30+ Best Example Of Brand Name In The World 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list: Building a brand name is not at all an easy task, it takes a lot of your time, efforts, incredible patience, money, sleepless nights, giant tears, a lot of emotions and so on… If you are also looking to open up your new company or brand and searching for the best example of brand names.

Then no doubt you have landed to the right post, here we have listed out some very famous brand name examples from which you can take the inspiration and sky is the limit for your imagination and new destination.

Without any further delay let’s dive in deep and explore example of brand name. But before that first let’s let’s understand what brand name actually represents and what it is.

What is a Brand Name?

A brand name distinguishes a particular business, item, or services and sets it apart from other brands in the same market, which makes it very unique and different to perform and create a unique identity in customers heart and mind.

Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.

To safeguard their equity, brand names are often registered with the USPTO, and they frequently come with a unique logo.

This is what the brand name actually means, now let’s see different brand names examples which have proved their customers highest level of products or services offering.

Example of Brand Name

The market offers a colossal number of brands. However, not all of them succeed to the standards that is desired. Only a selected number of the thousands of competing companies succeed in winning the hearts of consumers in a millions. There may be a variety of causes for that achievement. But THE BRAND NAME is the most crucial one!

Let’s checkout different brand names examples in various different industries and categories.

Examples Of Best Beauty Brand Names In The World

Some of the best beauty brand names in the world are…
  • Chanel

A French firm named Chanel produced a high-end cosmetics line that was inspired by the moniker given to French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Despite the fact that the name was influenced by a person, it also contains a secret meaning that reads, “Nice and is a goddess.”

A French luxury beauty brand corporation launched in 1946 by designer Christian Dior is recognised by its abbreviated name, Dior. Christian Dior is a French fashion designer. The French term “d’or,” which means “of gold,” is the source of this name. People in those times typically used their names or last names as their brand names, which might have subliminal positive connotations and eventually became well-known.

  • Olay

The American skincare company Olay Olay, formerly known as Oil of Olay or Oil of Ulay, is owned by Procter & Gamble. As you can see, they reduced the brand name from three words to one straightforward word that is both simple to read and say. The name also has a secret meaning that reads “beauty secret of oil of olay,” which is what they use to promote their product.

  • NYX

Given the extensive selection of luxurious, evening-appropriate cosmetics in the NYX Nyx range, it sounds like “nicks” is called after the Greek goddess of the night. However, NYX Nyx does not actually stand for anything. It is one of the most well-liked beauty products in the entire globe.

One of the well-known companies in the cosmetics sector, Dove stresses the symbol of peace, love, and purity in its logo, which is instantly identifiable. Dove is one of the leading names in the beauty market. Unilever Pvt Ltd is the parent company of Dove.

Most Successful Brand Name Examples In The Apparel Industry

One of the most succeeding and profitable industry nowadays that is booming is the apparel market, so here is the best brand name examples of apparel industry.

  • Nike

One of the greatest shoe manufacturing firms is Nike Incorporation. Previously, it went by the name “Blue Ribbon Sports Inc.” Later, the name was changed to Nike. The Greek goddess of triumph is referred to as Nike.

Another upscale apparel company in the globe is Louis Vuitton. It has been recognised as the most valuable luxury brand worldwide for over six years running. The founder’s name, “Louis Vuitton,” served as the inspiration for this brand name.

Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.

  • Zara

It’s fascinating how Zara came to get its name. Zara’s first name was “Zorba.” The name was inspired by the timeless movie Zorba the Greek. They changed the name to “Zara” once they realised there was already a pub with the same name.

  • Uniqlo

The history of the firm Uniqlo dates back 71 years. In 1949, it was formed. The location of this business in Japan makes it unique. “Unique” and “Clothing” are the origins of the term Uniqlo. Currently, this corporation employs close to 45000 people.

In Sweden, Hennes & Mauritz was first established. The business was once known as “Hennes,” which is Swedish for “Hers.” When they subsequently entered the store “Mauritz Widforss,” which afterwards offered men’s apparel, the name was totally acceptable to them because it initially exclusively sold women’s clothing. Their name was changed to “Hennes & Mauritz.”

Most Successful eLearning Brand Names In The World

The largest platform for online courses in the world may be said to be this. On this site, practically millions of people have signed up to continue taking various courses. Daphne Koller and Andrew Yan-Tak Ng presented it in 2021.

  • EdX

Another well-known e-learning platform in the globe is EdX. It operates as a nonprofit organisation and offers college-level courses all around the world. This electronic learning system was unveiled in 2021 by EdX Inc.

  • FutureLearn

This business is headquartered in the UK. This is one of the biggest institutions in Britain offering distant learning.

  • Skillshare

One of the top American online learning communities is this one. This business was founded in 2010.

  • Udemy

One of the top platforms for online courses may be said to be this one. Since its 2010 debut, it has grown to be one of the most well-known eLearning platforms worldwide. According to data as of April 2021, this platform is being used by close to 40 million students, and 155,000 courses have already been delivered.

Best E-Commerce & Shopping Brand Names In The World

Here we have listed out the best brand name examples of e-commerce and shopping industry. Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.
  • Amazon

An international technology business called Amazon was founded in 1994. It is one of the top five American corporations. The world’s biggest river, “Amazon,” inspired the name of Amazon.com. A was the letter Jeff Bezos intended to use as the name of his business.

Piotr Szulczewski founded the software startup Wish Wish. It was once known as ContextLogic. Company was reintroduced in 2011 as Wish, a programme that let users make a Wish list before connecting their preferred item with another seller.

  • eBay

In 1995, Pierre Morad Omidyar founded eBay. AuctionWeb was eBay’s original name before it was eventually renamed to eBay. Was was very almost going to be called echobay.com, but it changed to eBay.com since the domain wasn’t available.

