150+ Urdu Name Boy with Meanings in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Arabic names for boys, royal Arabic boy names, Urdu boy names, Islamic boy names from the Quran: First of all hearty congratulations if you are blessed and flourish with a baby boy, God has gifted you the best of all things you can in this world make a dua for this and I wish Allah blesses all of us with a lot good things here and after.

So all in all, now you are looking for the best Urdu name for your baby boy or the word related to your Arabic and Islamic points, right?

You don’t need to worry, here we have listed out plenty of Urdu names for your baby boy which you can have a look at and choose the best out from the box, moreover, we have also listed out the meanings of those names too, so that you can cross check everything and pick the best.

Without any further delay, let’s dive in and explore…

Urdu Names for Boy with meanings

Are you totally confused and tucked with a lot of name suggestions from your family and friends, then just check out the clubbed best name for your baby boy below…

1. Aabid

Arab-origin Aabid means “worshiper” or “one who worships Allah”, referring to the complete and faithful worshiper of Allah.

2. Aabideen

Aabideen, with Arabic origins, has various meanings, ranging from “followers”, “worshipers” and “ornaments of the worshipers”.

3. Aabis

Aabis means “austere” or “stern”. Originating from Arabic history, the name has its reference in the Quran as the companion of Prophet Muhammad (P, B, U, H).

4. Aadam

The Urdu-Arabic origin name is believed to be the name of the first human on the earth, i.e. prophet of Allah or the father of humankind. Adam means “man of the earth”, and its variation Adeem means “dust”.

5. Aadhil

This virtuous Urdu origin boy’s name means “righteous,” “honorable judge,” or justice” – perfect for your little boy who you wish to be fair and virtuous in his actions.

6.  Amil/Aamil

The name means a “worker” and “striver,” and refers to a person who is efficient in his work. Having origins in Urdu, the name can also mean “hopeful.”

Arabic names for boys, royal Arabic boy names, Urdu boy names, Islamic boy names from the Quran.

7. Aasif

The Urdu origin name that means “courageous” can also mean “an able minister.”

8. Aayan

This elegant Urdu name for boys means “God’s gift”. The name can also mean “blessing” or “manifest.”

9. Abdul

Abdul is a common name for boys of Arabic origins. The name means “servant of the giver” and is a reference to the follower or servant of Allah.

10. Abdulazeem

This Arabic-origin male name is a combination of Abdul and Azeem, meaning “servant of the Majestic One, the Almighty.” While Abdul comes from Arabic-originated Abd, meaning “servant of the mighty one”, Azeem is one of the names of Allah in Islam.

11. Abdulaziz

This name combines two Urdu names –Abdul and Aziz, meaning “servant” and “dear one.” Aziz, a typical Muslim male name, can also mean powerful or impressive. Together they mean “servant of the dear one” or “servant of the powerful,” referring to a follower of Allah.

12.  Abdulbasit

Abdulbasit is another unique boy’s name of Arabic origin that is found in the Quran. It means “a human being that helps the extender or Allah” or “a servant of the extender.”

13.  Abdulnasser

This name, meaning the “servant of the helper,” is an Urdu boy’s Arabic origin name. Abdulnasser can also mean “granting victory”. The name combines two Urdu/Arabic words Abdul and Nasser, which mean “servant” and “help.” Nasser, an Arabic origin male name, also means “triumph.”

14. Abdulqawi

Abdul Qawi is a Quranic name of Arabic origin for boys that means “servant of God.” It is made up of Abd (servant) and al-Qawi (the Most Powerful), one of God’s names in Islam.

15. Abdulrahim

This name comes from the Arabic name “Abd al-Ram,” which means “servant of the most compassionate.” Al-Ram is one of the Quran’s 99 names for God that are used to create Muslim theophoric names.

16. Abdus

Abdus is an uncommon Muslim boy’s name derived from another beautiful male name Abdal. Abdal meaning “substitute” or a ”person by whom God continues The World in existence,” refers to the followers of Allah. Abdus is a form of Abdal that means “servant of the All-peaceful” or the follower of God.

17. Abdussabur

This Arabic origin name is built on three Arabic words – Abd, al-, and Sabur. Abdussabur means “servant of the Patient One”. As-Sabur is one of the names of Allah mentioned in the Quran, used to make many Muslim theophoric male names.

