800+ Baby Boy Names Indian With Meaning in 2024

Modern baby boy names Hindu, newborn baby boy unique names Hindu, short Indian boy names, baby boy names Indian, stylish names for boy Indian: Naming your baby is a special moment and a big decision for every parent. In India, names hold great significance and are often chosen based on cultural, religious, and personal beliefs.

So if you are also searching for the best Indian baby boy names, then here are some of the most popular and meaningful Indian baby boy names to help you pick the perfect name for your little prince.


Baby Boy Names Indian

  1. Aakesh: For the little boy who’s a gift from God, Aakesh means “Lord of the sky”.
  2. Ishaan: Paying tribute to the gods, Ishaan means “Lord Shiva”.
  3. Mayan: If you think your little one will have a lot of love in his heart, you can’t go wrong with this one, which means “god of love”.
  4. Rayaan: Similar to the Westernized Ryan, this means “gates of heaven”.
  5. Vedant: Just as God is all-knowing, so too will your little boy be if you name him this – meaning “ultimate wisdom”.
  1. Aanan: Meaning “appearance”.
  2. Charun: Meaning “one with beautiful eyes”.
  3. Devaj: Meaning “born of the gods”.
  4. Harsith: Meaning “joy”.
  5. Ishir: Meaning “powerful” or “refreshing”.
  6. Kanan: Meaning “forest”.
  7. Mahit: Meaning “honored”.
  8. Ojasvat: Meaning “energetic”.
  9. Purnit: Meaning “complete”.
  10. Rodas: Meaning “heaven and earth”.
  1. Ekansh: A popular Indian boy’s name meaning “whole”.
  2. Hredhaan: For the little boy who’s always in your heart, Hredhaan means “heart”.
  3. Jairaj: A brilliant Indian baby boy name meaning “lord of victory”.
  4. Onkar: An interesting religious Indian boy’s name meaning “there is one God”.
  5. Reyansh: For the baby boy who’s shining in your life, Reyansh means “ray of light”.
  6. Samesh: Meaning “lord of equality”, Samesh can also be shortened to Sam.
  7. Viraj: For the boy who will rise above, Viraj means “excellence”.
  8. Yash: Give your baby boy an edge to succeed ‒ Yash is an Indian boy name meaning “majesty”.
  9. Ahaan: Meaning “sunrise”.
  10. Ansh: Meaning “honesty”.
  11. Arhaan: Meaning “ruler”.
  12. Arin: Meaning “mountain of strength”.
  13. Arjun: Meaning “white”.
  14. Arnav: Meaning “ocean”.
  15. Aryaman: Meaning “close friend”.
  16. Aryan: Meaning “noble”.
  17. Atharv: Meaning “knowledge”.
  18. Avi: Meaning “sun and air”.
  19. Avyaan: Meaning “beginning”.
  20. Ayaan: Meaning “gift of God”.
  21. Ayush: Meaning “vigor”.
  22. Ayushman: Meaning “blessed with a long life”.
  23. Azaan: Meaning “call for prayer”.
  24. Bachittar: Meaning “wondrous merits”.
  25. Bahadurjit: Meaning “victory of the brave”.
  26. Bakhshi: Meaning “paymaster”.
  27. Balendra: Meaning “Lord Krishna”.
  28. Balhaar: Meaning “surrounded by strength”.
  29. Balvan: Meaning “powerful”.
  30. Balveer: Meaning “strong soldier”.
  31. Banjeet: Meaning “victory of the forest”.
  32. Bhavin: Meaning “beautiful blessing”.
  33. Brijesh: Meaning “king of Braj”.
  34. Chakradev: Meaning “one with chakra”.
  35. Chakradhar: Meaning “one who bears chakra”.
  36. Champak: Meaning “flower”.
  37. Chanakya: Meaning “bright”.
  38. Chandran: Meaning “shining”.
  39. Chandresh: Meaning “moon leader”.
  40. Charan: Meaning “God’s feet”.
  41. Chatresh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  42. Chatura: Meaning “wise”.
  43. Daksh: Meaning “capable”.
  44. Dakshesh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  45. Dalbir: Meaning “brave soldier”.
  46. Darpan: Meaning “mirror”.
  47. Darsh: Meaning “handsome”.
  48. Darshit: Meaning “one with a vision”.
  49. Dev: Meaning “divine”.
  50. Devansh: Meaning “part of the divine”.
  51. Dhairya: Meaning “patience”.
  52. Dhanuk: Meaning “rainbow”.
