100+ Cute Cartoon Names For Boys & Girls in 2024

Cute fictional characters’ names, cute cartoon names for girls, cute cartoon names for boys, cute cartoon character names: If you are a die heart cartoon lover and just keep your eyes stuck on your favorite cartoon characters, then it is for sure that you will look for the cartoon names for your newborn too.

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It will give you a kick and also make you engaged with your newborn baby boy or baby girl, so if have you searched so many sites and haven’t found any suitable source website that can provide you with the best and cute cartoon names, don’t worry now you have landed to the right place.

Here you will get all the cute characters and cute cartoon names that you can have for your baby boy or baby girl, so wake up your inner child and let’s explore.

Cute Cartoon Names

All the listed cute cartoon names are inspired and picked up from the most famous cartoons and animated movies so you can just go ahead to choose the best and leave the rest.

Cute fictional characters’ names, cute cartoon names for girls, cute cartoon names for boys, cute cartoon character names.

Let’s first explore cute cartoon names for boys and then with girls and more…

Cute Cartoon Names for Baby Boy

  1. Aiden – In the cartoon series Rescue Heroes, Aiden Assist is a paramedic.
  2. Alvin – Alvin is the titular chipmunk in Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  3. Andy – Andy Johnson is the hero of the cartoon series Squirrel Boy.
  4. Arthur – In Disney’s The Sword in the Stone, Arthur is the little boy who will grow up to be the King of England.
  5. Ben – Ben Tennyson is the star of the award-winning tv cartoon series and franchise Ben 10.
  6. Bart – Bart Simpson from the tv show The Simpsons is a great name for a boy with a mischievous streak.
  7. Bernard – Bernard is the heroic mouse and companion of Miss Bianca, from Disney’s The Rescuers
  8. Bobby – Bookish Bobby Hill was a main character in the King of the Hill TV series.
  9. Buzz – Buzz Lightyear is the spacefaring hero in Pixar’s Toy Story.
  10.  Chip – in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Chip is a brave little teacup.
  11.  Donald – Donald Duck is the obstreperous duck in the classic cartoon.
  12.  Casper – Who could forget Casper the friendly ghost?
  13.  Chuck – Chuck is short for Charles. Chuck the Truck is also the main character of the cartoon TV series The Adventures of Chuck and Friends.
  14.  Dennis – Dennis the Menace is a famous mischief maker from comic strips, and was probably an inspiration for Bart Simpson.
  15.  Dexter – Dexter is the boy mad scientist who stars in the TV cartoon series Dexter’s Laboratory.
  16.  Diego – Diego is the companion of Dora the Explorer, and had his own cartoon TV series.
  17.  Fred – There are lots of cartoon Freds, from Fred Flintstone to Freddie from Scooby Doo.
  18.  George – Many parents will recognize their own toddlers in the exploits of Curious George the monkey.
  19.  Kristoff – or Kris for short. He’s the male lead in Disney’s animated film Frozen.
  20.  Rocky – If you like your cartoon character names old school, how about Rocky, after Rocky the Squirrel from Bullwinkle?
  21.  Dylan – You might recognize Dylan (or Dil) Pickles from the American cartoon series Rugrats.
  22.  Elroy – Another old school cartoon character was Elroy Jetson from The Jetsons.
  23.  Hiro – Hiro is a robotics prodigy and also the main character in the animated film Big Hero 6.
  24.  Jake – Jake the Dog is a main character in the beloved series Adventure Time. Jake Justice is a police officer in the tv series Rescue Heroes.
  25.  Jimmy – Jimmy, the star of Out of Jimmy’s Head, is a boy with the transplanted brain of a cartoonist.
  26.  John – Captain John Smith is the male lead and the heroine’s love interest in the Disney film Pocahontas.
  27.  Justin – Prince Justin is the loyal prince in Miyazaki’s animated film Howl’s Moving Castle.
  28.  Leonardo – Captain Leonardo is the art-loving pirate hero of Pirates: Adventures in Art. His mission is to restore lost art forms to the people of the world.
  29.  Miles – Miles Morales is the hero of Marvel’s animated film Spider-Man.
  30.  Mickey – Short for Michael, we really don’t need to tell you where this one comes from, do we? (Hint: it’s short for Mickey Mouse).
  31.  Miguel – Half of the brother-sister duo of the animated series Maya and Miguel.
  32.  Oliver – Disney’s Oliver & Company is a remake of Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist…with cats. In this movie, Oliver is the main character.
  33.  Peter – The timeless hero of Peter Pan, this is a name for a happy-go-lucky boy.
  34.  Phil – Short for Philoctetes, the trainer of heroes in Disney’s Greek mythology film, Hercules.
  35.  Rock – In the cartoon series Rescue Heroes, Rock Miner is a “safety spelunker.” Rock Rally is a hero of the big screen in Turbo Dogs.
  36.  Rob – Rob the Robot is the main character of the cartoon by the same name. Curious Rob explores the galaxy with his friends, an artist and a linguist.
  37.  Simon – Simon is the bespectacled chipmunk in Alvin and the Chipmunks.
  38.  Theodore – Speaking of chipmunks, Theodore is the scientifically minded one.
  39.  Thomas – Almost ever toddler would be thrilled to be named after this spunky hero of Thomas the Tank Engine.
  40. Timmy – Timmy is the hero of the animated television series the FairlyOdd Parents

