150+ Unique & Cool Bird Names for Babies With Meaning in 2024

Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is an exciting and significant task. If you’re a nature lover or seeking a unique and beautiful name, why not draw inspiration from the avian world?

Names To Call Your Mom

Bird names for babies are gaining popularity due to their inherent charm and connection to the natural world. Now we will explore the allure of bird-inspired names and provide key points and tips to help you choose the best name for your little one.

Without making any further delay let’s dive in deep and explore it out.

Bird Names for Girls and Meanings

Checkout the best name that you can have for your baby and feel like your baby is a beautiful bird roaming in the sky.

  1. Aghavni – Armenian name meaning “dove.”
  2. Alouette – French name meaning “skylark.”
  3. Ava – German/Latin for “birdlike, lively.”
  4. Avis – Latin name meaning “bird.”
  5. Aya – Hebrew name meaning “bird.”
  6. Birdie – German name meaning “bright,” “famous,” or “bird.”
  7. Branwen – Welsh name meaning “fair raven.”
  8. Chenoa – Native American name meaning “white dove.”
  9. Cholena – Native American -Delaware name meaning “bird.”
  10. Circe – Greek-derived name meaning “bird.”
  11. Daisy – After Daisy Duck. Old English name meaning “day’s eye.”
  12. Daya – Hebrew name meaning “bird of prey.”
  13. 13 Deora – Hebrew name meaning “bird, a swallow.”
  14. Dove – English name meaning “peace.”
  15. Drora – Hebrew name meaning “sparrow.”
  16. Eileen – Gaelic name meaning “little bird.”
  17. Einan: Hebrew name meaning “little bird.”
  18. Enara – Basque for “bird.”
  19. Evelyn – Irish name meaning “beautiful bird.”
  20. Faigel – Yiddish name meaning “bird.”
  21. Gwennol – Cornish for “swallow.”
  22. Gwylan – Welsh name meaning “seagull.”
  23. Halcyon – Greek name meaning “calm,” from the seabird in Greek mythology.
  24. Jarita -Hindi name meaning “mother or legendary bird.”
  25. Jemima – Hebrew name meaning “dove.”
  26. Jena – Arabric/Sanskrit name meaning “little bird.”
  27. Lark – British name meaning “a playful lighthearted songbird.”
  28. Linette – Welsh/French for “a small songbird.”
  29. Loa – Scandinavian name meaning “spring bird.”
  30. Luscinia – Scientific name for the nightingale.
  31. Mavis – French name meaning “songbird.”
  32. Morrigan -Irish name meaning “phantom queen.” After the crow in Irish mythology.
  33. Nydia – Latin name meaning “nest.”
  34. Palila – Hawaiian name meaning “bird.”
  35. Paloma – Mexican name meaning “dove.”
  36. Phoebe – Greek name meaning “bright,” also an American bird species.
  37. Philomela – Greek name after goddess turned into a nightingale. Means “lover of song.”
  38. Rhea – After the bird breed. This Greek name means “flowing.”
  39. Rosella – Australian parrot species.
  40. Sephora – Hebrew name meaning “beauty” or “bird.”
  41. Suzume – Japanese name meaning “sparrow.”
  42. Tori – Japanese name meaning “bird.”
  43. Tweety – English name meaning “sweetie.” After the “Looney Toons” canary.
  44. Usoa – Basque name meaning “dove.”
  45. Wren – British name meaning “small brown songbird.”
  46. Zippora – Hebrew name meaning “Bird.”
  47. Altair – Arabic name meaning “falcon.”
  48. Arnold – German name meaning “strong ruler” or “eagle power.”
  49. Birtle – British name meaning“hill of birds.”
  50. Bran– Gaelic name meaning “bramble” or “raven.”
  51. Byrd – Old English name meaning “bird-like.”
  52. Callum – Scottish name meaning “dove.”
  53. Chelidon – Greek name meaning “a swallow bird.”
  54. Colman – Irish name meaning “dove.”
  55. Corbin – British name meaning “crow.”
  56. Corvus – Latin for “crow.”
  57. Crane – English name meaning “long-necked bird.”
  58. Culver – English name meaning “dove.”
  59. Donald – Scottish name meaning “proud chief.” After Donald Duck.
  60. Drake – English name meaning “male duck” or “dragon.”
  61. Eagle – Native American name meaning “impressive” and “Sharp eyed.”
  62. Efron – Hebrew for “bird.”
  63. Falcon – English name meaning “bird in the hawk family.”
  64. Faulkner – English meaning “falcon trainer.”
  65. Fechine – Irish name meaning “raven.”
  66. Gannet – German name meaning “goose.”
  67. Gawain – Welsh name meaning “may hawk.”
  68. Griffon – French name meaning “strong lord.”
  69. Gull – Celtic name meaning “long-winged swimming birds.”
  70. Gunther – German name meaning “battler” or “warrior.” After the “Adventure Time” penguin.
  71. 90 Aderyn – Welsh for “bird.”
  72. Columba – Latin/Irish name meaning “dove.”
  73. Covey – Middle English name meaning “brood of birds.”
  74. Deryn – Welsh name meaning “birde.”
  75. Finch – English name meaning “songbird.”
  76. Hula – Native American name meaning “eagle.”
  77. Kestrel – English name meaning “small, colorful falcon.”
  78. Nesta – Welsh name meaning “messenger” or “pure.”
  79. Oriole – Latin for “golden,” after the North American blackbird.
  80. Peregrine – Latin name meaning “traveler, wanderer.” After the peregrine falcon.
  81. Phoenix – Greek/Egyptian meaning “dark red.”
  82. Robin – German name meaning “bright,” “shining,” or “famous.”
  83. Sam – Hebrew name meaning “told by God.” After Toucan Sam.
  84. Starling – British meaning “star” or “bird.”
  85. Swan – English name after the bird species.
  86. Teal – American name after the breed of duck.

