Top 10 Most Popular Domain Extensions in 2024

Internet is completely booming and influencing the life of almost everyone out there from easy access to any website official portals, apps, online stores and so on…

Top Level Domain Example Country Domain Extensions 2021

But wait, what’s the most important thing to consider when dragging your business or finding any business or company name online.

Yes, true. It’s the name of that firm which landed you to that IP address via nameservers protocol.

So, while searching for those IP addresses or in simple terms if you say “Domain” surely you may have observed that, there is a “.” (Dot) before and after which prefix and suffix is added which indicates the complete domain.

Most of the time, you may have found .com used by every second website as it is the most used and registered Top Level Domain (TLD) with 150 Millions registered domains.

The extension of prefix after the “.” (Dot) is known as Domain extension.

So, let’s discuss most popular domain extensions in the world and it’s reach, benefits and all. Without any further delay let’s dive in to the topic…

Most Popular Domain Extensions

As said, most of the people choose .COM as the default top-level domain or TLD. Of course, the .COM domain is so popular; 150 million .COM domains are registered.

But there are also hundreds of other top-level domains. None of them can match .COM in terms of popularity, but there is a wide range of registrations for each domain.

In fact, believe it or not, some top-level domains have less than 1,000 second-level domain registrations!

In our research we found these TLD as the most registered and used domain extensions around the globe which are listed in the sequence as follows.

1. .COM – 148.7 million

2. .TK – 27.5 million (Tokelau)

3. .CN – 24.1 million (China)

4. DE – 16.5 million (Germany)

5. .NET – 13.4 million

6. .UK – 11.8 million (United Kingdom)

7. .ORG – 10.1 million

8. .NL – 6.0 million (Netherlands)

9. .ICU – 5.9 million

10. .RU – 5.7 million (Russia)

Most important fact here is, .Com domain is not only the most registered and used domain but also little bit pricey when compared to the country level domain extensions.

As we can see, .CN has good potential and registered customer base because it replicates the population of China and interest of Chinese towards the internet and online growth.

Popular Domain Name Extension & Benefits

Popular domain extensions should improve the reach of your site. It should serve as the first and foremost marketing tool for your site. It should display your site on the first pages of search results and increase the credibility of your site.

Below are some of the most popular domain extensions for 2022 that will have a positive impact on the growth of your site and business.

So, let’s dive in and explore…

1. com:

Usually a top-level domain is used, this TLD is one of the most widely used generic top-level domains. It is also the best domain extension that is suitable for almost any website purpose. More than 50% of websites use the .com domain extension.

Initially, this domain name extension was only used by websites with a commercial business role. Over time, however, the use of this domain name extension has become enormous and has also become a symbol of trust among Internet users.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to get a .com domain quickly. This is due to its popularity on the internet. It’s always a good idea to choose a .com domain extension, even if you have an alternate TLD for your site. The .com domain will definitely remain in the first place as long as the Internet uses the TLD.

2. .net

Alternative domain extensions are commonly used. If you are tired of searching for all alternative domain names that you can register with ‘.com’, another option is the ‘.net’ TLD. It’s similar to .com because everyone uses it. However, the intended purpose of this domain extension is to ensure that the site is intended for networks / ISPs.

However, most websites that mention the technology sector now use the .net domain extension. This is also easier to use for the preferred domain name than the .com domain extension.

The chances of you staying with the domain you want and also paying a lower price are higher with this TLD. Thanks to this TLD abilities, it got on the list of the most popular extensions of the 2022 domain.

3. .co

This is a modern version of the “.com” domain. As we all know, bilingual domain name extensions usually have a country code TLD. It’s also a ccTLD for Colombia, but it’s also one of the most popular domain extensions for companies.

Because it looks like an acronym for a corporation or company, most organizations start using it as their TLD. Most people also consider .co a modern version of .com for commercial purposes.

Another seamless use of this extension is as a subdomain name. It is directly followed by the country code, for example (.in is the country code for India).

Many prefer this domain extension due to the lower cost compared to the above two. But your customers can usually enter .com instead of .co, which they can also redirect to your competition’s site.

4. .xyz

This is a new generic top-level domain compared to others. But it has become popular due to the variety of websites you can use. From startups to large companies, everyone registers to extend the .xyz domain name. Some believe that .xyz will be next to .com.

.Xyz is generally considered to represent the newer and more modern generation. In addition, it mixes easily with any domain name. It also comes at a very low price, making it one of the most popular but inexpensive domain extensions.

The .xyz domain extension is not bound for a general purpose. So it means the whole internet, where the possibilities are endless. Choosing a .xyz domain extension is more likely to give you the one-word domain name you’ve always wanted. Its easy availability makes it one of the best domain extensions on the market.

5. .me

Personal blog domain extension, most likely used for personal use.

If you’re wondering if it’s a ccTLD, you’re right. This is the country code of Montenegro. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular domain extensions due to its widespread use. Anyone in the world can sign up for an .me extension.

