3000+ Foreign Names for Boys with Meaning in 2024 [Must Read]

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To make your work easier, faster, and more reliable we have listed here foreign names for boys which you must be known of. So, without wasting a single second here just dive in and have a glance at foreign names for boys from the United States to Japan, Antarctica to Russia, and all.


Foreign Names for Boys

Strong Unusual Boy Names

We have listed out a ton of names below from all over the world, what you need to do is just pick the best name out from the box and have it for your newborn baby boy.

1. Ádomás

Ádomás is a Hungarian name meaning pledge.

This exotic name for boys is pronounced AAL-doh-maash. Ádomás is different from Adomas, which is the Lithuanian version of Adam, which means man-made from red clay.

2. Akio

Akio is a Japanese name that means bright man.

Japanese is written in symbols called kanji, and a range of kanji combinations can be used to create a number of words or phrases with the same sounds. 昭夫 means bright man, but other combos may have different meanings.

3. Altair

Altair means the bird in Arabic.

Altair is the name of the brightest star in the Aquila constellation. It is also the twelfth most luminous star in the night sky.

4. Alvis

Alvis is an Old Norse name that means all wise.

Norse mythology tells of Alvis, a dwarf who wanted to marry Thor’s daughter. Thor didn’t want this to happen, so all night until the sun rose, Thor asked Alvis questions. When sunlight struck Alvis, he was turned to stone.

5. Anders

Anders is a Scandinavian name meaning manly.

The earliest documented use of Anders in Denmark was recorded during the 12th century, and in Denmark, Donald Duck is known as Anders And.

6. Arjun

Arjun is a modern Indian name that means white, and clear.

This is a modern spelling of Arjuna, who was a hero in Hindu writings. He was said to be the son of the princess Kunti and the god Indra.

7. Asher

A Hebrew name, Asher means happy, blessed.

Asher was rarely seen in the U.S. before the 1990s. However, since then, it has seen a sharp increase in use. By 2019, it was ranked number 43 in the most used boys’ names that year.

8. Atticus

The anglicized form of the Greek name Attikos, Atticus means from Attica.

The most famous Atticus, at least in the modern-day, is probably Atticus Finch, the fictional lawyer and central character from the classic novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

9. Azaire

Azaire is an archaic French name meaning God has Helped.

Azaire is an archaic French version of the Hebrew name Azariah, and although considered a French name, Azaire evolved in French-speaking areas of the “new world.” Consequently, it was found in Quebec and Louisiana, rather than France.

10. Bacchus

Bacchus is a Greek name that means to shout.

Bacchus was the Roman god of the grape harvest, wine-making, wine, festivity, and theater. He was also worshipped as the god of orchards and fruit, fertility, religious ecstasy, ritual madness, and insanity.

11. Barış

Barış is a Turkish name that means peace.

The correctly written form of Barış is with the Turkish dotless i and the S-cedilla. The Persian word, بارش, is pronounced baris and means rainfall.

12. Beauden

Beauden is a modern name from New Zealand, meaning beautiful.

The popularity of New Zealand rugby player Beauden Barrett caused this name to experience a surge of popularity in his home country.

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13. Belvedere

Belvedere is Italian and means beautiful view.

In architecture, a belvedere is a structure or part of a structure built so you can enjoy a scenic view.

14. Booker

Booker is an English boy’s name that means the maker of books.

Booker as a forename was an example of the surname-to-first-name trend in the 19th century U.S. and reached peak popularity during the early 20th century.

15. Brien

Brien is an English name of uncertain meaning.

Brien is an alternative spelling of Brian, which could be related to the Celtic word element Bri, which means hill.

16. Calisto

A Spanish name, Calisto, means most beautiful.

There are 44 known species of Calisto butterfly, all of which are found in the Caribbean islands. Most of the species are located on the islands of Hispaniola and Cuba.

17. Cathal

Cathal is an Irish name that means ruler of the battle.

English speakers or those with English as a second language may be inclined to pronounce this name CATH-all. However, the correct pronunciation is KA-hal.

18. Chi

Chi is an Igbo name and means God or spiritual being.

Odinani is the traditional cultural and religious practices and beliefs of the Igbo. One element of Odinani is the belief that everyone has a personal spirit that determines their destiny, and this spirit is called Chi.

19. Cowel

Cowel is a Manx name meaning joint pledge.

Manx names are specific to a small, self-governing island in the Irish Sea. It has been populated since before 6500BC, and in 2016 was given Biosphere Reserve Status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization.

20. Dante

Dante is an Italian name that means enduring.

Dante began as a shortened form of Durante, an Italian name that evolved from the Late Latin name Durans.

21. D’Artagnan

In French, D’Artagnan means from Artagnan.

D’Artagnan was a name created by author Alexandre Dumas for a character in his novel The Three Musketeers. Artagnan is a town in Southwest France from which the character was said to have come.

22. Dechen

Dechen is a Tibetan name meaning great happiness.

Transliterated to English language characters from the Tibetan བདེ་ཆེན, Dechen is a gender-neutral name that is also found in everyday use in Bhutan.

23. Deshal

Deshal is a Hindi name that means nation.

In some places, you will see Deshal listed as a baby boys’ name, and in others, you will see it labeled as a baby girls’ name.

24. Dilshad

An Urdu name, Dilshad means happy heart.

Dilshad is gender-neutral and freely used for both boys and girls. The name has its roots in the Persian words دل (del), which means heart, and شاد (shad), which means happy.

25. Ebrima

Ebrima is a Gambian name meaning the father of many.