  53. Dhruv: Meaning “pole star”.
  54. Divit: Meaning “immortal”.
  55. Divyansh: Meaning “part of the divine”.
  56. Eeshan: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  57. Ekalinga: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  58. Ekapad: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  59. Faiyaz: Meaning “leader”.
  60. Faraj: Meaning “happiness”.
  61. Faras: Meaning “tiger”.
  62. Farhan: Meaning “happy”.
  63. Fariq: Meaning “comparing”.
  64. Faris: Meaning “knight”.
  65. Fitan: Meaning “intelligent”.
  66. Fiyaz: Meaning “artistic”.
  67. Gatik: Meaning “progressive”.
  68. Gaurang: Meaning “fair complexion”.
  69. Gauransh: Meaning “white and shining”.
  70. Gaurav: Meaning “pride”.
  71. Gautam: Meaning “darkness and light”.
  72. Girik: Meaning “lord of the mountains”.
  73. Girindra: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  74. Girish: Meaning “lord of the mountain”.
  75. Gopal: Meaning “cow protector”.
  76. Guneet: Meaning “virtuous”.
  77. Harish: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  78. Harsh: Meaning “joy”.
  79. Harshil: Meaning “joyful”.
  80. Hemang: Meaning “shining body”.
  81. Hitesh: Meaning “lord of goodness”.
  82. Hridaan: Meaning “generous heart”.
  83. Hriday: Meaning “of the heart”.
  84. Hritik: Meaning “sage”.
  85. Hunar: Meaning “art”.
  86. Ikbal: Meaning “prosperous”.
  87. Imaran: Meaning “strong”.
  88. Isaac: Meaning “joyful”.
  89. Ishwar: Meaning “powerful”.
  90. Jagat: Meaning “world”.
  91. Jagdish: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  92. Jai: Meaning “victory”.
  93. Jason: Meaning “healing”.
  94. Jatin: Meaning “auspicious one”.
  95. Jeet: Meaning “victorious”.
  96. Jivin: Meaning “life-giver”.
  97. Kabir: Meaning “great”.
  98. Karan: Meaning “skilled”.
  99. Kiaan: Meaning “grace of God”.
  100. Krish: Meaning “harvest”.
  101. Krishiv: Meaning “Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva”.
  102. Krishna: Meaning “dark”.
  103. Laban: Meaning “white”.
  104. Laksh: Meaning “destination”.
  105. Lakshay: Meaning “goal”.
  106. Lakshit: Meaning “aspiration”.
  107. Lavish: Meaning “loveable”.
  108. Lohit: Meaning “red”.
  109. Lucky: Meaning “sage”.
  110. Manan: Meaning “thought”.
  111. Manav: Meaning “humankind”.
  112. Manbir: Meaning “brave heart”.
  113. Manthan: Meaning “reflection through study”.
  114. Mohammed: Meaning “praised”.
  115. Moksh: Meaning “salvation”.
  116. Naksh: Meaning “moon”.
  117. Nakul: Meaning “sharp-minded”.
  118. Naveen: Meaning “new”.
  119. Neel: Meaning “champion”.
  120. Nihal: Meaning “romantic”.
  121. Nimit: Meaning “destiny”.
  122. Nirvaan: Meaning “bliss”.
  123. Nitesh: Meaning “follower of the right way”.
  124. Om: Meaning “Atman and Brahman”.
  125. Omkaar: Meaning “supreme god”.
  126. Onveer: Meaning “knowledge”.
  127. Orinder: Meaning “immortal”.
  128. Parth: Meaning “never misses his target”.
  129. Parv: Meaning “strong”.
  130. Pranav: Meaning “Om”.
  131. Pranay: Meaning “love”.
  132. Praneel: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  133. Pranit: Meaning “wished”.
  134. Pratham: Meaning “first”.
  135. Pratyush: Meaning “sunrise”.
  136. Qadim: Meaning “ancient”.
  137. Qarin: Meaning “friend”.
  138. Qasim: Meaning “distributor”.
  139. Rachit: Meaning “written”.
  140. Raghav: Meaning “Lord Rama”.
  141. Ranbir: Meaning “brave warrior”.
  142. Riaan: Meaning “little king”.
  143. Rishi: Meaning “enlightened person”.
  144. Ritvik: Meaning “sage”.
  145. Rohan: Meaning “ascending”.
  146. Romesh: Meaning “Lord Vishnu”.
  147. Ronith: Meaning “song”.
  148. Ryan: Meaning “little king”.
  149. Saatvik: Meaning “pure”.
  150. Saihaj: Meaning “peaceful”.
  151. Saksham: Meaning “skillful”.
  152. Samaksh: Meaning “in front”.
