250+ Mixed Indian and White Baby Boy Names in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Mixed Indian and white baby boy names, Modern Hindu baby boy names, baby names mixed between Indian and English: First of all, hearty congratulations on your baby boy. Now it’s time to pick a name with meaning. If you are from the Republic of India or have family roots in South Asia, you may be looking for a modern or traditional mixed Indian and White Baby boy name.

Mixed Indian And White Baby Boy Names

Like most countries, India is a place filled with many different cultures, traditions, and histories, and languages. The vast differences between the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, and Christians who live there make for a really interesting combination when it comes to baby names.

Naming a child is one of the most important things a parent does, and Indian parents take that job very seriously. The names they choose for their kids often have meanings that are derived from mythology, history, and even gods themselves. 

Ultimately, this means that the list of baby names to choose from is incredibly large — especially for parents looking to find a name for their baby boy that is rich in history but still has a modern flair. While the task definitely seems like a lot to undertake, India has countless options for cool, strong, and modern names for baby boys. 

So without any further delay, let’s dive in the search of Mixed Indian and white baby boy names…

250+ Mixed Indian and White Baby Boy Names with Meaning

Whether you’re looking to follow the Bollywood trend or have an Indian heritage, there is a huge choice of Indian baby boy names to give your little one. Unlike many other cultures, male Indian names aren’t necessarily strong, masculine monikers.

Rather, Indian names for boys have some parity with girls – focusing on beauty, divinity, and nature. Let’s take a dive into some traditional and modern Indian and white baby boy names.

Name Meaning
Aahva Beloved
Aadav Bright
Aadesh Order, command
Aadi First, beginning
Aagman Arrival
Aagney Born from fire
Aamod Pleasant
Aarav Peaceful
Abdul Knowledge
Adeep Light
Adit or Aditya From the beginning
Advait Boy
Advay Unique
Agrim Ahead
Ajay Invincible
Ajit Undefeatable
Akaash Sky
Name Meaning
Akshan Eye
Akshat Cannot be harmed
Akshit Permanent
Alok Victory cry
Ameya Boundless
Amish Honest
Amol Valuable
Anant Infinite
Anay A creeping vine, sacred
Aneesh Supreme
Anik Strong
Ankit Conquered
Anmol Invaluable
Ansh Musical note
Anvay Joined
Arin Joy
Arjun The hero of Mahabharata
Arman Wish
Arnav Ocean
Name Meaning
Chetan Life
Darsh Variation of Lord Krishna’s name
Daksh Precious son
Dheeraj Bravery
Dalip King
Divit Immortal
Devarsh Gift of God
Dev Heavenly
Divit Immortal
Dhruv Eternal
Eashan Lord Vishnu
Falak The sky
Gaurav Honor
Govinda Lord Krishna
Garv Proud
Hari One who removes evil
Harshil Delighted
Hiran Gold
Harsith Smile
Himmat Courage
Ishan Sun
Jai Victory
Jayant Jayant
Jivin Give life
Jagan World or universe
Kabir A Sufi saint; meaning “great”
Karan Intelligent
Kiann Ancient
Krish (Krishna) Harvest
Kairav Lotus
Name Meaning
Khush Happy
Lalit Handsome
Lakshay Target
Ojas Glow
Onkar Pure
Nishith Light
Maan Mind
Manish God of mind
Mohan A name for Lord Krishna; charm and looks
Mayank Moon
Mihir Sun
Mahir Expert
Naksh Moon
Naman Salute
Neil or “Neel” Blue
Parth Son of Earth
Pranav Praise
Pranit Leader
Pratyush Dawn
Panav Prince
mixed indian and white baby boy names
Name Meaning
Purab East
Rithik Stream
Raahi Traveller
Riaan Little king
Reynash Ray of light (another name for Lord Vishnu)
Rohan Ascending
Rachit Create
Rayaan Galaxy
Rishi Sage
Ruhan Spiritual
Rishit Best
Ronith Charming
Padam Lotus
Prem Beloved
Sanjay A royal official in Mahabharata; victorious
Samarth Efficient
Name Meaning
Saakaar Manifestation of God
Saatvik Pious
Sai Divine
Samaksh Presence
Samar Arabic origin; “to talk in the evening”
Sarthak Meaningful
Shaurya Bravery
Shlok Hymn
Sumer Divine mountain
Taha Pure
Taimur Iron
Tanmay Tanmay
Taran Youth
Tejas Brilliance
Unman Enthusiastic
Ved Knowledge
Veer Brave
Vihaan Morning
Vijay A popular name in film
Vinod Content
Yakshit Permanent
Yash Fame
Zain Light
Zeehash Strength

Final Words on Mixed Indian and White Baby Boy Names

Out of all the amazing names listed here, one of them is sure to be perfect for your little boy. So go ahead and choose a name that is rich in meaning and has a lyrical quality.

Again, hearty congratulations on your baby boy. Don’t forget to do comment below which Mixed Indian and white baby boy name you have selected and why… don’t forget to share these very helpful baby boy names with your friends, family members, near & dears too…

Thank You 🙂

Mixed Indian And White Baby Boy Names
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