Ebrima evolved in Western Africa from the name Ibrahim. Ibrahim is the Arabic, Dhivehi, and Albanian form of Abraham.

26. Efrain

Efrain is a Spanish name that means fruitful.

Pronounced eh-fra-EEN, this is the Spanish version of the Hebrew name Ephraim, which is pronounced as either EEF-ree-am or EEF-ram. If you are looking for an exotic boy’s name, choose your preferred pronunciation, and run with it.

27. Elías

Elias means Yahwah is my God.

Yahweh is the name of the Hebrew God and evolved from the Hebrew name Elijah. Popular in Europe, Elías has seen a steady increase in popularity in the U.S., and in 2019, 5,690 baby boys were given the name.

28. Émile

Émile is a French name meaning rival.

Novelist, journalist, and playwright Émile Zola failed his Baccalauréat, the French equivalent to a high school graduation, twice. As a result of that, he was unable to go to law school and began writing while he worked as a clerk.

29. Evander

Evander means bow warrior or the good of man.

An example of the same name evolving separately in two places, Evander is both an Ancient Greek name with the good of man meaning, and a Scottish name from the Old Norse Ivarr, which means bow warrior.

30. Ezekiel

Ezekiel is an Ancient Hebrew name meaning God will strengthen.

Ezekiel was a prophet in Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. This could be a striking and unusual boys’ name choice for a family of mixed religious heritage.

31. Fabian

Fabian is a Germanic name that means bean.

In 1980, Fabian was added to the list of names used for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic. It replaced Frederic. However, after the 2003 Hurricane Fabian caused four deaths in Bermuda, the name was retired and replaced with Fred.

32. Faustus

Faustus was an Ancient Roman name meaning lucky or auspicious.

The Ancient Romans used Faustus as a cognomen. This came after a given name and clan name and was usually considered to be more of a nickname. Cognomen eventually merged with clan names and were inherited like surnames.

33. Felipe

A Spanish name, Felipe means friend of horses.

Felipe has been the name of three kings of Portugal and six kings of Spain, including the current monarch whose full name is Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia.

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34. Firdaus

Firdaus is an Arabic and Urdu name that means paradise.

If you like Heaven as a name but don’t feel it suits a boy, has been overused, or both, then Firdaus is a viable exotic alternative.

35. Florian

Florian is a Germanic name meaning flower.

Although considered to be a boys’ name, Florian is the given name of Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong, known by most people as Dido.

36. Fujin

Fujin is a Japanese name that means wind spirit.

Pronounced FOO-ZHEEN, Fūjin was the name of the Japanese god of wind who was depicted as carrying the winds in a bag slung over his shoulder.

37. Gallus

Gallus is an Ancient Roman name that means rooster.

If you are waiting until you get to know your baby boy’s personality before choosing his name, Gallus is an option if he wakes you with a loud cry as the sun rises.

38. Girish

An Indian name, Girish, means lord of the mountain.

Girish is a modern Indian form of the more traditional Girisha. Girisha is one of the names of the Hindu god Shiva. He was given this additional name because his home was in the Himalayas.

39. Gracian

Gracian is an Occitan name that means grace.

Gracian is derived from a Spanish family name and is used as a given name by speakers of the Occitan language, which is sometimes called Provençal. It is spoken by some ethnic groups in Southern France, Spain, and Italy.

40. Guillermo

Guillermo is a Spanish name meaning determined protector.

Award-winning Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has made low-budget Spanish language movies and multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbusters, co-written a series of novels, and adapted them into graphic novels and TV shows. He’s even made animated children’s series for Netflix.

41. Harith

In Arabic, Harith means plowman or cultivator.

As families become more multicultural, we love the idea of using traditional occupational names outside of their cultures of origin. Harith is relatively mundane in North Africa, but it makes for a different farmer’s son’s name in the U.S.

42. Hugh

Hugh is a Germanic name that means heart, mind, or spirit.

Fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation will know Hugh as the Borg drone rescued by the Enterprise-D. Once disconnected from the Borg hive-mind, Hugh learned a sense of self and developed an identity as an individual.

43. Idris

Idris is an Arabic name which may mean interpreter.

The prophet Idris of the Quran is considered to be the same person as the Hebrew prophet Enoch. Idris is also a Welsh name that means enthusiastic/impulsive lord. The best-known Idris in modern days is actor Idris Elba.

44. Ignatius

Ignatius is a Roman name of unknown meaning.

The name Ignatius was created when the spelling of the Roman family name Egnatius was changed to resemble the Latin word ignis, which means fire.

45. Innes

The anglicized form of the Irish name Aonghus, Innes means one strength.

Want a rare name for your boy? Virtually unheard of in the U.S., Innes has recently become relatively widespread in Scotland, where 77 baby boys were given this name in 2019.

46. Iokua

Iokua is a Hawaiian name meaning God is salvation.

Technically speaking, Iokua does not translate directly to God is salvation. Instead, it is the Hawaiian version of Joshua, from which the meaning is derived.

47. Isander

Isander is an Ancient Greek name meaning equal of the man.

In the Greek epic poem, The Iliad, by Homer, Isander is a man who is killed by the god Ares.

48. Ives

Ives is an English name that means yew.

Some names from exotic, tropical countries sound wrong on a person from a different culture or another land. Ives is unusual while remaining appropriate for almost anyone.

49. Jabari

Jabari is a Swahili word that means brave.

Jabari Price is an American Football player drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2014 NFL Draft. He plays cornerback.

50. Javier

Javier is a Spanish name meaning new house.

