100+ Best Dog Names with Meaning of Love in 2024

Dog Names with Meaning of Love

Nothing is more fun than choosing a truly meaningful moniker for your new pup, but it can be difficult to come up with unique dog names with meaning of love that perfectly fits your dog’s personality and sounds melodious whenever you call.

After all, the word “love” is undoubtedly the best word to express our feelings for our fur kids, right!

So, if you are planning to give your dog a name that means love, or dog names that mean love?

Then check out our favorite dog names with meaning of love!

Dog Names with Meaning of Love

Lovable names for your dogs let everyone knows your dog is the best friend and love of your life.

Dog names with meanings of love is always a good choice. So, why not to choose a name for the dog that means love?

As expected, we have broken down the 100+ best and cute dog names with the meaning of love into two sections:

  1. Male Dogs
  2. Female Dogs

We have conceived these melodious, mellifluous, adorable, and rhythmic pleasant names by rounding up a number of words that mean love in various other languages as well as some popular love-centric deities words & more!

Remember:  The gender suggestions listed here are only suggestions though, if you like a female name for your male dog and thinks its pefect, then go for it!

Don’t forget to stay at last, because I am going to share very famous, popular and personal favorite dog names with meaning of love for a little added inspiration.

Let’s check them out! Enjoy…

Male Dog Names with Meaning of Love

Following is the best collection of male dog names that mean love and is not the same as every other dog at the park.

Celebrate the bond between you and your dog with dog names with meaning of love in 2021.

  1. Adora (Latin) — Loved Child
  2. Agape (Greek) — Love
  3. Ahava (Hebrew) — Love
  4. Aiko (Japanese) — Love Child
  5. Amata (Latin) — Beloved
  6. Amie (French) — Loved
  7. Anabelle (Latin) — Easy to Love
  8. Asta (Norwegian) — Love
  9. Anthony — from Anthony & Cleopatra, one of the greatest love stories
  10. Aiko — a Japanese word means a little loved one
  11. Aziz — an Arabic word means beloved
  12. Anwil — Welsh for beloved
  13. Amadeus — Latin word for love
  14. Anteros — Greek god of requited love
  15. Bes — Egyptian god of love, music & dance
  16. Cariad — Welsh word for love
  17. Corazon — a Spanish word means heart
  18. Corwin — English word which means friend of the heart
  19. Cupid (a Roman god of love)
  20. Dai (welsh word which means beloved)
  21. Dashuri (Albanian for love)
  22. Dawood (another word for beloved friend)
  23. David (means perfect and lovely)
  24. Devo (short word for devotion)
  25. Erasmus (a popular Greek name means love)
  26. Dilshad (a Persian word means a happy heart)
  27. Dogoda (Polish spirit associated with love)
  28. Dragoste (Romanian for love)
  29. Elsker (Danish for love)
  30. Gerwyn (fair love in welsh)
  31. Habibah (Egyptian word means love)
  32. Hart (heart in Dutch)
  33. Huba (an Arabic word means love)
  34. Jedi (Hebrew for love)
  35. Kokoro (a Japanese word means soul)
  36. Kuni (Buddhist god of love)
  37. Kama (Hindu god of love)
  38. Lancelot (of the Lancelot & Guinevere love story)
  39. Janan (an Arabic word tha)t means heart)
  40. Kiefer (crazy in love)
  41. Khamon (a Thai translation for a heart)
  42. Koi (Japanese word for love)
  43. Laska (Slovak for love)
  44. Lennan (an Irish word means love)
  45. Luben (a Bulgarian word means love)
  46. Luthando (a Zulu word means love)
  47. Liebe (German for love)
  48. Mehboob (Urdu word means a lover)
  49. Muhabat (a Urdu word means love)
  50. Obi (Nigerian word means heart)
  51. Okan ( Yoruba for heart)
  52. Paris (a famous lover who started the Trojan war to save Helena)
  53. Romeo (a famous Shakespearean lover)
  54. Sanam (a Hindi word means lover)
  55. Tristan (from Tristan and Isolde, one of the greatest love stories)
  56. Xochipilli (Aztec god of love, great name for a Xolo!)
  57. Valentine (a lover)
  58. Zemër (Albanian word for heart

It’s really very hard to pick out the best dog names with meaning of love, isn’t it?