Best Bird Names for Baby Boys

1. Aati

Aati is a type of a water bird. This short and unique name could be suitable for your little champ.

2. Altair

A classic masculine name that means ‘falcon.’ Altair is an Arabic name for falcon and also the name of a bright star in the sky!

3. Akos

A slightly unconventional name yet charming, Akos is the Turkish name for ‘falcon.’ Akos would remind you of the famous American singer Akon!

4. Arnold

Quite a popular name all across the world, Arnold means ‘eagle power.’

5. Arvid

A classic Scandinavian name which means ‘eagle tree.’

6. Barhi

Barhi is a Sanskrit name which refers to the beautiful, colourful bird ‘peacock’.

7. Birtle

Quite a unique name, Birtle means ‘hill of birds!’

8. Bran

A Celtic origin name meaning crow, Bran is a short and sweet name that can also be extended as Branwen or Branok which also means the same!

9. Byrd

Byrd is the slightly twisted variation of the name bird. This bird inspired name is pretty common amongst little boys!

10. Burdett

Burdett is a rare and simple name that means ‘a baby bird!’

11. Callum

A cute and innocent name well suited for little boys! Callum is the Scottish name for the name Columba that means ‘dove.’ Callum is a popular name in Scotland, England and Ireland!

12. Corbin

Corbin is a stunning and timeless name of Old English origin. The name refers to ‘crow’ and ‘raven’. Corb could be a cute nickname.

13. Culver

Culver is an English variant of the name Columba that means ‘dove.’ Culver is a cute name with a beautiful meaning that would be perfect for your son!

14. Columba

A classic Latin origin name that means ‘dove.’

15. Colm

The beauty and innocence of a dove mesmerises all! Colm is the Irish name for the bird dove! Another extended variation of Colm is Colman which also has the same meaning.

16. Chelidon

A cute and unique name well suited for boys, Chelidon in Greek is the name for a swallow bird!

17. Crane

Crane is a long-legged and long-necked bird that comes from the family of Gruiformes. A flying crane is a beautiful sight with its neck outstretched, and the actual meaning of the name Crane is to ‘stretch one’s neck.

18. Covey

A cute and lovable name meaning ‘brood of birds.’

19. Cransford

A classic name that represents cranes!

20. Dorik

Dorik is a fantabulous boy’s name of Dorian origin. it refers to ‘swallow birds’.

21. Eagle

A powerful name for boys, Eagle represents a beast-like strength and power. Eagle is also known as the king of birds and is known for its strong and powerful body and sharp beak.

22. Efron

A Hebrew origin name meaning ‘bird.’ Efron is a classic masculine name for young boys! A famous bearer of the name is Zac Efron, an American star and singer!

23. Falcon

If you are looking for a powerful, sleek and agile name for your baby boy then Falcon is the perfect name! Falcon is the preying bird that is found in all continents except Antarctica.

24. Faulkner

Another classic bird-inspired name meaning ‘a falcon trainer.’ Faulkner was a name quite popular during medieval times when falconry was a popular sport!

25. Fechine

You might not have heard of Fechine, but you would have surely heard about the large all-black raven! Fechine is the Irish name derived from ‘Fiach’ that means raven.

26. Finch

Finch is a tiny passerine bird and is also kept as a pet at times!