  153. Samar: Meaning “war”.
  154. Samarth: Meaning “powerful”.
  155. Sarthak: Meaning “importance”.
  156. Shaan: Meaning “pride”.
  157. Shaurya: Meaning “courage”.
  158. Siddharth: Meaning “accomplished”.
  159. Sohail: Meaning “moonlight”.
  160. Stuvan: Meaning “praiseworthy”.
  161. Suveer: Meaning “courageous”.
  162. Taksh: Meaning “creation”.
  163. Tanay: Meaning “son”.
  164. Tanish: Meaning “ambition”.
  165. Tanmay: Meaning “absorbed in God”.
  166. Tarak: Meaning “protector”.
  167. Udarsh: Meaning “full”.
  168. Ujjwal: Meaning “bright”.
  169. Utkarsh: Meaning “awakening”.
  170. Vaibhav: Meaning “richness”.
  171. Veer: Meaning “brave”.
  172. Viaannew: Meaning “energetic”.
  173. Vihaan: Meaning “dawn”.
  174. Vivaan: Meaning “full of life”.
  175. Wahab: Meaning “one with a large heart”.
  176. Warinder: Meaning “lord of the ocean”.
  177. Wridesh: Meaning “blessed”.
  178. Yagnesh: Meaning “religious leader”.
  179. Yatan: Meaning “devotee”.
  180. Yatin: Meaning “religious devotion”.
  181. Yuvraj: Meaning “young king”.
  182. Zaid: Meaning “master”.
  183. Zain: Meaning “happy”.
  184. Zashil: Meaning “enthusiastic”.
  185. Zayan: Meaning “grace”.
  186. Zehaan: Meaning “prosperous”.
  1. Atharva: Meaning “knowledgeable one”.
  2. Azad: Meaning “free”.
  3. Baljiwan: Meaning “power”.
  4. Bhaavik: Meaning “righteous”.
  5. Chaitanya: Meaning “knowledge”.
  6. Chitaksh: Meaning “knowledgeable”.
  7. Divij: Meaning “from heaven”.
  8. Ehsaan: Meaning “excellence”.
  9. Ekaraj: Meaning “emperor”.
  10. Ekavir: Meaning “brave leader”.
  11. Ekbal: Meaning “good fortune”.
  12. Falan: Meaning “fertile”.
  13. Faqid: Meaning “divine judge”.
  14. Frado: Meaning “first”.
  15. Gagan: Meaning “heavenly sky”.
  16. Gunbir: Meaning “brave”.
  17. Hardik: Meaning “from the heart”.
  18. Himmat: Meaning “ambition”.
  19. Ikshit: Meaning “desired”.
  20. Indrajit: Meaning “victory over Lord Indra”.
  21. Ivaan: Meaning “sun”.
  22. Izaan: Meaning “obedience”.
  23. Jainew: Meaning “sun”.
  24. Jaiyush: Meaning “long life”.
  25. Jowar: Meaning “high tide”.
  26. Kalpit: Meaning “imaginative”.
  27. Kanav: Meaning “compassion”.
  28. Kushagra: Meaning “intelligent”.
  29. Lauhit: Meaning “trident of Lord Shiva”.
  30. Maanas: Meaning “powerful mind”.
  31. Maanav: Meaning “youth”.
  32. Madhav: Meaning “honey”.
  33. Medhansh: Meaning “born with intelligence”.
  34. Mitesh: Meaning “few desires”.
  35. Nachiket: Meaning “fire”.
  36. Navneet: Meaning “butter”.
  37. Navodit: Meaning “newly born”.
  38. Nishith: Meaning “midnight”.
  39. Ohas: Meaning “admired”.
  40. Parthsarathy: Meaning “charioteer”.
  41. Purab: Meaning “east”.
  42. Qabil: Meaning “scholar”.
  43. Ranveer: Meaning “hero of battle”.
  44. Rehaannew: Meaning “king”.
  45. Rudranew: Meaning “storm”.
  46. Rudransh: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  47. Rushil: Meaning “charming”.
  48. Sahil: Meaning “leader”.
  49. Sai: Meaning “divine”.
  50. Sathviknew: Meaning “pure”.
  51. Savar: Meaning “Lord Shiva”.
  52. Shayak: Meaning “arrow-wielder”.
  53. Shivansh: Meaning “part of Lord Shiva”.
  54. Shlok: Meaning “prayer”.
  55. Shray: Meaning “marvelous”.
  56. Tanveer: Meaning “brave and strong”.
  57. Tanvik: Meaning “king”.
  58. Teerth: Meaning “holy place”.
  59. Tejas: Meaning “strength”.
  60. Udant: Meaning “correct message”.
  61. Umang: Meaning “enthusiastic”.
  62. Upkaar: Meaning “kindness”.
  63. Uthkarsh: Meaning “prosperity”.
  64. Virat: Meaning “hero of valor”.
  65. Warjas: Meaning “honest”.
  66. Wazir: Meaning “helper”.
  67. Wriddhish: Meaning “lord of good fortune”.
  68. Yayati: Meaning “sage”.
  69. Yug: Meaning “generation”.
  70. Yuvaan: Meaning “youthful”.
  71. Zayyan: Meaning “radiance”.
  72. Zeeshan: Meaning “peaceful”.

