507+ Best Beautiful Rare Girl Names in 2024

Exotic baby girl names, short unique girl names, beautiful girl names, beautiful rare girl names: If you have landed to this post then it means surely you’re expecting a baby girl soon and looking out for the uncommon and rare girl names for your princess which stands out of the crowd! Right?

Future Baby Girl Names 2021

Naming your baby is harder than you think. And sometimes it’s like everything before. That’s why it can inspire new minds to come up with names you won’t find anywhere else.

On this day of unique and special names, adventurous parents-to-be enjoy wonderful and unusual names for children in many ways. Whether you’re looking for a name that stands out from the crowd or a name that reflects your daughter’s personality, we’ve got here tons of cute yet rare baby names for the girls you will definitely love.

So, what are you waiting for then? Just dive in deeper and explore the beautiful rare girl names for your princess in 2022…

Beautiful Rare Girl Names

Remember, the beautiful and the rarest girl name for your daughter is the one which you creates by yourself.

So, apart from getting these listed names try thinking from your side too which will definitely clicks out with great names.


Meaning nobility or adornment, this is perfect for parents looking for a vintage baby name. It’s still rare, but did jump into the top 100 baby names in the UK for the first time in a century last year!


Meaning “light”.


After the rainforest.


This name means vision or dream, so it’s lovely if you have been dreaming of having your baby and finally are welcoming a baby girl!


This name means grace and kindness, which makes it a beautiful choice for a little girl!


A beautifully unique name meaning grace. It’s very unusual and rare, and could be abbreviated to Annie if you wish. 


Meaning flowery or lady of the flowers. 

Future Baby Girl Names 2021
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