Cute cartoon names for girls

Cute fictional characters’ names, cute cartoon names for girls, cute cartoon names for boys, cute cartoon character names.

  1.  Alice – A classic name, and the heroine of Alice in Wonderland.
  2. America – America is a popular name in Spanish speaking areas, and with the introduction of Marvel’s superhero America Chavez, its popularity is set to take off in other areas, as well.
  3. Anna – Anna is the cherished younger sister of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen.
  4. Ariel – Ariel is one of the most memorable Disney characters. She’s the mermaid heroine of The Little Mermaid. In the animated tv series Rescue Heroes, Ariel is a bilingual wildlife rescue specialist.
  5. Belle – Belle is the book loving heroine of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.
  6. Betty – Betty from The Flintstones is still so cool, the name has become a shorthand for “a cool chick.”
  7. Bianca – Bianca is the brave and clever mouse heroine of Disney’s The Rescuers.
  8. Blossom – Blossom is the leader of the Power Puff Girls, and also its primary strategist.
  9. Carmen – Brilliant, stylish Carmen Sandiego is the main character in the tv cartoon series and video game franchise Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Carmen Sandiego teaches children geography and deductive reasoning.
  10.  Carol – Does your baby girl have superhero potential? Carol Danvers is the alter ego of Marvel’s most recent Captain America.
  11.  Caterina – In one Italian version of Snow White, the heroine is named Caterina.
  12.  Clementine – In the cartoon television series Caillou, Clementine was the first to befriend the titular character on his first day of nursery school.
  13.  Coraline – Coraline is the brave and clever little girl in the animated film of the same name.
  14.  Daphne – Daphne is one of the members of the Scooby Doo gang.
  15.  Diana – Diana is the real name of Wonder Woman, whose fight for justice has inspired girls for generations.
  16.  Dora – Dora the Explorer is the star of her own educational television series, which teaches counting and Spanish.
  17.  Dottie – Dottie is short for Dorothy. It’s also the name of the heroine of the cartoon TV series Doc McStuffins.
  18.  Elsa – Elsa is the powerful older sister of Anna in Disney’s Frozen.
  19.  Eliza – Eliza Thornberry in the animated tv series The Wild Thornberrys, can communicate with animals.
  20.  Esmeralda – This is the name of the beautiful heroine of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  21.  Eve – Eve is the heroine and clever female robot in the animated film Wall-E.
  22.  Flora – Flora is one of the good fairies in the Disney film Sleeping Beauty.
  23.  Jane – In Disney’s Tarzan, Jane is the brave and intelligent young woman who saves Tarzan’s life and steals his heart. In the Marvel universe, Jane Foster is the Goddess of Thunder.
  24.  Jasmine – Jasmine is the heroine of Disney’s Aladdin. It’s also a small, white, night blooming flower with a delicate fragrance.
  25.  Jill – Jill Hammer is a firefighter in the animated tv series Rescue Heroes.
  26.  Kamala – Not only is this the first name ofAmerican Vice President; Kamala Khan is Miss Marvel in the Marvel universe.
  27.  Kiki – Kiki is the entrepreneurial heroine of the Japanese animated film, Kiki’s Delivery Service.
  28.  Lilo – Lilo is the heroine of Disney’s Lilo and Stitch. The name means “generous.”
  29.  Marceline – Marceline the Vampire Queen is the best friend of Finn the Human in the cartoon series Adventure Time.
  30.  Maisha – Dr. Maisha McStuffins is a doctor and the mother of the little girl vet Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, in the tv cartoon series of the same name.
  31.  Maya – Half of the brother-sister duo in the animated tv series Maya and Miguel.
  32.  Merida – Merida is the spunky Scottish heroine of the animated film Brave.
  33.  Sabine – Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian warrior in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.
  34.  Susan – Susan Strong is the titular character of one episode of Adventure Time.
  35.  Sophie – Sophie is the heroine of Miyazaki’s classic animated film Howl’s Moving Castle.
  36.  Stephanie – In the DC Universe, Stephanie Brown is a powerful crime fighter.
  37.  Tamika – The Emmy-award winning short Class of 3000 stars a sassy harpist named Tamika.
  38.  Tiana – Tiana is the smart, ambitious, hard-working heroine of the Disney film, The Princess and the Frog.
  39. Velma – In Scooby Doo, Velma is the brainy girl who always has a plan.
  40. Violet – Violet Parr, the daughter in The Incredibles, can turn invisible and generate her own force field.

