100+ Unique Girl Names That Start With A & Meaning in 2024

First of all hearty congratulations to you on starting a parenting journey or soon going to become a parent, it is one of the most influential and exciting feelings that cannot be fulfilled with something else.

Unique Sophisticated Girl Names

And it is normal that you are stuck on which name you should go with out of billions and trillions of names, the best thing you can do and you have already done is separate the names with their origin, characters, starting letter, religion, and all.

In this way you can find the perfect moniker for your daughter, as you have already decided to go with a name that starts with the letter A or unique girl names that start with A, then you are at the right place.

So, without any further delay let’s dive in deep and explore the best possible names which you can have for your daughter that start with the alphabet A or the first letter of an English language.

Unique Girl Names That Start With A

As said already it is one of the most challenging tasks to choose and select the best name for our children, as you have already narrowed down that you want the name for your girl that starts with A, then the list will become a little bit shorter and easier for you to choose the best name out from the box.

Now let’s explore the best and most unique girl names that start with A and choose from them.

1. Abigail

Abigail is a Hebrew name for girls meaning “joy of the father.”

2. Audrey

This English name means “noble strength.

3. Amelia

Evoking the famous pilot Amelia Earhart, this strong Latin name means “work.”

4. Ava

This classic Latin name for girls means “like a bird.”

5. Abrielle

In French, this pretty name means “God is my strength.”

6. Acacia

In Greek, the name Acacia means “thorny tree.”

7. Autumn

Autumn is a trendy Latin name meaning “fall season.”

8. Aurora

This classic Latin name means “dawn.”

9. Acantha

In Greek, this name means “thorn.”

10. Addie

The German name Addie means “sweet” or “noble.”

11. Adrastea

Adrastea means “inescapable” in Greek, and is the name of one of Jupiter’s moons.

12. Agatha

This Greek baby name means “virtuous.”

13. Astrid

This Scandinavian name means “God’s strength.”

14. Alice

The wondrous name Alice is English in origin, meaning “from the nobility.”

15. Addison

Addison, “child of Adam,” is English in origin.

16. Adele

Bringing to mind the famous singer, this German name means “noble” and “kind.”

17. Adeline

The first name of the brilliant author Virginia Woolf, this English name means “noble.”

18. Adora

This Latin name means “beloved one.”

19. Adrianna

This Latin name of Italian origin means “person from Hadria,” a place in Northern Italy.

20. Adhara

This Arabic name for girls means “maidens,” and is the name of one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

21. Alanna

Alanna is an American name with Irish roots meaning “little child.”

22. Aerfen

This Welsh name means “end of the battle.”

23. Afaf

Afaf is an Arabic girl’s name meaning “chaste” and “virtuous.”

24. Agape

This Greek name for girls means “love.”

25. Aelwen

This Welsh name means “fair brow.”

26. Aggie

Aggie is an English name in origin meaning “good.”

27. Agnes

Agnes is a Greek name meaning “pure.”

28. Ahadi

This Swahili name means “with much promise.”

29. Ahmoua

This girl’s name with Sac and Fox Nation origin means “whale.”

30. Aikaterina

Aikaterina is a Greek name meaning “pure.”

31. Ami

Ami is a French name meaning “beautiful,” “friend,” and “beloved.”

32. Ailsa

This Scottish name finds its roots in Norse and, as well as being the name of an island, means “elf victory.”

33. Aisha

This elegant Arabic name for girls means “prosperous.”

34. Aisling

This Irish name means “vision” or “dream.”

35. Akari

With Japanese origin, the sweet name Akari means “lights.”

36. Aimee

The French name Aimee means “beloved friend.”

37. Akeelah

Akeelah is the American spelling of the Spanish name Aquila, meaning “eagle.”

38. Aaralyn

The American name Aaralyn combines the classic names Aaron and Lyn in a trendy twist.

39. Annabelle

This sweet name of English origin means “gracious” and “beautiful.”