If your search didn’t end till now and still searching for the best Indian boy names, then check out the below-listed names too.

Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu

1. Aadesh

Aadesh is a notable and popular Indian name that means “order” or “command.”

2. Aadrik

The name Aadrik refers to “the sun rising between the mountains.”

3. Aakash

The name Aakash has been quite a popular Indian baby boy name and means “sky.”

4. Aahan

The name Aahan refers to “dawn, sunrise, or first ray of light.”

5. Aarav

Aarav is a popular choice among Indian parents. The name Aarav means “wisdom.” It also means “one who is peaceful.”

6. Aarnik

The name Aarnik means “being one of its kind or something unique.”

7. Abhay

If you want your child to grow into a fearless man, then name him Abhay. The name Abhay means “brave.”

8. Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu was the name of Arjun’s son in Mahabharata. You can also name your son Abhi, which is a diminutive of the name Abhimanyu.

9. Abhinav

The name Abhinav has its origin from a Sanskrit word that means “unique.” Abhinav also means “bright and clever.”

10. Adit

Adit is a diminutive of the name Aditya. The variation of the name is as popular as the original form. Adit means “from the beginning.”

11. Adhyan

The name Adhyan means “one who is rising.”

12. Adrith

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Adrith, refers to “one who supports others.”

13. Advaith

The name Advaith means “unique” or  “free from duality.”

14. Advik

A short and sweet boy name, Advik, means “creativity.”

15. Agastya

The name Agastya has its origin from “Agastya,” a revered Vedic sage as per the Hindu mythology.

16. Ajay

The name Ajay means “one who is invincible.” In ancient India, the title ‘Ajay’ referred to “the triumphant kings.”

17. Akshaj

A name that comes with a religious origin, Akshaj, means “a thunderbolt.” Akshaj also refers to “Lord Vishnu.”

18. Akshant

The name Akshant refers to “an individual who wants to win all the time.”

19. Akshat

The name Akshat refers to “one who can neither be harmed nor injured.”

20. Akshay

A popular name for boys, Akshay, means “one who is immortal.”

21. Amandeep

Amandeep is a popular Punjabi name which means, “the lamp of peace.”

22. Amey

The name Amey refers to “one who is free from deceit and error.” Amey also has a religious origin and is another name for Lord Ganesha.

23. Anik

The name Anik means “strong.” It is also one of the many names of Lord Ganesha.

24. Aniket

A name that has a religious origin, Aniket, is another name for Lord Shiva.

25. Anishk

The name Anishk refers to “one who has no enemies and foes.”

26. Ankit

The name Ankit means “a symbol.” The name Ankit also means “distinguished or chosen one.”

27. Ansh

The name means “portion” or “day.” The name is also used for referring to Lord Vishnu.

28. Anshul

A unique and modern name, Anshul refers to the “one who is bright, radiant, and glows like a sunbeam.”

29. Anvit

A unique name, Anvit, refers to “an individual who leads/guides others.”

30. Arijit

The name Arijit refers to “one who triumphs over his enemies.” Arijit is also the name of Lord Krishna and Subhadra’s son.

31. Arjun

Arjun is another traditional favorite, probably because of its association with the legendary hero of Mahabharata. The name Arjun means “honor, bright, and courageous.”