18. Abdussamad

This theophoric Muslim male name is based on the Arabic origin name As-Samad meaning “the Everlasting.” As-Samad is an epithet of Allah. Abdussamad means “a follower of the Eternal one” and refers to a devoted follower of Allah or The Everlasting One.

19. Abdussubhan

The name is derived from two personal Urdu names, Abdus and Subhan, which means “servant of the Glorious One.”

20. Abduz Zahir

Abduz Zahir is a Quranic name for males that mean “servant of the Outward One,” which translates to “servant of Allah” because az-Zaahir is one of Allah’s names in Islam.

21. Abednego

This unique Urdu boy’s name means “servant of the light,” referring to a person who serves the Most Lighted One, or God.

22. Absham

Absham is a popular boys’ name. It’s a meaningful name that also expresses character qualities. The meaning of the name Absham is “a fragrant tree.” It comes from the Urdu language.

23. Adel

Adel is a beautiful Muslim name for boys meaning “God is eternal; noble”. It can also mean “honourable judge,” referring to a person who judges fairly. The name has origin in Arabic, Hebrew, and Old German.

24. Affan

Affan is a masculine Arabic given name that means “chaste, modest, virtuous, pure.” Affan ibn Abi al-‘As is a relative of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and thus carries religious significance.

25. Aflah

Aflah is an attractive Muslim boy’s name meaning “gaining success.”

26. Afraz

The meaning of the name Afraz is “Very Well-versed In Divine Law,” referring to a person who can withstand all responsibility thrust on him. The name comes from the Arabic language.

27. Aizaz

The Urdu origin name Aizaz is a beautiful name for boys meaning “honor,” “esteem,” and “regard.”

28. Akram

The Arabic name Akram is derived from the Arabic root word Karam which means “generosity.” Akram is both used as the first name and surname and implies “most generous.”

29. Allahbakhsh

Allahbaksh is a favored Urdu name for boys. The name, meaning “gift of Allah,” refers to a gift sent to the parents by Allah.

30. Allam

This unusual boy’s name of Urdu origin means “faithful” and “honest.”

31. Allarakha

An Urdu and Arabic origin name for boys, Allahrakha means “protected by God.”

32. Amjad

Amjad is a popular Muslim name for boys meaning “most glorious” or “most illustrious.”

33. Ashaz

This unique Urdu name for boys was a sahabi’s name at the time of The Prophet. The name means “one in a million” is ideal for your precious bundle of joy.

34. Ayyub

Ayyub is a popular Muslim male name. It was the name of a Prophet of Allah and means “return to God.”

35. Azraq

This name, meaning “blue,” is an Arabic-origin boy’s name. Azraq was the name of one of the companions of the Prophet.

36. Badr

Badr is a unique Muslim name meaning “full moon.”

37. Barir

The name meaning “faithful” and “honest” is an Urdu origin name for boys.

38. Basirat

Basirat meaning “insight; awareness, perception,” is an Urdu origin Muslim boy’s name.

39. Basr

This popular male name of Urdu origin means “wisdom” or “eye-sight.”

40. Buqrat

Buqrat is an Urdu origin male name meaning ‘ancient physician.”

Arabic names for boys, royal Arabic boy names, Urdu boy names, Islamic boy names from the Quran.

41. Eitzaz

Eitzaz, an Arabic origin Muslim boy’s name, means “name of the prophet.”

42. Emir

This attractive Muslim name for boys means “prince” or “commander” and refers to an army general.

43. Emran

Emran is a stylish Muslim name for boys meaning “progress” or “achievement.”

44. Enamul

This distinguished Urdu name for boys means “prosperity.”

45. Enayat

Enayat is a tasteful name for boys of Urdu origin, meaning “grace” or “kindness” or “blessing.”

46. Eqbal

This classic Muslim male name, Eqbal means “prosperity” or “success.”

47. Faiz

Faiz is one of the most beloved Urdu boys’ names, meaning “winner” or “victorious.”

48. Farheen

This sophisticated name for boys of Urdu origin means “joyous and jubilant person.”

49. Furoogh

Furgoogh is a decorative masculine name meaning “cheerful” or “happy.”

50. Furozh

This dignified boy’s name of Urdu origin means “a glowing radiance.”

