh-AHL)Royal settlement
Viotto (vee-AH-toh)Life

Some more cool last names for girls in 2021 as follows…

1. Elsher

2. Solace

3. Levine

4. Thatcher

5. Raven

6. Bardot

7. St. James

8. Hansley

9. Cromwell

10. Ashley

11. Monroe

12. West

13. Langley

14. Daughtler

15. Madison

16. Marley

17. Ellis

18. Hope

19. Cassidy

20. Lopez

21. Jenkins

22. Poverly

23. McKenna

24. Gonzales

25. Keller

Cool Last Names for Characters in 2021

If you’re setting out to write an action hero, character, or adventure fiction, consider trying the following unique last names for your characters.

AmosTo carry
BeamOne who lives by a post or tree
DashFrom the ash
FleetStream; estuary
Jian (jee-uhn)Simple; uncomplicated
MosesTo draw out of water
RemingtonBoundary stream (also associated with Remington arms, the gun company)
SharpKeen; quick
Singh (seeng)Lion
StallardValiant; resolute
WestFrom the west
AbednegoServant of Nebo (the Babylonian god of wisdom)
Cyprus (SIGH-pruhs)Fair
Dagon (DAY-gone)To be cut open
Damaris (duh-MARE-is)Calf; gentle
Einar (AY-nar)Bold warrior
Festus (fehs-tuhs)Festive; joyful
Gallio (gal-ee-oh)One who lives on milk
GriffinFierce; dangerous
Kami (KAH-mee)Lord
LightfootA messenger or nimble runner
PriestleyPriest of the wood
SierraSaw; mountain range
Alastair (al-ah-stair)The one who repels men
Aphelion (uh-FEE-lee-uhn)The point in the orbit of a planet, asteroid, or comet at which it is furthest from the sun
Callisto (cuh-lihs-tow)Most beautiful
Chrysalis (KRIS-ah-lihs)Pupa of a butterfly or moth; a transitional state
Furi (foor-ee)Adhere the soul to the body
Gibbethon (jih-beh-thahn)Mound; lofty place
Gregorios (greg-OR-ee-ohs)To awaken; to watch
Nadir (NAY-deer)Rare
OmegaThe end
Sapphirus (saff-EYE-ruhs)Blue stone
Silvius (SIL-vee-us)Forest; wood
Umbra (UHM-bruh)The dark, central spot of a sunspot; shadow or darkness
Zibia (ZIH-bee-uh)Doe

Some more cool last names for characters in 2021 as follows…

1. Mintz

2. Ashbluff

3. Marblemaw

4. Bozzelli

5. Fellowes

6. Windward

7. Yarrow

8. Yearwood

9. Wixx

10. Humblecut

11. Dustfinger

12. Biddercombe

13. Kicklighter

14. Vespertine

15. October

16. Gannon

17. Truthbelly

18. Woodgrip

19. Gorestriker

20. Caskcut

21. Oatrun

22. Sagespark

23. Strongblossom

24. Hydrafist

25. Snakeleaf

Final words for Cool Last Names for Characters

It seems like characters’ last names in mysteries and thrillers often sound highbrow and sophisticated. If you have a strong idea of what your characters are going to be like but the perfect name still eludes you.

Hope you have definitely liked the cool last names for characters as well as cool last names for boys and cool last names for girls in 2021.

Don’t forget to share it with your friends & family members also.

Thank You 🙂

Cool Last Names For Characters With Meaning
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