32. Arnav

The name Arnav means “ocean” or “sea.” It also means “waves.”

33. Aruj

The name Aruj refers to the “bright rising sun.” Aruj also means “one who is born of the Sun.”

34. Arush

Arush is a short and unique name starting with the favorite alphabet ‘A’. The name means ‘first rays of the sun’.

35. Aryan

A name has its origin from a Sanskrit word which means, “spiritual or someone noble.” The name Aryan also means “ancient.”

36. Ashok

The name Ashok has its origin from “Ashoka,” a great ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty. The name Ashok means “happy and content.”

37. Ashvik

Ashvik refers to “one who is blessed to be triumphant.”

38. Atharv

The name Atharv is a great choice for spiritually inclined parents. The name Atharv refers to “the first Veda.” Atharv is also another name for Lord Ganesha.

39. Avaneesh

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avaneesh refers to the “Lord or Master of the Earth/whole world.”

40. Avik

The name Avik has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “brave and fearless.”

41. Aviraj

A perfect name for your little prince, the name Aviraj means “King of Kings.” Aviraj also means to “shine brightly like the sun.”

42. Avyan

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Avyan, refers to “an individual without any imperfections.”

43. Avyukt

The name Avyukt refers to “one with a clear mind.” Avyukt also has a religious origin, being another name for Lord Krishna.

44. Ayaan

The name Ayaan means “good luck and destiny.” It is also used to refer a fortunate person.

45. Ayansh

A meaningful name for your little master, Ayansh, means “God’s gift.” The name Ayansh also refers to the “first rays of light.”

46. Ayush

The name Ayush means “long-lived” or “someone with a long life.”

47. Bharat

The name Bharat has several meanings. It is the Hindi name for India. Bharat also means “clever” or the “God of fire.”

48. Bhargav

An epithet of Lord Shiva, Bhargav, means to “attain radiance.”

49. Chandan

It is a name inspired by nature and means the Sandalwood tree in Hindi.

50. Chirag

The name Chirag originates from a Sanskrit word, which means the “lamp.”

51. Chetan

The name Chetan means “intelligence” or “vigor.” The name also means “spirit of life.”

52. Daiwik

A trendy name for your baby boy, Daiwik, means something “sacred” or “divine.” Daiwik also means “by the grace of God.”

53. Daksh

The name Daksh means “precious son.” It also means “talented” or “excellent.”

54. Dilip

The name means “king,” “defender,” or “protector.” The name Dilip also refers to “ancestors of Lord Rama.”

55. Darsh

Darsh is a modern variation of Lord Krishna’s name. The name Darsh also refers to that time of the day when “the moon just becomes visible.”

56. Darshil

The name Darshil refers to “one who is good looking, attractive, and sober.”

57. Deepak

The name Deepak means “lamp” or “light.”

58. Dev

A popular name for your child, Dev, means “God or Lord.”

59. Devansh

The name has spiritual origins and means “a part of God.”

60. Dhruv

The name Dhruv refers to the “pole star (Dhruv Tara).”

61. Dhruvam

The name Dhruvam means, “the enduring sound.” The name Dhruvam also means “heaven.”

62. Dipankar

The name Dipankar means “light or flame.”

63. Divyansh

A trendy name, Divyansh, means “a part of God and the divine light.”

64. Durjoy

The name Durjoy refers to the “Moon.”

65. Eklavya

The name Eklavya has historical significance in Indian mythology. Eklavya was a loyal and brave student of Dronacharya.

66. Eshaanth

A name with a religious significance, Eshaanth, is “another name for Lord Vishnu.”

67. Gaurav

The name Gaurav means “honor or pride.” The name Gaurav also means “dignity.”

68. Gautam

The name Gautam means “wisest.” Gautam is also another name for Lord Buddha.

69. Govinda

Govinda is a variation of Govind, and it is another name for Lord Krishna.

70. Gurdeep

Gurdeep is a popular Punjabi name, which means “lamp of the teacher.”

71. Hari

Hari means “the one who removes evil.” Hari is also another name for Lord Krishna.

72. Harish

A name with religious significance, Harish is another name for Lord Vishnu.

73. Harsh

The name Harsh means “joy,” “excitement,” or “happiness.”

74. Harshad

The name Harshad refers to “one who gives joy and happiness.”

75. Hemant

It means “early winter season” or “gold.” It is also another name for “Lord Buddha.”