Javier was the surname of a noble family from the Basque region of Northern Spain and South Western France. Correctly pronounced kha-BYEHR, Javier is often mispronounced by English speakers as ha-VIER.

51. Joaquin

Joaquin is an American name that means raised by Yahweh, the Hebrew name of God.

The Academy Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix was born Joaquin Bottom. His parents changed the family name to Phoenix to symbolize leaving the religious cult of which they had been members.

52. Jothi

Jothi is a Tamil name meaning light.

Found mostly in Sri Lanka and southern India, this is a gender-neutral name that is a regional form of Jyoti.

53. Kai

Kai is a Chinese name that means triumphant music.

As well as being a Chinese boys’ name, Kai is a gender-neutral Hawaiian name meaning sea, an Eastonian nickname for girls named Kaia, and a Frisian boys’ nickname for Gerard, Nicholas, Cornelius, and Gaius.

54. Kalei

Kalei is a Hawaiian name meaning either the flowers or the child.

Although this is seen as a gender-neutral name in Hawaii, the similarity in pronunciation to girls names Keighley, Callie, and Kaylee could be off-putting for some people.

55. Kofi

Kofi is a Ghanan name that means born on a Friday.

In Ghana, the traditional naming ceremony for infants is Outdooring. This happens eight days after birth when parents take their baby outside for the first time and give them a day name.

56. Kurō

Kurō is a Japanese name that means nine or son.

While this was traditionally given to the ninth son of the family, it might be an unusual choice for a boy born on the ninth day of the month or the ninth month of the year.

57. Lazar

Lazar is a Russian name meaning my God has helped.

Used in Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Macedonia, Lazar is most common in Eastern European countries and is a variant of Lazarus.

58. Maleko

Maleko is the Hawaiian form of Mark, which means male.

If you want to give your child an exotic-sounding, tropical moniker, choosing an option such as Maleko gives them a name with a direct low-key equivalent. Therefore, if they want a less individual name later in life, they have a suitable ready-made option.

59. Malik

Malik is a Greenlandic name that means wave.

Malik is sometimes creatively spelled Malick, but both forms of the name have the same meaning. You may see Maligiaĸ as a name, and this means, more specifically, mid-sized wave.

60. Matias

Matias is a Spanish name meaning gift of God.

Although Matias is a Spanish name, it is popular enough in Finland to warrant an official name day. Therefore, if you want a striking baby boy name and your child is born on February 24th, then Matias is a good choice.

61. Mikel

A Basque name, Mikel, means who is like God.

Mikel is the Basque form of Michael. Many parents feel pressure to name their child after a family member. If you are in this position, then an exotic alternative form of the name can be the answer.

62. Mohan

Mohan is a modern Indian name meaning charming, bewitching, or infatuating.

This is a modern form of Mohana, a descriptive name that was often applied to the Hindu gods, Kama, Krishna, and Shiva.

63. Murad

Murad means wish or desire in Arabic.

Some people choose names for their meaning, and if you have had a difficult path to parenthood, Murad is an exotic boys’ name that reflects this in a positive way.

64. Nevan

Nevan is from an Irish name that means little saint.

Are you looking for an unusual name but worried about being too out there? Anglicized forms of some ethnic names can be a suitable half-way point. In this case, Nevan is the easier to spell and pronounce version of Naomhán.

65. Ossian

Ossian is a name from literature, meaning little deer.

James Macpherson was an 18th-century Scottish writer who published a volume of epic poems narrated by a figure named Ossian. Scholars debate how genuine the work is, but Ossian remains an excellent exotic boys’ name.

66. Osten

Osten is a Swedish name that means island of stone.

If you are looking for an exotic boys’ name from tropical climes, then this is not it. However, if you want a Scandinavian name, then Osten, which is used in both Sweden and Finland, could work for you.

67. Pavel

Pavel is a Russian name that means humble.

Like the name Paul, Pavel comes from the Roman family name Paulus. While this is a relatively common name in Russia, Belarus, and the Czech Republic, in other cultures, it may be seen as unusual.

68. Pherick

A Manx name, Pherick means nobleman.

Cabel Pherick was a place of worship on the Isle of Mann, where Manx names originate. Known as a keeill on the island, the ruins are located within a burial ground in a quiet glen.

69. Phineas

Phineas is an Ancient Hebrew name of uncertain meaning.

Researchers are unsure whether this name means Nubian, which referred at the time to an ethnic group from what is now northern Sudan and southern Egypt, or serpent’s mouth, in Hebrew. If you name your son this, however, get ready to hear some Phineas and Ferb jokes.

70. Proinsias

Proinsias is an Irish name that means Frenchman.

If you’re looking for a multicultural name to reflect your family and you have Irish and French roots, Proinsias could work for you.

71. Rafael

Rafael is a form of Raphael, meaning God heals.

Rafael Nadal is a Spanish professional tennis player who is tied with Roger Federer as having won more men’s’ Grand Slam titles than anyone else.

72. Ramzan

Ramzan is a Chechnian name that means parched.

When a word is translated from one written language to another in a way designed to help the non-native speaker pronounce the word correctly, it is called transliteration. Ramzan is a transliteration of Ramadan.

73. Rasmus

A Scandinavian name, Rasmus means beloved.

Pronounced Raz-mus by most English speakers, in Danish, it is RAS-moos, in Swedish and Norwegian RAS-muys, and in Finland, the pronunciation is RAH-smoos.

74. Rasul

Rasul is an Arabic name that means prophet or messenger.

Rasul is also an Avar name. Avar names are used by the Avar people of the Republic of Dagestan, a small republic of Russia located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

75. Raul

Raul is an Italian and Portuguese name meaning wolf’s counsel.

