How to Register a Business Name in Georgia 2024

How to Register a Business Name in Georgia

Want to contribute and pay off your part for one of the largest economies in the world?

Consider starting your own business in this Golden State. But to hang your shingle in Georgia, coming up with a business name is most important.

So, after deciding the legal entity of your business, now it’s time to decide a name for your business in Georgia.

Remember: Your business name affects your branding and your image as a company.

Let’s get you started on the right path to pick a solid business name in Georgia.

Read on to learn how to register a business name in Georgia in 2021.

Why do you need to register a business name in Georgia?

Undoubtedly, registering your own business name in Georgia is a good idea, in addition to this, it is pretty simple to wrap this process quickly.

Registering a business name in Georgia reserves it in a state or local database for business use and various purposes.

Here we have listed a few reasons why you need to register a business name in Georgia. Please have a look…

  1. Registering a business name increases your visibility as your business name is added to the official state directory which puts it on the map. This way you can establish the business in a formal way.
  2. You can keep the other business name doing business or operating under the same. In this way, no one can reuse your business name again and this saves a lot of your money and time in legal hassles down the road.
  3. Your country’s Secretary of State (SOS) or clerk’s office helps you to register the business the name in Georgia.

Doing Business in Georgia

Georgia has one of the highest rates of newly formed LLCs in the country and every other state has different requirements and needs for forming an LLC or naming a business name in the State of Georgia.

Please follow along with us closely to learn and understand the required steps for creating your own Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Georgia.

It can be done in two ways majorly to form an LLC in Georgia.

  1. You can form a company by yourself (or)
  2. You can hire a service to do it for you

Let’s have a quick glance overview of the 5 basic requirements to form an LLC in Georgia or how to register a business name in Georgia …

1. Name your Limited Liability Company (LLC)

First of all, you need to choose a name for your company which complies and meets with all the Georgia naming requirements.

You must have to check the business name on the State of Georgia Website and make sure the name isn’t already taken. Then you should go ahead and register the web domain as well as email for your company.

2. Choose a registered agent 

The registered agent can be any individual within the company including yourself, or you can also hire a professional service authorized to do business in Georgia.

3. File the articles of Organisation 

For the registration of a business name in Georgia, you just need to file the articles of organization with the Georgia Corporation Division.

This can be easily and quickly done via mail or online and will cost just $100. Here you need to state and show whether your Limited Liability Company (LLC) is

  • Member-Managed (or)
  • Manager-Managed

Member-managed refers to or means that all members of LLC manage the company. Likewise, Manager-managed means some individuals are appointed or hired to manage the LLC.

4. Creating an Operating Agreement 

This is a must process and steps you should follow after naming your business name in Georgia. Here you have to create an operating agreement to establish the roles of members and ownership terms.

This is an internal matter affair and does not need to be filed with the State of Georgia.

5. Obtain an EIN

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is the social security number for your LLC and this is very important for banking and taxes. EIN can be obtained easily by mail and it is free of charge.

So, with that, you have successfully registered your Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Georgia on your own.

Types of Entity Business in Georgia

As mentioned earlier, while registering the company in Georgia you must have to disclose the entity of your business. That can be…

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  2. Corporation
  3. Limited Partnership (LP)
  4. Limited Liability Limited Partnership (LLLP)
  5. Foreign Limited Liability Partnership (FLLP)

How to Register a Business Name in Georgia

Please use the following guidelines for how to register a business name in Georgia.

To register the name of a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporation, or Partnership.

  1. Visit the Official Georgia Tax Center 
  2. Under the registration, tap on Register a New Business in Georgia 
  3. Please select the Business Type
  4. Complete the required fields and click on the Next Button
  5. Now complete the information for your business
  6. Click on Verify the address to confirm the address for your business
  7. Select the account you are registering and click Next
  8. Now complete the information by answering the questions with Yes/No options. Click Next
  9. Enter your NAICS code and click next
  10. Tap on the button Add Record to add your officers and responsible parties
  11. Complete the required details to create a login for GTC. Click Next
  12. Now select the authentication options for your account like (Mail, Text, or both)
  13. Review your information, once confirmed click on the submit button
  14. Now you will get the confirmation page, take down the number of prints for your record. Once the registration is done successfully you will get a “No Reply” email with login information for a new Georgia Tax Identification Number(s) and GTC.
  15. Click okay

Congrats! You have successfully registered the business name of your company in Georgia and learned how to register a business name in Georgia perfectly.

Filing Fees to Register a Business Name in Georgia

Following is the list of filing fees required to register a business name in Georgia or how to register a business name in Georgia filing fees. Please have a look…

  • Domestic Corporations-$100
  • Foreign Corporations-$225
  • Domestic LLC – $100
  • Foreign LLC- $225
  • Domestic Limited Partnership-$100
  • Domestic Limited Liability Limited Partnership-$100
  • Foreign Limited Partnership-$225
  • Foreign Limited Liability Partnership –$200
  • Foreign Limited Liability Limited Partnership-$225

If you are not filing online, then you need to send the original of your application, a copy of your application, and other forms attached with the filing fee to the address mentioned below.

It will take 5-7 business days to complete the process although the Secretary of State will email you regarding the confirmation of your application or they have received your envelope.

You need to send the above-listed application originals and copies to one of the following address nearer to your home or office in Georgia.

Office of Secretary of State, Corporations Division

2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE, Suite 313 West Tower

Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Georgia LLC Name Availability Search

To find out the business name in Georgia, Georgia LLC name availability search, Georgia trademark search, or corporation name availability.

You have to visit the Official Website of Georgia Trademark Search and check the availability of your business name. If it is already registered, then you have to move on and think out the best unique name that describes your company as a brand and sounds good when called.

As I mentioned earlier, Your business name affects your branding and your image as a company.

You can also search the domain name search in Georgia or Georgia name availability search on or

Verdict How to Register a Business Name in Georgia

Here we completely reviewed and covered everything on how to name your business based on your branding, business structure, brainstorming business names, and how to your business name availability online in Georgia plus doing business in  Georgia.

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I hope you have found the details very helpful.

Don’t forget to share with your friends, foes, and relatives who wish or want to start a business in Georgia.

Keep sharing, because sharing is ……” Awesome, you guess it right!

Thank You 🙂

How to Register a Business Name in Georgia

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