76. Himansh

The name Himansh, refers to “he who is a part of Lord Shiva.”

77. Himanshu

A unique name for your son, Himanshu, refers to the “Moon.”

78. Hitansh

Hitansh means “Lord of Goodness.” Hitansh also means “a well-wisher.”

79. Hiten

A trendy name, Hiten, has its name derived from a Sanskrit word that means, “the heart.”

80, Hridhaan

The name Hridhaan means “the heart.” Hridhaan also refers to a “kind, generous, and compassionate person.”

81. Hrithik

Hrithik was the name of a sage in Indian mythology. The name Hrithik means “an intelligent person.”

82. Indra

The name Indra has a religious background. Indra is the “King of all the Gods” in Indian mythology.

83. Ishaan

Ishaan is another name for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Ishaan also means “the Sun” and “harbinger of riches.”

84. Ishank

The name Ishank refers to the “peak of the mighty Himalayas.” Ishank also refers to the pair of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

85. Ivaan

The name Ivaan means “the Sun.” The name Ivaan also means “glorious and gracious gift of God.”

86. Jagan

Jagan, the diminutive of Jagannath, and it means “world” or “universe.” The name is also another name for Lord Vishnu.

87. Jai

The name Jai comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “victory.”

88. Jatin

The name Jatin has a religious origin and is one of the many names of Lord Shiva. The name Jatin also refers to “an individual with matted hair.”

89. Jeet

The name Jeet means, “victory, success, or triumph.” The name Jeet also refers to “one who overcomes all his problems.”

90. Jyotiraditya

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, Jyotiraditya, means “the resplendence of the Sun.”

91. Kabir

Kabir is the name of a revered Sufi saint, and it means “great.”

92. Kairav

The name Kairav means “one who is born from the water.” Kairav also refers to “white lotus.”

93. Kamal

The name Kamal refers to the Lotus flower.

94. Kanishk

The name Kanishk has its origin from the name of an “ancient king who followed Buddhism.”

95. Karan

The name originates from “Karna,” who was a character in Mahabharata. The name means “an intelligent and talented warrior or person.”

96. Karthik

The name Karthik is indicative of a month in the Hindu calendar. Karthik also means “one who bestows courage.”

97. Kapil

The name Kapil has its origin in “Kapila,” a revered sage of the Vedic times. It is also another name for Lord Shiva, and means “innocent.”

98. Kavan

The name Kavan originates from an Indian word that means, “poem or poetry.”

99. Kavyansh

The name Kavyanash means “wisdom and intelligence.” Kavyansh also means “one who is born with poetry.”

100. Kiaan

An adorable name for your son, Kiaan, means “by God’s grace.”

101. Kiyansh

The name Kiyansh refers to an “individual blessed with good and noble qualities.”

102. Krish

Krish is a modern variant of Lord Krishna’s name. Parents would love their children to have Lord Krishna’s qualities of wit, charm, and intellect.

103. Kshitij

A unique name, Kshitij refers to “Lord of the Earth.” The name Kshitij also refers to “the point where the earth and the sky meet.”

104. Kunal

The name Kunal originates from a Sanskrit word that means, “Lotus.” The name Kunal also refers to “one who sees beauty in everything.”

105. Kush

According to Indian mythology, Kush was the name of “one of the twin sons of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita.” The name Kush also refers to the “sacred or holy grass.”

106. Kushal

Kushal is a wonderful option for parents looking for a trendy name for their baby boy. Kushal means “clever” or “perfect.”

107. Lakshya

The name Lakshya means “target or goal.”

108. Lakshit

The name Lakshit has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which refers to a “distinguished person.” Lakshit also means “ambition” or “aspiration.”

109. Lalit

The name Lalit means “handsome, charming, and graceful.”

110. Lavish

The name Lavish refers to the “God of Love.”

111. Madhavaditya

This name is formed by the amalgamation of two names, “Madhav” and “Aditya.” Madhavaditya is indeed a unique name and means “of the springtime.”

112. Madhavan

A name that has religious significance, Madhavan, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

113. Malhar

The name Malhar has its origin in “Malhara,” a popular Raga/Raag in Indian classical music.

114. Manish

The name Manish has been in use since ancient times. It means “the God of mind.”

115. Manoj

It means “something that originates from the mind.” The name also means “love” or “affection.”

116. Manvik

The name Manvik refers to “a kind-hearted individual.” Manvik also means “intelligence.”