Raul has featured in the top 1,000 boys’ names in the U.S. since 1910. In 2019, the last year for which data is available, 550 boys were named Raul.

76. Roark

Roark is an English name of disputed meaning.

This name could be an Anglicized version of the Ancient Scandinavian name Hrœrekr, which means famous ruler. Alternatively, it may be from the Irish language word ruarc, which means rainstorm.

77. Ruben

Ruben is a form of the Hebrew name Reuben, which means behold, a son.

This slightly shorter form of Reuben is the more popular spelling in Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain. It is also a way to distinguish it from the popular Reuben sandwich.

78. Sláine

Sláine is an Irish name that means health.

Sláine is pronounced SLAW-nya and was the name of the first High King of Ireland. Sláine mac Dela was of the Fir Bolg, a mythical people who abandoned Ireland, settled in Greece, and returned to the country to rule.

79. Somerled

Somerled is a Scottish name meaning summer traveler.

Pronounced with a lee sound at the end, rather than the ed sound you might imagine, Somerled is an unusual boys’ name suitable for the child of travelers.

80. Soulougue

Soulougue is a Cajun name of uncertain meaning.

This name is thought to be a misspelling of the surname Soulouque. Faustin Soulouque ruled Hati, first as President and then as Emperor from 1847 to 1859.

81. Suijin

A Japanese name, Suijin means water spirit.

Suijin was the Japanese god of pools, lakes, and water and the guardian of fishers, making this an unusual boys’ name that’s wonderful for those with a family history connected to fishing.

82. Sulaiman

Sulaiman is the Indonesian form of Solomon, meaning peace.

As well as being the Indonesian form of Solomon, Sulaiman is the English transliteration of an Arabic name, which means man of peace.

83. Tafari

Tafari is an Amharic name that means the man who inspires awe.

Tafari Makonnen was the last Emperor of Ethiopia. Upon ascension to the throne, he took the name Haile Selassie I, and adherents of the Rastafarian religion consider him to be an Earthly incarnation of God.

84. Tāne

Tāne is a Maori name meaning man.

In Maori mythology, Tāne was the god of light and the forests. In some accounts, he is said to be the creator of man. On Tahiti, Tāneis is the name of the god of peace and beauty.

85. Taranis

Taranis is derived from the Celtic word taran, which means thunder.

Taranis Patera is the name of a volcanic crater on Io, one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. The volcano has not been observed erupting, so it is unknown whether it is still active or not.

86. Taro

Taro is a Japanese name meaning big son.

Taro is a tropical plant grown for its edible root and is believed to be one of the earliest cultivated vegetables.

87. Tau

Tau is a Southern African name that means lion.

Used across Southern Africa, Tau is found in the Tswana and Sotho languages. Both languages are from the Bantu family.

88. Teague

Teague is an Anglicized form of the Irish name Tadhg, meaning poet.

While Tadhg has become increasingly popular in Ireland, Teague is not used there as a name. This is because the anglicized version was used as a term for “stage Irishmen,” the stereotypical portrayal of the Irish and an ethnic slur.

89. Tómi

Tómi is an Old Norse nickname that means thunder.

Although Tómi is an Old Norse nickname, it has recently seen a revival, but as a given name, in Sweden.

90. Ulrik

Ulrik is a Scandinavian name that means prosperity and power.

An unusual baby boys’ name in some parts of the world, Ulrik has recently become popular in Norway. However, in Sweden, it is still rare, unlike the female version, Ulrika.

91. Vancho

A Macedonian name, Vancho, means God is gracious.

An excellent example of a name that works for mixed-heritage families, Vancho is, by way of many evolutions, the Macedonian version of John. This makes it a straightforward and exotic name all rolled into one.

92. Varam

Varam is an archaic name from Georgia, meaning victory over resistance.

The word Varam has meanings in many languages. In Latvian, Varam means we can, in Sanskrit, it means preferably or rather, while in Tamil, it means boon, and in Pali, it means better.

93. Wayan

A name from Bali, Wayan means first child.

Balinese custom automatically names a child according to their birth order. The name is not gender-specific, and instead, i is added to the front of the name for a boy, and ni is added for a girl.

94. Wynfor

Wynfor is a Welsh name that means fair, white, or blessed.

Wynfor is an excellent choice if you want a rare boys’ name, your family has Welsh heritage, and you do not want to spend a lot of time explaining how to spell or say your chosen name.

95. Xaloc

Xaloc is a Modern Catalan name that means sirocco.

The sirocco is an easterly wind that blows from the Sahara across the Mediterranean Sea. The dry sandy air of the desert sometimes mixes with the moist air of the sea, which then falls as blood rain in Southern Italy.

96. Xavier

Xavier is an Archaic Spanish name meaning the new house.

Due to the popularity of The X-Men, many English speakers pronounce this as Ex-zay-vi-er. However, for native Spanish speakers, it is shs-bee-EH, for European Portuguese speakers it is shu-vee-EHR, and in France, it is GZA-VYEH.

97. Yakob

A name from Cornwall, Yakob means supplanter.

Yakob comes from the same root as Jacob and James. For many centuries, Jacob was seen as the Jewish version, and James was considered the Christian version. Yakob was used as a form free of religious significance.

98. Yasin

Yasin is a Turkish name that means age.

Although the literal Turkish translation of Yasin is age, this is not a case of a word being adopted as a name. Instead, it comes from the Arabic letters, ي, pronounced ya, and, س, which is pronounced sin.

99. Zelek

Zelek is from an Aramaic verb meaning to cleave.

