200+ Funny Frat Names in 2024

Whether or not, you have overcome with the funny frat names in the college. Definitely yes!

Funny Frat Names

College life is undoubtedly the best period of one’s life in which he/she make new friends, learn from mistakes, explore new things, and so on…

But without funny frat names of the person in the college, it seems like something is missing, something is uncovered, that enjoyment, happiness is lagging

So if you want to explore that sorority, fraternity, and funny frat names to confuse your friend’s or incoming college students.

Then here we have shared 200+ funny frat names or sorority name ideas that will sparkle your college life.

Let’s dig in deep and pick out some interesting and funny frat names…

What are the funny frat names?

Funny frat names, fraternity or sorority nicknames are basically some interesting and confusing names for incoming college students.

Hundreds of local, national, and international funny frat names are created using the combination of two or three Greek alphabets.

Typically the funny frat names follow the pattern

  1. Initials: Delta & Gamma (D, G)
  2. Abbreviation of Greek letters: Epsilon, Sigma, Phi as “Sig Ep”
  3. Using one letter: Kappa

Spot out your name in the list of funny frat names listed below…

Funny frat names ideas

Here is the list of funny frat names ideas and the personality appearance which you must know. Let’s check out…

  • Chad
  • Brad
  • Bryce
  • Brock
  • Kyle
  • Chet
  • Chaz
  • Trent
  • Tanner
  • Thad
  • Trey
  • Hunter
  • Brent
  • Brayden
  • Tripp
  • Dick
  • Blake
  • Tucker
  • Logan
  • Dirk
  • Cody
  • Lance
  • Zayne
  • Brett
  • Chip
  • Blane
  • Biff
  • Topher
  • Zack
  • Cayden
  • Spencer
  • Austin
  • Scooter
  • Tad
  • Jake
  • Zeke
  • Justin
  • Skip
  • Brenden
  • Track
  • Clayton
  • Caleb
  • Trevor
  • Declan
  • Todd
  • Rip
  • Tyler
  • Mitch
  • Dylan
  • Jared
  • Pax
  • Cory
  • Aiden
  • Gabe
  • Devon
  • Clint
  • Garrett
  • Bryant
  • Butch
  • Brandon
  • Kirk
  • Christian
  • Josh
  • Ritchie
  • Ethan
  • Iain
  • Rory
  • Lucky
  • Nick
  • Lebron
  • Shaun
  • Jesse
  • Aaron
  • Donald
  • Marcus
  • Dominic
  • Shawn
  • Damon
  • Perry
  • Jacob
  • Dwyane
  • Adrian
  • Jason
  • Hendrick
  • Jeff
  • Evan
  • Chris
  • Randy
  • Bobby
  • Adam
  • Rupert
  • Robert

Common fraternity and funny frat names

If you are looking for the most popular and common fraternity and funny frat names. Then please check out some…

  • Alpha Epsilon Pi: “Ape”
  • Alpha Sigma Phi: “Alpha Sig”
  • Alpha Phi Alpha: “Alpha”
  • Alpha Tau Omega: “Tau”
  • Alpha Delta Pi: “A D Pi”
  • Alpha Epsilon Phi: “A E Phi”
  • Alpha Xi Delta: “Alpha Xi”
  • Alpha Omicron Pi: “A O Pi”
  • Alpha Sigma Alpha: “Alpha”
  • Alpha Phi: “A Phi”
  • Alpha Chi Omega: “Alpha Chi”
  • Gamma Phi Beta: “Gamma Phi”
  • Delta Gamma: “D G”
  • Delta Delta Delta: “Tri Delta”
  • Delta Zeta: “D Z”
  • Zeta Tau Alpha: “Zeta”
  • Kappa Alpha Theta: “Theta”
  • Kappa Delta: “K D”
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma: “K K G”
  • Pi Beta Phi: “Pi Phi”
  • Sigma Delta Tau: “Sig Delt”
  • Sigma Kappa: “Sig Kap”
  • Sigma Sigma Sigma: “Tri Sig”
  • Chi Omega: “Chi O”
  • Beta Theta Pi: “Beta”
  • Delta Kappa Epsilon: “D K E”
  • Theta Chi: “Ox”
  • Kappa Sigma: “Kappa Sig”
  • Lambda Chi Alpha: “Chops”
  • Pi Kappa Alpha: “Pike”
  • Pi Kappa Phi: “Pi Kapp”
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon: “S A E”
  • Sigma Nu: “Knights”
  • Sigma Pi: “Sig Pi”
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon: “Sig Ep”
  • Sigma Chi: “Sig” or “Sig Chi”
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon:“Teke”
  • Phi Beta Sigma: “Sigma”
  • Phi Delta Theta: “Phi”
  • Phi Kappa Psi: “Phi Psi”