So, if you are also in the same trauma and literally searching for the best lovable name for your new adopted friend.

Then you can go with the dog name Jedi. The name seems to be very fondness towards the love and is doubles as a great Star War Dog Name!

You can also prefer to have Cupid, Candy, or Cuddlebug names although Janan or Anteros seems to be a classic and great choice.

If you are really looking for something a little bit more unique and classy, then Romeo is the obvious choice.

However, if you have a female dog, then I really prefer Asta.

Female Dog Names with Meaning of Love

  1. Aiko (means little loved one in Japanese)
  2. Aine (Irish goddess of love & summer)
  3. Amanda (means who is worthy in love)
  4. Amara (Greek word that means lovely forever)
  5. Amorette (French word means love)
  6. Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love)
  7. Asta (Norwegian word means love)
  8. Brisa (a love interest of Achilles)
  9. Caradoc (Welsh) — Beloved
  10. Cara (Irish for a loving friend)
  11. Carys (welsh word means love)
  12. Cleopatra (the other half of Anthony & Cleopatra)
  13. Darlena (unlimited love)
  14. Darling (a word for loved one)
  15. Ederra (Basque for lovely)
  16. Eostre (before Freya she was the Germanic goddess of love & origin of Easter)
  17. Esme (Persian word means love)
  18. Ettie (an Arabic name for love)
  19. Femi (Egyptian word means my love)
  20. Frigga (Norse goddess of love, possibly same origin story as Freya)
  21. Femi (African) — Love Me
  22. Freya (the Norse goddess of love)
  23. Grainne (Gaelic word for charming love)
  24. Guinevere (of the Lancelot & Guinevere love story)
  25. Gulisa (Georgian word means a little heart)
  26. Hathor (Egyptian goddess of love)
  27. Helena (Paris loved her so much, he started a war for her!)
  28. Honey (a term used for a loved one)
  29. Imogen (Greek for beloved child)
  30. Inanna (Sumerian goddess of love)
  31. Ishiqa (a Hindi word means a worthy love)
  32. Isolde (from Tristan and Isolde)
  33. Juliet (a famous historical lover)
  34. Kalila (an Arabic word means beloved)
  35. Lada (Slavic goddess of beauty)
  36. Libi (Hebrew translation for my love)
  37. Maitea (a Spanish word for love)
  38. Milda (Lithuanian goddess of love)
  39. Milena ( Czech  word that means love)
  40. Mina (Germanic word for love, also Dracula’s greatest love)
  41. Minnie (Dutch for love)
  42. Makya (Native American) — Lover of the chase
  43. Minnie (German) — Love
  44. Myrna (Gaelic) — Love
  45. Nayely  ( Native American for “I love you”)
  46. Prende (Albanian goddess of love)
  47. Priya (Hindi word that means dear one)
  48. Qetesh (Canaanite goddess of love)
  49. Querida (Spanish) — Beloved
  50. Rose (a flower that represents love)
  51. Sjöfn (one of the Germanic goddess of love)
  52. Suda (Estonian word for heart)
  53. Suka (Malay word for love)
  54. Valentina (a feminine version of Valentine)
  55. Venus (Roman goddess of love)
  56. Ziva (Slavic goddess of love

Really, it’s bit even harder to search for the female dog names with the meaning of love.

Here are some personal suggestions and personal favorite female dog names that I would love to prefer.

Esme is a very adorable and cool name that sounds very melodious whenever you call your female dog. It also works well if you’re a die heart fan of the Twilight Book Series.

You can also go with Freya, seems to be very charming, friendly and dulcet.

Verdict For Dog Names with Meaning of Love

Not at all, it is very easy to search for the dog names with meaning of love nor it’s much harder.

Just you need to be very calm, relax, and have patience while exploring and looking for a dog name that means love or dog names with meaning of love.

Your Turn! Please let us know in the comments section below which dog names with meaning of love you have selected and why? What are your suggestions and creativity?

Also please don’t forget to share with your friends, foes, and relatives having pups as their family members to help them out with the lovable dog names.

“Keep sharing, because sharing is ……” Yes, you guess it perfectly!

Thank You 🙂

Dog Names with Meaning of Love
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