Unfortunately, some people become divided when a family member forms a relationship with a partner perceived to be from “outside their own culture.” Zelek is an exotic boys’ name with deep symbolism for those from such families.

100. Zubair

Zubair is an Arabic name that means strong, powerful, or wise.

Zubair is a volcanic island in the Red Sea, which is part of the uninhabited Zubair group of volcanic islands. A popular tourist destination, the last eruption was recorded in 2013.

100 most popular boy names in the US

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  1. Liam
  2. Noah
  3. Oliver
  4. Elijah
  5. William
  6. James
  7. Benjamin
  8. Lucas
  9. HenryAlexander
  10. Mason
  11. Michael
  12. Ethan
  13. Daniel
  14. Jacob
  15. Logan
  16. Jackson
  17. Levi
  18. Sebastian
  19. Mateo
  20. Jack
  21. Owen
  22. Theodore
  23. Aiden
  24. Samuel
  25. Joseph
  26. John
  27. David
  28. Wyatt
  29. Matthew
  30. Luke
  31. Asher
  32. Carter
  33. Julian
  34. Grayson
  35. Leo
  36. Jayden
  37. Gabriel
  38. Isaac
  39. Lincoln
  40. Anthony
  41. Hudson
  42. Dylan
  43. Ezra
  44. Thomas
  45. Charles
  46. Christopher
  47. Jaxon
  48. Maverick
  49. Josiah
  50. Isaiah
  51. Andrew
  52. Elias
  53. Joshua
  54. Nathan
  55. Caleb
  56. Ryan
  57. Adrian
  58. Miles
  59. Eli
  60. Nolan
  61. Christian
  62. Aaron
  63. Cameron
  64. Ezekiel
  65. Colton
  66. Luca
  67. Landon
  68. Hunter
  69. Jonathan
  70. Santiago
  71. Axel
  72. Easton
  73. Cooper
  74. Jeremiah
  75. Angel
  76. Roman
  77. Connor
  78. Jameson
  79. Robert
  80. Greyson
  81. Jordan
  82. Ian
  83. Carson
  84. Jaxson
  85. Leonardo
  86. Nicholas
  87. Dominic
  88. Austin
  89. Everett
  90. Brooks
  91. Xavier
  92. Kai
  93. Jose
  94. Parker
  95. Adam
  96. Jace
  97. Wesley
  98. Kayden
  99. Silas

100 top baby boy names in France

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  1. Gabriel
  2. Léo
  3. Raphaël
  4. Arthur
  5. Louis
  6. Lucas
  7. Adam
  8. Jules
  9. Hugo
  10. Maël
  11. Liam
  12. Noah
  13. Paul
  14. Ethan
  15. Tiago
  16. Sacha
  17. Gabin
  18. Nathan
  19. Mohamed
  20. Aaron
  21. Tom
  22. Eden
  23. Théo
  24. Noé
  25. Léon
  26. Martin
  27. Mathis
  28. Nolan
  29. Victor
  30. Timéo
  31. Enzo
  32. Marius
  33. Axel
  34. Antoine
  35. Robin
  36. Isaac
  37. Naël
  38. Amir
  39. Valentin
  40. Rayan
  41. Augustin
  42. Ayden
  43. Clément
  44. Eliott
  45. Samuel
  46. Marceau
  47. Baptiste
  48. Gaspard
  49. Maxence
  50. Yanis
  51. Malo
  52. Ibrahim
  53. Sohan
  54. Maxime
  55. Evan
  56. Nino
  57. Mathéo
  58. Simon
  59. Lyam
  60. Alexandre
  61. Imran
  62. Naïm
  63. Kaïs
  64. Camille
  65. Thomas
  66. Milo
  67. Ismaël
  68. Côme
  69. Owen
  70. Lenny
  71. Soan
  72. Ilyan
  73. Kylian
  74. Noa
  75. Oscar
  76. Ilyes
  77. Léandre
  78. Pablo
  79. Diego
  80. Mathys
  81. Joseph
  82. Ayoub
  83. Youssef
  84. Wassim
  85. Noam
  86. Adem
  87. William
  88. Ali
  89. Basile
  90. Charles
  91. Thiago
  92. Antonin
  93. Logan
  94. Adrein
  95. Marin
  96. Jean
  97. Charly
  98. Esteban
  99. Noham
  100. Elio

100 popular boy names In England

Here we have listed out some common names used for boys in England.

  1. Oliver
  2. George
  3. Noah
  4. Arthur
  5. Harry
  6. Leo
  7. Muhammad
  8. Jack
  9. Charlie
  10. Oscar
  11. Jacob
  12. Henry
  13. Thomas
  14. Freddie
  15. Alfie
  16. Theo
  17. William
  18. Theodore
  19. Archie
  20. Joshua
  21. Alexander
  22. James
  23. Isaac
  24. Edward
  25. Lucas
  26. Tommy
  27. Finley
  28. Max
  29. Logan
  30. Ethan
  31. Mohammed
  32. Teddy
  33. Benjamin
  34. Arlo
  35. Joseph
  36. Sebastian
  37. Harrison
  38. Elijah
  39. Adam
  40. Daniel
  41. Samuel
  42. Louie
  43. Mason
  44. Reuben
  45. Albie
  46. Rory
  47. Jaxon
  48. Hugo
  49. Luca
  50. Zachary
  51. Reggie
  52. Hunter
  53. Louis
  54. Dylan
  55. Albert
  56. David
  57. Jude
  58. Frankie
  59. Roman
  60. Ezra
  61. Toby
  62. Riley
  63. Carter
  64. Ronnie
  65. Frederick
  66. Gabriel
  67. Stanley
  68. Bobby
  69. Jesse
  70. Michael
  71. Elliot
  72. Grayson
  73. Mohammed
  74. Liam
  75. Jenson
  76. Ellis
  77. Harley
  78. Harvey
  79. Jayden
  80. Jake
  81. Ralph
  82. Rowan
  83. Elliott
  84. Jasper
  85. Ollie
  86. Charles
  87. Finn
  88. Felix
  89. Caleb
  90. Chester
  91. Jackson
  92. Hudson
  93. Leon
  94. Ibrahim
  95. Ryan
  96. Blake
  97. Alfred
  98. Oakley
  99. Matthew
  100. Luke