117. Mayank

The name Mayank refers to the Moon. Mayank also refers to an “individual who is calm and serene like the moon.”

118. Mayukh

The name Mayukh refers to “one who is full of splendor and brilliance.”

119. Mayuresh

The name Mayuresh refers to “one who rides the peacock.” In Indian mythology, Mayuresh is another name for Lord Karthikeyan, who is the son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.

120. Mehul

Mehul is a great choice if you are looking for a simple name for your baby. The name Mehul means “rain.”

121. Mihir

The name Mihir refers to the “rays of the Sun.”

122. Miransh

A unique name, Miransh, refers to a “small part of the ocean.”

123. Mitansh

The name Mitansh means “a friend.” The name Mitansh also means “sweet.”

124. Mohan

Mohan is another name for Lord Krishna. Mohan symbolizes “one who can mesmerize people around him by his style, charm, and looks.”

125. Nakul

Nakul was the name of one of the five Pandavas and the twin brother of Sahdev. Nakul is another name for Lord Shiva.

126. Naitik

The name Naitik refers to a “good-natured individual with great morals.”

127. Naksh

The name Naksh refers to the “Moon.”

128. Naman

A trendy name, Naman, means “salutation or to bow down before the creator.”

129. Navin

The name Navin means “new.”

130. Nayan

The name Nayan means “eyes.” Nayan also refers to “an extremely blissful and happy person.”

131. Neil

Neil is a variation of the name Neel, which means “blue,” a classic example of giving a modern twist to traditional names.

132. Nihal

The name Nihal means “successful” or “positive.” The name Nihal also means “handsome” or “prosperous.”

133. Nikit

A trendy name, Nikit, refers to “one who is honest and has divine wisdom.”

134. Nikshith

The name Nikshith refers to “an individual with a sharp personality.”

135. Nikunj

A unique name, Nikunj, refers to a “bowerbird or a bird’s nest.” The name Nikunj also means “the sweet-smelling fragrance.”

136. Nirav

The name Nirav refers to something “calm and quiet.”

137. Nirved

The name means “a gift from Gods.”

138. Nishant

The name Nishant has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means, “dawn or early morning.” Nishant also refers to the “Moon.”

139. Nitesh

A trendy name, Nitesh refers to “one who is well-versed in the law.”

140. Nivan

The name Nivan refers to something pious or sacred. Nivan also means “bound or limited.”

141. Om

Om is a traditional Indian name that refers to a sacred syllable in the Hindu religion.

142. Omkar

The name has its origin in “Om,” which is considered a sacred Hindu syllable. Omkar is also another name for Lord Ganesha.

143. Pankaj

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Pankaj, is indicative of the “lotus flower.”

144. Parag

The name Parag has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means, “pollens of the flower.”

145. Parikshit

The name Parikshit has its origin in Ramayana, and refers to the “son of Abhimanyu.” The name Parikshit also refers to “one who has been tested.”

146. Parth

Parth is a beautiful name for your much-cherished baby. Parth means “way.”

147. Parthik

The name Parthik means “pure and innocent.”

148. Parthiv

The name Parthiv originates from a word that means “son or prince of the Earth.”

149. Prabhas

A unique name, Prabhas, means “brilliance or lustrous.”

150. Pranav

The name Pranav comes from Om, the Hindu sacred symbol. Pranav is the “primordial mantra” for the Hindus. It is also one of the names for Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva.

151. Praneeth/Pranith

The name Praneeth/Pranith has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means the “Almighty God.” The name Praneeth also means “calmness,” “modesty,” or “one who is as precious and dear as life.”

152. Pransh

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Pransh, refers to “one who is full of life.”

153. Prashant

The name Prashant means “tranquility.” Prashant also refers to a “calm and composed individual.”

154. Prateek

The name Prateek refers to the “first word in a sentence.” The name Prateek also means “symbol.”

155. Pratham

The name Pratham has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means, “first or number one.”

156. Pratyush

The name Pratyush has its origin in a Sanskrit word which means, “dawn.” Pratyush also refers to “a person who is bright and radiant like the sun.”

157. Prem

The meaning of the name Prem is “love” or “beloved.”

158. Pritam

The name Pritam means “a loved one.”

159. Priyanshu

A unique name, Priyanshu, refers to the “first rays of the sun.”

160. Priyom

The name Priyom refers to “one who is loved by one and all.”