Famous Boys funny frat names & personality appearance

Searching for some famous and most popular funny frat names of boys! Then don’t miss the following funny frat names…

  • Brett: Says bro frequently or very friendly with friends
  • Cody: Owns a yacht
  • Kevin: Call his mom after his frat friends make fun of him
  • Pauly: Writes love songs on Friday nights
  • Witt: Not dirty
  • Cam: Always the dirty
  • Rob: Only owns ‘Sperrys’
  • Dylan: Always too loud. Always too much.
  • Alex: The scrawny kid
  • Toby: Secretly in love with Alex.
  • Tony: The mama’s boy who likes protein powder
  • Brady: Like Justin Bieber.
  • Kurt: Pees his bed regularly.
  • Abe: The type of guy who smiles awkwardly and creepily
  • Wells: Obsessed with dogs
  • Terence: Will steal your girlfriend without remorse
  • Richard: Gets manicures.
  • Noah: The one thing every girl is obsessed with.
  • Liam: All American rich
  • Jacob: Can’t chug a beer.
  • Ethan: The people pleaser. Loves ‘Gilmore Girls’.
  • James: Never shuts up about the girls he roams and hooks up with
  • Ben: The guy who literally doesn’t talk or sincere
  • Will: Type of guy who plays guitar to impress and show off girls
  • Logan: He loves pumpkin
  • Aidan: Takes his dates to Taco Bell
  • Zach: Literally charms the girls
  • Bryson: He has an American flag like a suit
  • Steve: Lives off of Miller Lite
  • Brian: Wear his fraternity gear every chance he got
  • Chet: Honesty the worst.
  • Ted: Pumpkin picking lover
  • Tuck: LOVES ‘Tuck Everlasting’.
  • Taylor: Still tells knock-knock jokes.
  • Wiles: In love with his cousin.
  • Xavier: Punches walls periodically.
  • Billy: Addicted to ‘New Girl’.
  • Sebastian: A rich guy whose dad owns a Walmart
  • Oliver: Still wears polos.
  • John: Draws on his abs.
  • Jon: The one who HATES John
  • Josh: Obsessed with baseball
  • Julian: Somewhat decent looking.
  • Owen: Literally cried during Toy Story 3 very loudly
  • Jackson: Captain of the football team
  • Grayson: The shy one who has never done bad things
  • Landon: Guys who cheat their girlfriend
  • Brent: Shaves his chest hair
  • Devin: Obsessed with lifting
  • Randy: Theatre major
  • Joel: Seems like a nice guy
  • Carter: King of hazing

Closing down funny frat names

College life and the time we spend during those college days worths a million dollars.

Extremely memorable and truly enjoyable memories filled with happiness and sparkling life was given by those days.

And these types of little joys of having funny frat names ideas, sorority nicknames, and so on… add happiness and cherished life smoothly when we look back.

Hope you have found the post funny frat names helpful, please share it with your friends, foes, and those interesting funny friends who suggested your funny frat name.

Comment down below which funny frat name you have selected for your friend what name you have spotted for yourself.

That’s the end of 200+ funny frat names in 2021.

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Funny Frat Names
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