100 top boy names in Spain right now

Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

  1. Jose
  2. Antonio
  3. Juan
  4. Manuel
  5. Francisco
  6. Luis
  7. Javier
  8. Miguel
  9. Carlos
  10. Angel
  11. Jesus
  12. David
  13. Daniel
  14. Pedro
  15. Alejandro
  16. Maria
  17. Alberto
  18. Rafael
  19. Pablo
  20. Fernando
  21. Jorge
  22. Ramon
  23. Sergio
  24. Enrique
  25. Andres
  26. Diego
  27. Vicente
  28. Adrian
  29. Victor
  30. Alvaro
  31. Ignacio
  32. Raul
  33. Eduardo
  34. Ivan
  35. Oscar
  36. Ruben
  37. Joaquin
  38. Santiago
  39. Mario
  40. Roberto
  41. Gabriel
  42. Alfonso
  43. Jaime
  44. Marcos
  45. Ricardo
  46. Julio
  47. Emilio
  48. Hugo
  49. Salvador
  50. Guillermo
  51. Martin
  52. Mohamed
  53. Tomas
  54. Julian
  55. Jordi
  56. Nicolas
  57. Agustin
  58. Gonzalo
  59. Cristian
  60. Felix
  61. Cesar
  62. Marc
  63. Josep
  64. Joan
  65. Sebastian
  66. Samuel
  67. Felipe
  68. Domingo
  69. Hector
  70. Ismael
  71. Alfredo
  72. Lucas
  73. Mariano
  74. Aitor
  75. Alex
  76. Rodrigo
  77. Iker
  78. Alexander
  79. Xavier
  80. Esteban
  81. Mateo
  82. Marco
  83. Gregorio
  84. Arturo
  85. Lorenzo
  86. Albert
  87. Borja
  88. Eugenio
  89. Cristobal
  90. Joel
  91. Aaron
  92. Dario
  93. Isaac
  94. Jonathan
  95. Christian
  96. German
  97. Valentin
  98. Adolfo
  99. Eric
  100. Pau

100 top boy names in Germany

  1. Noah
  2. Ben
  3. Matteo
  4. Finn
  5. Leon
  6. Elias
  7. Paul
  8. Henry
  9. Louis
  10. Felix
  11. Luca
  12. Emil
  13. Jonas
  14. Theo
  15. Lukas
  16. Anton
  17. Liam
  18. Maximilian
  19. Jakob
  20. Leo
  21. Oskar
  22. Max
  23. Milan
  24. Karl
  25. David
  26. Moritz
  27. Julian
  28. Alexander
  29. Jonah
  30. Niklas
  31. Samuel
  32. Jonathan
  33. Lio
  34. Levi
  35. Mohammed
  36. Mats
  37. Raphael
  38. Aaron
  39. Philipp
  40. Tim
  41. Tom
  42. Linus
  43. Erik
  44. Mika
  45. Hannes
  46. Leonard
  47. Valentin
  48. Benjamin
  49. Johann
  50. Jannis
  51. Till
  52. Adrian
  53. Adam
  54. Simon
  55. Milo
  56. Theodor
  57. Joshua
  58. Jan
  59. Konstantin
  60. Arthur
  61. Lian
  62. Maxim
  63. Julius
  64. Vincent
  65. Fabian
  66. Marlon
  67. Nico
  68. Fiete
  69. Toni
  70. Daniel
  71. Lennard
  72. Mattis
  73. Carlo
  74. Johannes
  75. Fritz
  76. Kilian
  77. Jannik
  78. Ole
  79. Malik
  80. Emilio
  81. Bruno
  82. Matti
  83. Gabriel
  84. Nils
  85. Luke
  86. Lias
  87. Lasse
  88. Lenny
  89. Phil
  90. Pepe
  91. Malte
  92. Levin
  93. Ludwig
  94. Nick
  95. Thilo
  96. Miran
  97. Ali
  98. Benedikt
  99. Frederik
  100. Michael