27. Fowler

A bird theme inspired name, Fowler means ‘a bird trapper.’

28. Fox

Unlike the land animal, Fox refers to ‘American sparrow’ in German.

29. Gannet

Gannet is the name of a beautiful sea bird with a large pearl white body and yellow coloured heads!

30. Gawain

An exotic Welsh name that means ‘may hawk.’ A famous bearer of the name is Gawain Vincent, the famous British handball player.

31. Grey

Grey has Germanic origin. This bird’s name is derived from a beautiful bird named Grey Plover.

32. Griffon

A cool and classic variation of the name Griffin, Griffon means ‘strong lord.’ The name is inspired by the Griffon vulture!

33. Hawk

Again, an oh-so-familiar birdie name that’s inspired from the majestic hunting bird, Hawk. These days you’ll find Hawk more as a surname than a name. Nevertheless, the name has its own charm!

34. Heron

This beautiful long-legged and long-necked freshwater coastal-bird, Heron can also be called as Herron. Heron would serve as a cute name for your little one!

35. Horus

A strong and powerful name for boys, Horus is the name of the might Egyptian sun god with a falcon’s head!

36. Hula

A Native American name for the eagle bird, Hula is quite an uncommon name these days! However, it’s perfect for those who like unique names.

37. Jonah

A popular Hebrew origin name meaning ‘dove.’

38. Jay

An adorably cute name for boys, Jay is a beautiful medium-sized bird that is a native of the eastern part of North America. Blue Jay is the most beautiful of them of all!

39. Lark

Lark is an Old English word. This means ‘songbird’.

40. Lonan

A cute Irish name meaning ‘blackbird.’ A cute nickname of Loni would go well with this name!

41. Manu

Manu is a short and sweet name that has multiple meanings! Manu is an Indian origin name which means ‘man’ in Sanskrit. It is also a Polynesian name that means ‘bird of the night.’

42. Merle

Merle is a French bird name which is also known as a Eurasian blackbird. It was derived from the ancient name Muriel and was quite famous as a name in the early 1900s.

43. Merlin

A cute and classic name associated with a type of falcon bird!

44. Myna

Myna is a beauitful bird of Indian origin. This bird symbolises joy, harmoy, and delight.

45. Nestor

Nestor is a name inspired by the nest of birds! Nestor was also the name of a wise ruler of Greek legend who helped the Greeks to win the great Trojan war!

46. Nesta

Yet another name inspired by the intricate pattern of the nests woven by birds, Nesta is a cute name for boys!

47. Peregrine

Peregrine is an elegant and sophisticated name for boys. This name in Latin means ‘traveller’ or ‘pilgrim’. It is also the name of a beautiful bird Peregrine falcon.

48. Phoenix

Although, Phoenix is a name strongly attached to a bird Phoenix is not a real bird. Phoenix is a mythological bird that was introduced in the ancient Greek folklore!

49. Robin

One of the most popular names, Robin is a classic English name for boys. The quintessential reddish-orange coloured Robin is a migratory songbird!

50. Shahaf

A classic Hebrew origin name meaning ‘seagull.’ It’s a good bird name for boys!

51. Swift

Name your little one after one of the fastest flying birds. Swift also means ‘fast.

52. Starling

A cute Latin origin name, Starling is a medium-sized passerine bird!

53. Talon

Although, not the name of a bird but closely related to birds. Talon means ‘the large claw of a preying bird.’ The exotic French touch adds on to its charm!

54. Tern

A classic seabird which is normally found near oceans, rivers and wetlands.

55. Torio

An exotic Japanese name meaning ‘bird’s tail!’

56. Vireo

A pleasant name that is apt for a cute little boy! Vireo is the name of a beautiful bird with a melodious voice!

57. Whistler

Inspired by the Australian golden whistler, this name is quite a choice for young boys!

58. Willow

Willow is a pleasant bird of German origin. You may know the bird by its full name Willow Ptarmigan.

59. Wren

We are sure that Wren name reminds you of the famous Wren & Martin high school English Grammar and Composition book! But Wren is also the name of a cute-looking tiny bird with a giant voice!

60. Wulfram

Wulfram is all that represents fierce and bold! A perfect name for parents looking for a strong name for their son. Wulfram means ‘wolf raven.’

Things to keep in mind

Here are some of the most important things that you should be keeping in mind while choosing the name for your baby by choosing the names from bird inspired.

1. Symbolism and Meaning:

Birds have held symbolic significance in various cultures throughout history. They are often associated with freedom, beauty, grace, and resilience. By choosing a bird-inspired name for your baby, you can imbue their identity with these positive attributes, fostering a sense of harmony with nature and a connection to the wider world.