40. Akemi

Akemi is a Japanese name for girls meaning “bright” and “beautiful.”

41. Ainsley

Ainsley is an English name from the Old English words for “one and only” and “wooded meadow.”

42. Akiko

Japanese in origin, Akiko means “sparkle,” “bright,” and “autumn.”

43. Alouette

In French, the name Alouette means “lark.”

44. Aeron

Aeron is a Welsh name for girls meaning “goddess of war.”

45. Arwen

This elegant and unique name is from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, and means “noble maiden” in the Sindarin language that Tolkien created.

46. Aeryn

This American name means “daughter of Ireland,” and is also Welsh for “berry.”

47. Alba

This Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland also means “dawn” and “sunrise.”

48. Aloha

Aloha is a Hawaiian name meaning “joyful sharing of love.”

49. Alicia

This classic English name means “of noble kin.”

50. Alienor

This name derives from Provençal, Arabic, and Greek and means variously “merciful,” “God is my light,” and “shining torch.”

51. Alison

Originally a boy’s name, Alison is English in origin and means “son of the noble one.”

52. Alodie

Alodie is a French name meaning “wealthy.”

53. Aurelie

The French name Aurelie means “golden.”

54. Aleah

Aleah is an American name meaning “sublime.”

55. Alcmene

This graceful name from Greek mythology means “strength of the moon.”

56. Alessandra

This Italian name means “defender of the people.”

57. Alethea

The English name Alethea with Greek origin means “truth.”

58. Alwilda

This Scandinavian name means “elf battle,” and honors the young female warrior Alfhildr from Norse mythology.

59. Auld

This Scottish name means “old.”

60. Anais

This French name means “gracious” and “merciful.”

61. Anang

Anang is an Ojibwa name meaning “star.”

62. Arielle

This Hebrew name means “lion of God.”

63. Aria

Aria, or Arya, is a popular girl’s name meaning “solo melody” in Italian.

64. Alberta

This English name means “noble and bright.”

65. Alfreda

This Spanish name has the meaning “elf counsel.”

66. Alyth

Alyth is Scottish in origin, from the Scottish Gaelic Aileadh meaning “ascending” or “rising.”

67. Alex

A tomboyish classic, Alex is English in origin and means “defender of the people.”

68. Alhelí

This pretty name is the Spanish name for the colorful wallflower plant.

69. Ali

This girl’s name is Arabic in origin and means “noble” or “exalted.”

70. Anja

Anja is a Russian name for girls meaning “gracious” and “merciful.”

71. Antonia

Antonia is Latin in origin, meaning “priceless,” with roots in the Greek word anthos, “flower.”

72. Anastasia

Anastasia is Greek in origin and fittingly means “resurrection.”

73. Aerith

This Japanese name comes from a female heroine in the video game Final Fantasy VII and is a transliteration of the English word “earth.”

74. Ayano

Ayano is a Japanese name for girls meaning “color” or “design.”

75. Armelle

Armelle is a name with French origin meaning “princess.”

76. Arnola

This original name is American and means “fair-shouldered eagle.”

77. Anne

The classic name Anne is originally from Hebrew, and means “gracious” and “merciful.”

78. Anemone

This Greek name means “breath,” and evokes flowers and the sea.

79. Asuka

Asuka is Japanese in origin and means “tomorrow” and “perfume.”

80. Aqua

This fun name is Latin in origin and means “water” or “sea blue.”

81. Aušra

Aušra is Lithuanian for “dawn.”

82. Aarushi

Aarushi is a Hindu girl’s name meaning “dawn” and “red sky.”

83. Adeleke

This Yoruba name means “the crown is victorious.”

84. Antoinette

This French name means “priceless one” or “praiseworthy.”

85. Andee

Andee is a Greek name meaning “brave defender of men.”

86. Arianna

Arianna means “most holy” and is both Greek and Latin in origin, featuring in Greek mythology.

87. Amy

Amy is a classic Latin and French name meaning “beloved.”