51. Gulbar

Gulbar is a beautiful name for boys. The name from Urdu origin means “a person who spreads flowers.”

52. Gulzar

Gulzar is made by combing two Urdu words – Gul meaning “the rose flower” and Zar meaning “garden or pavement.” So, Gulzar means “ a garden or pavement of roses.”

53. Hifazat

This virtuous male name, meaning “safety and security,” refers to a strong personality male who can protect and provide safety.

54. Ibrahim

Ibrahim is a classic Muslim male name meaning “an intimate friend of God.” As per hadith, the name is the Arabic equivalent of the Prophet Abraham.

55. Idris

Idris is a refined boy’s name of Urdu origin, meaning “interpreter.” It was the name of one of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran.

56. Irfan

It is one of the most common Muslim boys’ names meaning “knowledge.”

57. Jaaved

The popular name meaning “eternal” is of Urdu origin.

58. Jaheer/Zaheer

Jaheer is a perfect name for your handsome prince as the name itself means “a handsome man with a high-pitched voice.”

59. Jameel

This distinguished Urdu name for boys means “beautiful in appearance or behavior.” The name with its origin in Hadith is perfect for a good-looking boy.

60. Jazam

Jazam is an Urdu origin male name meaning “approval or support.”

61. Jnab

This distinguished name for Muslim boys means “an honorific title.” Jnab is often used for people who are honourable or to address them with respect.

62. Juyal

The name meaning “Quarrdsome or companion” is ideal for a little boy who aspires to grow up as a responsible man.

63. Karamullah

Karamullah, meaning “Bounty of Allah,” is an Urdu origin boy’s name.

64. Khawwat

This distinguished name for a boy means “companion” and refers to a person who will always be by your side.

65. Khurshidjahan

This graceful muslin name for boys means “sun of the world.”

66. Khushtar

Khushtar is a blissful name for a boy as it means “one who is surrounded by happiness.” By naming your little kid Khushtar, you will be blessing him with lifelong happiness.

67. Liaquat

This virtuous name for boys means “a capable and competent person.”

68. Maqbul

Maqbul is a beautiful name for any parent to name their boy as it means “a prayer accepted by the God.”

69. Masheer

This decorous male name of Urdu origin means “a good advisor.”

70. Mir

Mir is a distinguished Urdu name for boys meaning “commander or aristocrat or a prince.”

71. Musa

Musa meaning “saved from the water,” is the Arabic variation for the Prophet Moses.

72. Nabi

Nabi is a distinguished name for any little boy as it is Prophet Mohammed’s additional name.

73. Naeem

This beautiful-sounding Muslim name means “comfort.”

74. Nafi

Nafi is a virtuous name for boys meaning “one who is profitable to others.”

75. Namazzi

This holy name means “a person who offers prays five times daily.”

76. Nasuh

Nasuh is an idealistic boys’ name of Urdu origin, meaning “a faithful or sincere person.”

77. Nawwab

Nawaab, meaning “the richest person of the community,” is a refined Muslim boy’s name.

78. Nazaam

This Urdu name means “order” or “discipline.”

79. Nazer

Nazer meaning “eye-sight or vision,” is an Urdu origin masculine name.

80. Nazimuddin

This distinguished Muslim name means “organiser of the religion(Islam).”

81. Nazr

Nazr is a dignified male name of Urdu origin, meaning “a present or gift.”

82. Nazrat

The name from Arabic origin means “one who is of great pride.”

83. Nijad

Nijad is a unique Muslim boy’s name meaning “one who is the tallest among the people.”

84. Noorulhuda

This dignified masculine name of Arabic origin means “light of guidance.”

85. Purdil

Purdil is a tasteful boy’s name that means “a courageous or fearless person.”

86. Rayees

This stylish masculine name of Urdu origin means “a wealthy or rich person.”

87. Saadullah

Saadullah is an Urdu-origin name meaning “blessed by Allah.”

88. Saheb

Saheb is a distinguished title name meaning “a master or owner,” originated from Arabic.

89. Salah

This popular name of Arabic origin means “righteousness.”

90. Salman

Salman, one of the most popular Urdu names for boys, means “safe.”

91. Samsad

Samsad, meaning “ a beautiful and long tree,” is an Urdu origin name for boys.

92. Shernaz

This name of Arabic origin means “pride of a lion.”