100 favorite Indian baby boy names

Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

  1. Muhammad
  2. Adhvik
  3. Shivansh
  4. Aarav
  5. Ayaan
  6. Atharv
  7. Sai
  8. Aryan
  9. Ishaan
  10. Krishna
  11. Vihaan
  12. Ayaansh
  13. Avyaan
  14. Rudra
  15. Ivaan
  16. Veer
  17. Ali
  18. Viyaan
  19. Darsh
  20. Yavaan
  21. Kabir
  22. Shaurya
  23. Advait
  24. Dhruv
  25. Ved
  26. Arjun
  27. Soham
  28. Aditya
  29. Viraj
  30. Dhyan
  31. Zane
  32. Ethan
  33. Abeer
  34. Divyansh
  35. Abdul
  36. Aarush
  37. Kartik
  38. Vivan
  39. Dev
  40. Ryan
  41. Kiaan
  42. Aiden
  43. Paarth
  44. Rishi
  45. Abram
  46. Syed
  47. Prince
  48. Aahan
  49. Yug
  50. Nivan
  51. Satvik
  52. Ibrahim
  53. Adhrit
  54. Kanha
  55. Shivay
  56. Anvit
  57. David
  58. Pranav
  59. Zorawar
  60. Elijah
  61. Izaan
  62. Aadi
  63. Pranith
  64. Jai
  65. Avi
  66. Vansh
  67. Rihan
  68. Agastya
  69. Daniel
  70. Ridhaan
  71. Aaveer
  72. Aariv
  73. Liam
  74. Raghav
  75. Abdullah
  76. Alexander
  77. Ruhaan
  78. Emmanuel
  79. Lucky
  80. Krish
  81. Vedant
  82. Yash
  83. Akshaj
  84. Saihaj
  85. Kiaansh
  86. Surya
  87. Aaryav
  88. Hriday
  89. Panyin
  90. Dhairya
  91. Anirudh
  92. Rishik
  93. Aadhiran
  94. Tanvik
  95. Mihir
  96. Ariyan
  97. Varun
  98. Akshat
  99. Uktarsh
  100. Vaibha

100 top baby boy names from Ireland

  1. Jack
  2. James
  3. Noah
  4. Daniel
  5. Conor
  6. Finn
  7. Liam
  8. Fionn
  9. Harry
  10. Charlie
  11. Cillian
  12. Adam
  13. Darragh
  14. Luke
  15. Rían
  16. Oisín
  17. Michael
  18. Tadhg
  19. Thomas
  20. Seán
  21. Alex
  22. Patrick
  23. Jamie
  24. Cian
  25. Oliver
  26. John
  27. Bobby
  28. Dylan
  29. Leo
  30. Ryan
  31. Oscar
  32. Ben
  33. David
  34. Theo
  35. Mason
  36. Tommy
  37. Jacob
  38. Callum
  39. Matthew
  40. Alexander
  41. Alfie
  42. Max
  43. Tom
  44. Ollie
  45. Aaron
  46. Jake
  47. Ethan
  48. Donnacha
  49. Evan
  50. Benjamin
  51. William
  52. Senan
  53. Sam
  54. Shay
  55. Logan
  56. Joshua
  57. Nathan
  58. Kai
  59. Joseph
  60. Archie
  61. Jayden
  62. Luca
  63. Billy
  64. Arthur
  65. Danny
  66. Theodore
  67. Samuel
  68. Cathal
  69. Lucas
  70. Aidan
  71. Freddie
  72. Rory
  73. Robert
  74. Eoin
  75. Leon
  76. Frankie
  77. Muhammad
  78. Ruairí
  79. Eoghan
  80. George
  81. Louis
  82. Isaac
  83. Sonny
  84. Odhrán
  85. Kyle
  86. Rian
  87. Shane
  88. Sean
  89. Henry
  90. Martin
  91. Edward
  92. Mark
  93. Andrew
  94. Anthony
  95. Odhran
  96. Kayden
  97. Christopher
  98. Sebastian
  99. Joey
  100. Hugo

50 boy names in Denmark

  1. Alfred
  2. Noah
  3. Oscar
  4. Karl
  5. William
  6. Oliver
  7. Arthur
  8. Aksel
  9. Malthe
  10. Valdemar
  11. Lucas
  12. Emil
  13. Victor
  14. August
  15. Elias
  16. Hugo
  17. Magnus
  18. Anton
  19. Felix
  20. Elliot
  21. Viggo
  22. Theo
  23. Liam
  24. Frederik
  25. Nohr
  26. Otto
  27. Lauge
  28. Theodor
  29. Anker
  30. Adam
  31. Villads
  32. Alexander
  33. Loui
  34. Storm
  35. Matheo
  36. Erik
  37. Johan
  38. Marius
  39. Mathias
  40. Christian
  41. Konrad
  42. Vilhelm
  43. Walter
  44. Albert
  45. Milas
  46. Benjamin
  47. Vincent
  48. Mikkel
  49. Asger
  50. Pelle

50 top baby names for boys in Italy

Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

  1. Leonardo
  2. Francesco
  3. Lorenzo
  4. Alessandro
  5. Andrea
  6. Mattia
  7. Gabriele
  8. Tommaso
  9. Riccardo
  10. Edoardo
  11. Matteo
  12. Giuseppe
  13. Nicolò
  14. Antonio
  15. Federico
  16. Diego
  17. Davide
  18. Giovanni
  19. Pietro
  20. Samuele
  21. Christian
  22. Filippo
  23. Marco
  24. Michele
  25. Luca
  26. Simone
  27. Giulio
  28. Elia
  29. Alessio
  30. Salvatore
  31. Gabriel
  32. Enea
  33. Emanuele
  34. Vincenzo
  35. Gioele
  36. Giacomo
  37. Manuel
  38. Jacopo
  39. Daniele
  40. Thomas
  41. Samuel
  42. Cristian
  43. Giorgio
  44. Luigi
  45. Daniel
  46. Nicola
  47. Domenico
  48. Liam
  49. Nathan
  50. Raffaele