Gender-neutral cute cartoon names

Cute fictional characters’ names, cute cartoon names for girls, cute cartoon names for boys, cute cartoon character names.

  1. Ace – Ace is a monster-fighting hero in the Marvel Universe.
  2. Birch – Birch Small, the main character of My Life Me, is a manga and anime fan who wants to be a cartoonist.
  3. Dash – Dash is a mischievous train from Thomas and Friends.
  4. Dashi – Dashi is a dachshund (and submarine IT officer) in the Octonauts cartoon series.
  5. Finn – In the Adventure Time cartoon series, Finn the Human is the best friend and sidekick of Jake the Dog.
  6. Flynn – Flynn is the hero and Rapunzel’s love interest in Disney’s Tangled.
  7. Juniper – In The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Juniper is a skateboarding 11-year-old, who fights the powers of chaos and curses.
  8. Kim – Kim, from the animated series Kim Possible, is a crime-fighting American teenager. The name itself serves well for any gender.
  9. Kwazii – Kwazii is a swashbuckling daredevil pirate cat in the Octonauts tv series.
  10.  Pat – Pat is the beloved postie hero of the British children’s animated series Postman Pat.
  11.  Quincy – Quincy is a musical virtuoso in The Little Einsteins.
  12.  Rally – In The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Rally is a cool rally racing car.
  13.  Rarity – Rarity is a unicorn pony in the My Little Pony series. Rarity has a purple mane and tail, and blue diamond markings.
  14.  Rigby – Rigby is the wild best friend of the staid Mordecai in The Regular Show.
  15.  Rook – Rook Blanko is the hero’s sidekick in the later series of Ben 10.
  16.  Sam – In the cartoon tv series Rescue Heroes, Sam Spark is a firefighter.
  17.  Sandy – In the animated tv series Rescue Heroes, Sandy Beach is a lifeguard and surfing specialist.
  18. Sid – Sid, short for Sidney, is the hero of PBS’s Sid the Science Kid.
  19. Sunny – Sunny Bridges is the music teacher from the Emmy-award-winning American animated short Class of 3000. It’s a name that works great across genders.
  20. Wren – Come to think of it, Mandalorian warrior Sabine Wren’s last name would make a fabulous gender-neutral first name.

Conclusion on cute cartoon names for boys and girls

So as you can see choosing a name for your baby boy or baby girl is a little bit hectic and at the same time a very enjoyable task that no one wants to leave the feeling of it.

As you are a serious cartoon lover, then you can just go ahead with the above-listed name that is with meaning too so you can choose the best out of it. Cute fictional characters’ names, cute cartoon names for girls, cute cartoon names for boys, cute cartoon character names.

That’s all for the cute cartoon names for boys and girls, hope you have definitely liked the post as much as we do share it with you, must share this with your friends who recently welcomed a baby boy or baby girl in their home.

Thank You 🙂

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