93. Shuqran

Shuqran is a distinguished Muslim name for boys meaning “a fair man with blonde hair.”

94. Suboor

This virtuous masculine name means “a patient man who takes pity on others.”

95. Suleiman

Suleiman is the Arabic variation name of the Prophet Solomon. The popular boy’s name means “peaceful.”

96. Tadeen

Tadeen is a unique name for boys meaning “the one who informs.”

97. Talq

This wise name for boys from Urdu origin means “a cheerful and joyous man.”

98. Tariq

Tariq is a sophisticated Muslim name meaning “a strong or forceful person.”

99. Yusuf

This popular Muslim boy’s name means “God gives.” It is the Arabic variation for the Prophet Joseph.

100. Zain

Zain is a beautiful masculine name meaning “grace or beauty.”

Now let’s check out some popular Urdu and Muslim names for boys.

Popular Muslim Boy Names

Arabic names for boys, royal Arabic boy names, Urdu boy names, Islamic boy names from the Quran.

  1. Aabid: One who worships
  2. Aadil: One who acts with justice and fairness
  3. Aamir: Full, prosperous
  4. Aariz: Respectable and intelligent man
  5. Aban: Clear, lucid
  6. Abbas: Lion
  7. Abd: Slave or servant
  8. Abraham: Father of a multitude
  9. Adeel: One who acts with justice and fairness
  10. Adnan: Settler or pioneer
  11. Ahmad: The most praised
  12. Ahmed: Praiseworthy or commendable
  13. Ali: High, elevated, or champion
  14. Ameer: Prince or ruler
  15. Arham: Most merciful
  16. Arsal: The one who was sent
  17. Asal: Honey
  18. Athar: Very pious or pure
  19. Ayaan: God’s gift
  20. Danish: A Persian word that means knowledge or wisdom
  21. Emir: Prince or local king
  22. Faiz: Plenty or much good
  23. Fajr: Day break or dawn
  24. Habib: Beloved or most loved
  25. Hadi: Leader or guide
  26. Hadith: History or tradition
  27. Hakeem: Wise or intelligent
  28. Haider: Lion or brave
  29. Hammad: Praiser
  30. Haris: Guardian angel
  31. Hussain: Good, handsome, or beautiful
  32. Jad: Generous
  33. Jamal: Beauty
  34. Jibran: To create good change
  35. Junaid: Soldier or warrior
  36. Kairo: Victorious
  37. Kamal: Perfection and excellence
  38. Karim: Generous or noble
  39. Khalil: Friend
  40. Maheer: Wise
  41. Malik: Lord or ruler
  42. Misam: Beautiful, cute, or attractive
  43. Mohamed: Praised or commendable
  44. Mohammed: Laudable
  45. Muhammad: Praised, thanked
  46. Moosa: Save by the water
  47. Naif: Excess or surplus
  48. Nasir: Helper or one who gives victory
  49. Nazir: Observer or supervisor
  50. Omar: Flourishing or long-lived
  51. Omari: God is the highest
  52. Rafayet: Highness
  53. Rashad: Rightly guided
  54. Rayan: Watered or luxuriant
  55. Safi: Pure
  56. Salim: Safe or undamaged
  57. Samir: Holy or charming companion
  58. Sibtain: Imam Hassan and Hussain Title in urdu
  59. Tabish: Warmth or brilliance
  60. Talal: Nice, admirable
  61. Talha: Fruitful tree from heaven
  62. Tawfeeq: Success or prosperity
  63. Umair: Life and long-lived
  64. Uzair: Helper or strength
  65. Waqas: Combatant, soldier
  66. Yusuf: God increases
  67. Zayd: To prosper
  68. Zuhayr: Sparkling, brilliant
  69. Zulfiqar: Cleaver of the spine
  70. Zunair: Light of the moon, shine

Conclusion on Urdu boy names

Having the right name for your baby boy is truly important and significant right after birth. You must choose the name that really reflects the characteristics and gives a unique identity to your baby boy.

Arabic names for boys, royal Arabic boy names, Urdu boy names, and Islamic boy names from the Quran.

So, that’s all for the Urdu boy names, hope you have definitely liked the post as much as we do share it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members too so that they can also get the best name suggestions in their minds.

Thank You 🙂

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