Due to the fact that it is a lesser known accessory than the above, it is easy to use. This is one of the best domain extensions available for most and the ones you can create. For example, if you have a website dedicated to memes, you can register a “.me” domain. And it works for a short price.

6. .tech

Website Domain Extension Technology.

Many companies in the technology sector use this popular domain extension. This is obvious because it is shortened to the word technology. Big brands like Intel also use this popular domain extension for their websites.

This domain extension gives your site a sense of niche in your industry. As technology advances rapidly, this expansion is also seen as a sign of the growth of Internet users. Despite its growing popularity, .tech is still available for most generic domain names. Google has many domain extensions; even if they do not have a .tech domain. That this is a unique opportunity for you to create a brand of your choice.

7. .in

Special domain extension of India or one of the most used and popular domain in India. This is another TLD with a country code that is popular with companies. This is the country code for India. Extending the .in domain has many uses, from ISPs to all in India.

Registering for the .in domain is very easy because it is less known. However, there is huge potential for this domain extension because it does not define a sector or tool as a .co extension.

8. .us

Special extension of the United States domain

Unlike other popular ccTLD domain extensions, the .us extension can only be used by US citizens and entities. To use this extension, you must be a permanent resident or register your company with the U.S. government.

There are many creative ways to use the .us extension. Together with domain names, this extension acts as a sentence. It has become the most popular domain extension among people who want to make a statement on their web addresses. Like .gov, this extension is also used by the US government.

But after the restrictions were removed, this extension became one of the best extensions in the domain. 9

9. .uk

Special extension of the United Kingdom domain.

The .uk domain extension is quite popular with companies. This domain extension is ccTLD for the United Kingdom.

However, most companies see them as a symbol of a professional website. But the only complication is that if you have a domain name ending in ‘’, your competitor may use the same domain name with ‘.uk’. And most internet users prefer it to be short and are therefore more likely to get on your competitors’ sites.

In addition, there are no geographical restrictions on this extension, making it the most advanced domain extension for people around the world. Unlike the .us extension, you do not need to join the UK government to register a domain.

10. .info

Informative domain extension.

No specific purpose is required to register this popular domain extension. However, most informational sites use the .info extension. This domain extension is the only gTLD intended for unlimited use.

With this popular domain extension, you will immediately indicate that your site contains concept / topic information. In addition, this TLD is one of the easiest to understand. You can obtain the .info domain as a website where you provide information about your products.

You can use the same domain name as your commercial website, which increases the confidence of Internet users. This is fast becoming one of the most popular domain extensions by 2022.

Types of Domain Extensions

a. Generic Domain Extensions:

These extensions are also called gTLDs. These are the most common types of TLDs. There are many options to choose from, and this TLD category includes the most popular “.com” domain extension. For example: .com, .org, .net, etc.

b. Sponsored Domain Extensions:

Also called TLDs. Private organizations own this type of TLD. This only allows a narrow community to use these domains. For example: .Asia, .aero, .travel, etc.

C. Generic-Restricted Domain Extensions:

These domain name extensions are similar to gTLDs. However, these domain name extensions can only be used for a specific group of sectors.

For example, only government websites can use the ‘.gov’ domain extension. Also, only the US military can use the ‘.mil’ extension.

d. Country code domain extension:

Also called ccTLD. This TLD category is useful for expressing the geographical origin of a site. However, this type of domain name extension is not only used for this purpose. It is therefore widely used and widely used. For example: ‘.co’, ‘.uk’, ‘.us’, ‘.in’, etc.

Selecting the best domain extension out from the box that contains thousands of TLDs can be little bit time consuming and seems difficult.

But you must allot some time for it mandatory as it your Domain and it’s the first impression of your portfolio, business, store or anything to the next person.

Most Expensive Domains

The most expensive domain ever sold is believed to be It was probably bought by Gannet Co., Inc. for $ 872 million.

Here we have listed out some more domains that sold out highly expensive.

Domain Name Sold for Year of sale

  • $30 million 2019
  • $17 million 2015
  • $13 million 2010
  • $12 million 2008
  • $11 million 2001
  • $11 million 2014
  • $9.5 million 2007
  • $8.8 million 2015
  • $8.5 million 2010
  • $8 million 2015
  • $7.5 million 2006
  • $7 million 2004
  • $6.8 million 2014
  • $6 million 2011
  • $5.5 million 2003
  • $5.5 million 2010

Final words on Most Popular Domain Extensions

Having the best domain registered that to it with the best Top Level Domain Extension can truly do wonders to boost the business or growth of one’s identity.

TLD are easy to remember and founds use favourite. So, that’s all for the best and most popular domain extensions in 2022.

Hope you have definitely like the post as much as we do sharing it with you. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family too who are eagerly searching for the best domain and best domain extension.

Thank you 🙂

Top Level Domain Example Country Domain Extensions 2021
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