2. Unique and Unisex Options:

Bird names offer a wide range of choices, from the traditional to the exotic, and can be suitable for both boys and girls. This versatility allows parents to select names that reflect their personal tastes while maintaining a sense of individuality for their child. Whether you prefer names like Robin, Wren, or Falcon, there’s a bird-inspired name to suit every preference.

3. Natural Beauty:

Bird names often evoke images of natural beauty, evoking a sense of tranquility and elegance. For example, names like Luna (meaning “moon”) or Dove (symbolizing peace) exude a serene and gentle aura. By choosing a bird name for your baby, you can infuse their identity with the timeless beauty and grace that birds represent.

4. Connection to the Natural World:

Introducing your child to the wonders of nature from an early age can foster a deep appreciation for the environment. A bird-inspired name can serve as a constant reminder of the world’s natural wonders, encouraging your little one to develop a curiosity about the avian species and the broader ecological balance.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bird Name

Checkout some of the best and handpicked tips for choosing the best bird name for your baby.

1. Personal Preference:

Consider your personal taste and preferences when choosing a bird name for your baby. Some names may hold sentimental value, reminding you of a special experience or place associated with birds. Trust your instincts and select a name that resonates with you and your family.

2. Research and Significance:

Learn about the different bird species and their characteristics. Research the symbolism and cultural associations attached to each name. This knowledge will help you choose a name that holds personal meaning and aligns with the traits you wish to instill in your child.

3. Pronunciation and Ease:

Ensure that the chosen bird name is easy to pronounce and spell, both for you and your child. Avoid names that may lead to confusion or mispronunciation, as it could cause unnecessary frustration for your child in the future.

The easier pronunciation it becomes, the most easier the sounds puches and soothes. So, you must select and choose the best pronounced word for your baby from birds names inspired.

4. Longevity:

Consider the longevity of the name. While unique names can be charming, think about how the name will age with your child. Opt for a bird-inspired name that will grow with them and suit various stages of their life.

Things to avoid while choosing the bird names for babies

Latin Baby Boys Names

While choosing bird names for babies can be a delightful and unique choice, it’s essential to consider a few things to avoid any potential pitfalls. Here are some points to keep in mind:

1. Uncommon or Difficult Spellings: While uniqueness is often desired when selecting a name, it’s important to strike a balance. Avoid overly complicated or unusual spellings that may cause confusion or difficulties for your child and others when spelling or pronouncing the name.

2. Gender Stereotyping: Birds, in general, do not adhere to strict gender roles, so it’s unnecessary to limit bird names to specific genders. Instead, consider choosing unisex bird names that can be suitable for both boys and girls, allowing your child the freedom to express their identity.

3. Negative Associations: Some bird names may carry negative connotations or cultural associations. Research the name’s meaning and historical references to ensure that it doesn’t have any negative or offensive undertones that could affect your child’s perception or experiences.

4. Overly Popular Names: While it’s important to strike a balance between uniqueness and familiarity, it’s advisable to avoid bird names that have become excessively popular or trendy. Overly popular names can lead to confusion and a lack of individuality for your child. Aim for a name that stands out without being overly common.

5. Limited Longevity: Consider the longevity of the chosen bird name. While a cute or whimsical name might seem endearing for a baby or young child, think about how the name will be perceived as your child grows older and enters different stages of their life. A name that may sound adorable for a toddler might not suit a teenager or adult as well.

6. Cultural Appropriation: Be mindful of cultural appropriation when choosing bird names. Some names may have deep cultural or religious significance to specific communities or indigenous cultures. It’s important to respect and honor the origins and meanings of names, ensuring they are not misappropriated or used without proper understanding and respect.

7. Potential Bullying or Teasing: Consider the potential for bullying or teasing that the name may invite. While it’s impossible to predict every possible scenario, try to avoid names that may make your child a target for mockery or teasing due to their uniqueness or any negative associations they may have.

By keeping these points in mind and conducting thorough research, you can select a bird name for your baby that is unique, meaningful, and free from potential issues. Remember to trust your instincts and choose a name that resonates with you and your family while considering your child’s future experiences and growth.

Conclusion on Bird Names for Babies

Bird names for babies offer a delightful and distinctive way to celebrate nature’s beauty while bestowing a meaningful identity upon your child. Whether you prefer names that evoke tranquility, strength, or grace, the avian world provides a plethora of options to choose from.

By considering the key points and tips mentioned in this post, you’ll be well-equipped to select the perfect bird-inspired name that will bring joy and uniqueness to your child’s life, connecting them with the wonders of the natural world from their very first days.

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