  • Shopee

Shopee Forrest Li developed the Singaporean e-commerce site Shopee. The most well-known e-commerce business in Singapore is called Shopee, and it has since spread to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Brazil.

Best Brand Examples In The Food Industry

One of the most significant sectors in the world is food and beverage. Gaining consumer trust in the food and beverage sector is far more challenging than in other sectors. Users will think about things like hygiene concerns, nutritious foods, and ingredient transparency. The top businesses in the food and beverage sector are listed below.
  • Nestlé

The biggest food corporation in the world is undoubtedly Nestlé. In 1866, it was formed. Heinrich Nestle, the name of the proprietor, served as the basis for the name Nestlé. The.com domain extension belongs to the Nestlé corporation.

  • Pepsi

“Pepsi” was formerly known as “Brad’s Drink.” It was given the name Pepsi Cola, which in Greek means “digestive.” The most prestigious castle in the beverage industry is crowned by the name Pepsi worldwide. Pepsi’s catchphrase is “Pepsi-Cola Hits The Spot.”

The original name of this food business was “Foodiebay.” Later, they renamed it to “Zomato” since the previous name was not appropriate. When Zomato was first established in 2008, it quickly gained widespread popularity.

  • Wholey

The fish business “Wholey” has been around for over a century. Wholey was given that name in honour of the company’s founder, Robert Wholey.

  • KFC

Sanders launched the business as Kentucky Fried Chicken and eventually changed the name to KFC. He discovered that the phrases “fried” and “chicken” in the previous name were challenges to the marketing process since they implied something harmful, and they had once been falsely accused of consuming mutants because to the word “fried.”

Successful Travel Brand Names In The World

Now here comes the list from travels industry, just checkout the best brand in the travel industry.
  • Momondo

In addition to being a travel price aggregator and metasearch engine, Momondo also runs the Inspiration travel information blog. Thorvald Stigsen created this business in 2006.

  • Skift

Skift is a business that offers news, analysis, and marketing solutions for the travel sector. This brand name derives its meaning from Nordic languages and means “change” or “transformation.” 2012 saw the establishment of this business, whose CEO is Rafat Ali.

  • Fodors

Travelers may find English-language travel and tourist information from the business Fodors. Eugene Fodor launched the business in 1949. Fodors gave the business its name as a tribute to the founder.

  • Expedia

This is the name of a Washington-based internet travel agency. Its name was derived from the two terms “exploration and speed.” The price of the domain at the time was $9.99. Microsoft Travel was Expedia’s previous name.

Most Successful Sports Brand Names In The World

If you are a sports lover then you must have gone through this brand at least once for sure, so let’s which brand so lucrative in sports industry. Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.

American sportswear manufacturer Nike was founded in 1964. Nike’s previous name was “Blue Ribbon Sports,” but later it was renamed to Nike, which is Greek for “the goddess of triumph.”

  • Adidas

Adolph Dassler created the business Adidas in 1924. It is currently one of the most well-known and lucrative sports industries in the world. Although some sources claim that Adidas is an acronym for the phrase “All Day I Dream About Sports,” the word Adidas is derived from the founder’s name, Adolph Dassler.

  • Puma

Rudolf Dassler created the business Puma in 1948. Rudolf Dassler launched Puma with a new look in response to the success of his brother Adolph Dassler, the owner of Adidas. He followed his brother’s procedures while naming his business. He used the initials of his own name, Rudolf Dassler, for the firm name Ruda, which he eventually altered to Puma.

  • Reebok

One of the oldest sporting businesses in the world is Reebok. In 1895, Reebok was established. Rhebok is the root of the name Reebok (an African antelope).

Now before concluding, let’s see some interesting things.

Less Brand Name Qualities But Still Very Popular

Here something interesting we have listed down which is why some brands are very popular while having nothing much more special about them.

Brand name qualities included:

Easy to pronounce

No negative connotations

Not an imitation of an existing brand name

  • McDonald’s

Brand name qualities included:

No negative connotations

Clean history

Limited to one word

Brand name qualities included:

No negative connotations

Clean history

  • Mercedes-Benz

Brand name qualities included:

No keywords included

No negative connotations

Do not imitate existing brand names

  • L’oreal

Brand name qualities included:

Avoid keywords

No negative connotations

Limited to one word

What is the importance of logo and slogan in the brand name

Now let’s see what is the Importance Of The Logo And Slogan in creating or building the brand name.

The brand image may be developed extremely effectively with the use of slogans and logos. These factors are crucial if you want your company’s logo and tagline to be successful. Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.

  • Logo:
  1. Logos are more aesthetically pleasing and memorable.
  2. Creates the brand identity when a company has a logo for their name.recognisable with a logo.
  3. It sets you apart from others.
  4. Using your brand name, create a lasting first impression.
  • Slogan:
  1. Customers learn more about your company.
  2. Makes your company unique compared to other firms.
  3. Increases the worth of your brand name.

Conclusion on example of brand name

Your company and brand will be remembered with a snappy, inventive, and descriptive name; customers will be able to recognise it online, in commercials, or in physical locations.

A distinctive company name also aids in differentiating your goods and services from those of your rivals. Famous brand names, product names examples, descriptive brand names examples, company name example list.

It’s fascinating to consider the many brand name categories and how they contribute to the creation of the well-known brands of today when picking a brand name for a business.

So, we have listed out all the brand which has proved themselves in all the different categories and fields, from which you can also take the inspiration and present the best of your brand.

Hope you have definitely like this post as much as we do sharing it with you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members who loves to read about the brands or wants to take the inspiration from other popular and famous brands.

Thank You 🙂

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