88. Adia

This Swahili name for girls means “gift.”

89. Amanda

Amanda is a Latin name meaning “worthy of love.”

90. Annett

Annett means “grace” and “favored by God” and is both French and Hebrew in origin.

91. Antonella

This Italian name means “firstborn.”

92. Analiese

Analiese is a German name combining the classic names Anna and Elise.

93. Annique

This French name means “grace” and “favor.”

94. April

April is a name with Latin roots meaning “to open,” which draws inspiration from the fourth month of the year.

95. Angela

This English name for girls means “messenger of God.”

96. Anaël

Anaël means “God has answered,” and is Hebrew in origin.

97. Amber

This English name draws inspiration from both the orangy-red color and the fossilized tree resin of the same name.

98. Alena

Alena, which is of Slovic origins, means “light.”

99. Ashlyn

This American name translates to “meadow of ash trees.”

100. Aoife

Aoife is a popular name in Irish mythology meaning “beautiful” or “radiant,” from the Irish Gaelic root Aoibh.

101. Ava

This modern spelling of the name Eva entered the top list in the twenty-first century. A famous bearer of the name was actress Ava Gardner.

102. Amelia

This variant of Amalia first became popular in eighteenth-century England and then in the United States in the early twenty-first century. A famous bearer of this name was Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly an airplane alone over the Atlantic Ocean.

103.  Abigail

This biblical name means “my father is joy” in Hebrew. The name appears in the Old Testament. The name fell out of fashion before it was revived in the twentieth century.

104. Avery

This name, which is often considered unisex, originated from a Norman French surname. It may also be related to the male names Alberich or Alfred.

105. Aria

In Italian, this name means either “song” or “melody” and refers to the vocal solos in operas. The name came into use in the United States in the twentieth century. Funnily enough, it’s not a common name in Italy, making it a unique choice. Aria can also be a variant spelling of the Persian name Arya, which means “noble.” This version also appears at number 17 on this list.

106. Aurora

In Latin, this name refers to the dawn and was the name of the Roman goddess of mornings. It’s been around as a name since the Renaissance but shot to popularity in the United States in 2019.

107. Aubrey

It was common in medieval times as an English male name, but it started to be used as a female name in the 1970s. It’s the Norman French form of the German name Alberich, which means “elf” and “ruler.” Alberich was a sorcerer-king of dwarfs in German mythology. This could be a unique choice for your daughter if you’re looking for a name with magical or mystical links.

108. Addison

This name literally means “son of Adam” and was used solely as a surname until it became popular as a girl’s name in the mid-1990s. Here’s a nice idea: You might consider this “A” name for your daughter if her dad’s named Adam.

109. Audrey

This very traditional name can be traced back to medieval times. In Old English, it means “noble” and “strength.” The name fell out of favor for a time until it was revived in the nineteenth century. A famous bearer was actress Audrey Hepburn.

110. Anna

This very traditional name has biblical roots in the name Hannah, which means “grace” in Hebrew. The variant spelling of the name became popular among Christians after St. Anna.

111. Ariana

This name is the Portuguese version of the Greek name Ariadne, which means “most holy.” Ariadne is also a character in Greek mythology known for helping Theseus escape from a monster called the Minotaur. A famous bearer of the name is singer Ariana Grande.

And the list goes on like that… But the above-listed names are one of the most used and prior names for the girls that start with A.

Conclusion on Unique Girl Names That Start With A

Whatever name you may select, it must have that sweetness, attraction, pleasant-sounding wave, and all. Most importantly it should not sound weird and comes to be the meaning of something which is not good.

All in all, you can directly choose the name from the above list as it has been researched and then listed down to decrease your efforts and prevent the wastage of time.

So, that’s all for the 100+ unique girl names that start with A, hope you have found this post helpful and informative if yes, why don’t you share it with all your friends who are all searching for names that start with A and sound pleasant?

Thank You 🙂

Unique Sophisticated Girl Names
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