50 Norwegian popular boy names

  1. Jakob
  2. Emil
  3. Noah
  4. Oliver
  5. Filip
  6. William
  7. Lucas
  8. Liam
  9. Henrik
  10. Oskar
  11. Aksel
  12. Theodor
  13. Elias
  14. Kasper
  15. Magnus
  16. Johannes
  17. Isak
  18. Mathias
  19. Tobias
  20. Olav
  21. Sander
  22. Hakon
  23. Jonas
  24. Ludvig
  25. Benjamin
  26. Matheo
  27. Alfred
  28. Alexander
  29. Victor
  30. Markus
  31. Theo
  32. Mohammad
  33. Herman
  34. Adam
  35. Ulrik
  36. Iver
  37. Sebastian
  38. John
  39. Odin
  40. Leon
  41. Nikolai
  42. Even
  43. Leo
  44. Kristian
  45. Mikkel
  46. Gustav
  47. Felix
  48. Sverre
  49. Adrian
  50. Erik

Russia’s 30 most popular boy names

  1. Aleksander
  2. Maxim
  3. Artyom
  4. Mikhail
  5. Ivan
  6. Daniel, Danila, Danil
  7. Dmitriy
  8. Kirill
  9. Andrei
  10. Egor
  11. Nikita
  12. Ilya
  13. Alexei
  14. Matvey
  15. Timofey
  16. Novel
  17. Vladimir
  18. Yaroslav
  19. Fedor
  20. Gleb
  21. George
  22. Konstantin
  23. Leonid
  24. Nikolay
  25. Stepan
  26. Vladislav
  27. Pavel
  28. Arseny
  29. Denis
  30. Timur

20 most common Japanese names

  1. Ren
  2. Aoi/Ao
  3. Haruto/Hinato
  4. Itsuki/Tatsuki
  5. Minato/So
  6. Hiroto/Haruto
  7. Yuma/Haruma
  8. Minato
  9. Ritsu
  10. Asahi

And by spoken reading:

  1. Haruto
  2. Minato
  3. Sota
  4. Riku
  5. Haruki
  6. Yuto
  7. Hinata
  8. Yuito
  9. Aoto
  10. Itsuki

20 cool baby boy names in Brazil

  1. José
  2. João
  3. Antonio
  4. Francisco
  5. Carlos
  6. Paulo
  7. Pedro
  8. Lucas
  9. Luiz
  10. Marcos
  11. Luís
  12. Gabriel
  13. Rafael
  14. Daniel
  15. Marcelo
  16. Bruno
  17. Eduardo
  18. Felipe
  19. Raimundo
  20. Rodrigo

20 most popular boy names in Greece

Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

  1. Georgios
  2. Ioannis / Yannis
  3. Costas
  4. Dimitris
  5. Nikolaos
  6. Panagiotis
  7. Vasilios
  8. Christos
  9. Athanasiοs
  10. Michail
  11. Evangelos
  12. Spyros
  13. Antonis
  14. Anastasios
  15. Theodoros
  16. Andreas
  17. Charalambos
  18. Alexandros
  19. Emmanouil
  20. Ilias

You can find more Greek baby names here.

What are the top 10 baby boy names in Israel?

According to Israel’s Bureau of Statistics, the most popular baby names for boys in 2020 were:

  1. Mohammed
  2. Adam
  3. Yosef
  4. Omer
  5. Ariel
  6. David
  7. Lavi
  8. Daniel
  9. Ahmad
  10. Eitan

Top 10 Polish names for boys

  1. Antoni
  2. Jakub
  3. Jan
  4. Szymon
  5. Aleksander
  6. Franciszek
  7. Filip
  8. Mikolaj
  9. Wolciech
  10. Kacper

Check more Polish baby boy names here.

10 top names for boys in the Philippines

  1. Nathaniel
  2. James
  3. Jacob
  4. Gabriel
  5. Joshua
  6. Angelo
  7. Nathan
  8. John Mark
  9. Christian
  10. Daniel

Top 10 male names in Hungary

  1. Bence
  2. Máté
  3. Levente
  4. Dominik
  5. Marcell
  6. Noel
  7. Adám
  8. Dániel
  9. Dávid
  10. Olivér

10 top boy names in South Africa

  1. Enzokuhle
  2. Lethabo
  3. Melokuhle
  4. Lubanzi
  5. Amogelang
  6. Siyabonga
  7. Bandile
  8. Junior
  9. Bokamoso
  10. Mpho

10 top Iranian boy names

  1. Amir-Ali
  2. Mohammed
  3. Ali
  4. Amir-Hossein
  5. Hossein
  6. Abolfazi
  7. Amir-Abbas
  8. Samyar
  9. Mohammed-Taha
  10. Aria

10 South Korean boy names

  1. Seo-jun
  2. Ha-joon
  3. Do-yun
  4. Eun-woo
  5. Si-woo
  6. Ji-ho
  7. Ye-jun
  8. Yu-jun
  9. Ju-won
  10. Min-jun

10 top boy names in Slovenia

  1. Franc
  2. Janez
  3. Ivan
  4. Anton
  5. Marko
  6. Andrej
  7. Jožef
  8. Jože
  9. Luka
  10. Peter

Popular Turkish names for boys

Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

  1. Yusuf
  2. Miraç
  3. Eymen
  4. Omer Asaf
  5. Kerem
  6. Alparslan
  7. Mustafa
  8. Hamza
  9. Ali Asaf

Conclusion on Foreign Names for Boys

Finding a foreign name for boys now becomes very easy as we have done your work and serve all the best, exotic, and unique foreign names for boys for you.

So, what you need to do is just pick and choose the best name for your baby boy and have it. That’s it. Popular names for boys, cute baby boy names, unique boy names, powerful boy names, exotic boy names, foreign name with meaning, foreign names for boys.

Hope you definitely like the post as much as we do share it with you, don’t forget to let your friends also know about this post, so share the same with them too.

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Strong Unusual Boy Names
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