161. Pulkit

The name Pulkit means to be “thrilled or overjoyed.”

162. Purav

A name with an interesting meaning, Purav, refers to the “singing or chanting voice that comes from the East at sunrise.”

163. Raghav

It is another name for Lord Rama. The name Raghav also refers to “descendants of Lord Rama.”

164. Rahul

The name means “efficient” and “competent.” Rahul was also the name of son of Lord Buddha

165. Rajesh

The name Rajesh means “King of Kings” or “Lord of all Kings.”

166. Rajiv

It refers to someone who is “successful” or someone who is “an achiever.” The name also means “blue lotus.”

167. Rajvir

The name Rajvir refers to a “brave and powerful king.”

168. Rakesh

The name Rakesh has its origin from “Raka,” a Sanskrit word that refers to “full moon.” The name Rakesh also means “Lord of the full moon.”

169. Ramesh

Ramesh is one of the names of Lord Vishnu, and means, “one who saves others from problems.”

170. Ranveer

The name Ranveer means a “winner or one who is a hero of the battle.

171. Rajat

The name Rajat refers to “one who is courageous.” The name Rajat also means “silver.”

172. Raunak

A unique name, Raunak has its name derived from a Sanskrit word that means “pride and glory.” The name also means “happiness and light.”

173. Reyansh

Reyansh means “first rays of light.” Reyansh is also one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

174. Riddhiman

A unique name, Riddhiman, refers to “one who possesses a good fortune.”

175. Rihan

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Rihan, refers to the “entrance of heaven.” The name Rihan also means “one who destroys enemies.”

176. Rishabh

A popular name, it means “superior” or “excellent.” The name also means “deep knowledge.”

177. Rishaan

Another name for Lord Shiva, Rishaan refers to an individual who “seeks enlightenment.” The name Rishaan also refers to a “good human being.”

178. Rishaank

A name with a religious origin, Rishaank, refers to “one who is a follower or devotee of Lord Shiva.”

179. Rishit

The name Rishit refers to a “learned person or one who is the best in everything.”

180. Ritesh

The name Ritesh refers to “one who guards the truth.” The name Ritesh also refers to the “Lord of Seasons.”

181. Rituraj

A unique name, Rituraj, means “Lord or King of all seasons.”

182. Rivaan

The name Rivaan means “a star.” Rivaan also refers to an ambitious and self-sufficient individual.

183. Rohan

The name Rohan means “ascending” or “blossom.” It is also another name for Lord Vishnu.

Quick fact
Rohan is a fictional kingdom of horsemen in the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.

184. Rohit

The name Rohit means “red,” “rainbow,” or also refers to “the first rays of the sun.”

185. Ronav

The name Ronav refers to one who is an “embodiment of grace and charm.”

186. Ronit

The name Ronit refers to “a charming young man.” Ronit also means “embellishment.”

187. Rudra

Rudra is one of the names of Lord Shiva. The name Rudra also means “the remover of pain.”

188. Sabhya

The name Sabhya means “refined” or “orderly” –  something that you would want your tiny tot to be when he grows up.

189. Sachin

If you are a fan of Sachin Tendulkar, then go ahead and name your little munchkin after the great Indian batting maestro. The name Sachin is an epithet of Lord Shiva. It also refers to “an individual who is pure and affectionate.”

190. Sachit

The name Sachit is indicative of “one who is joyful and conscious.”

191. Sai

A name with immense religious significance, the name Sai has its origin from “Sai Baba.” The name Sai means “God or someone holy.”

192. Sahil

The name Sahil generally refers to the “bank of a sea/ocean.” The name Sahil also means “guide.”

193. Samar

Samar is an Indian name with an Arabic origin. The name Samar comes from the Arabic word “Samara,” which means “reward,” “fruit,” or an “outcome.”

194. Samarth

The name Samarth means “efficient.”

195. Samrat

The name Samrat has its origin in a Sanskrit word that means, “King or Emperor.”

196. Sanjay

Sanjay was the name of a royal official in Mahabharata. The name Sanjay means “victorious.”

197. Sarthak

The name Sarthak means “good job.”

198. Sarvin

The name Sarvin is indicative of “one who is the best archer.” The name also means “victory.”

199. Sathvik

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Sathvik, means “calm and virtuous.”

200. Shakti

The name Shakti means “power.”

201. Shamit

The name Shamit refers to a “calm, disciplined, and peaceful individual.”

202. Sharvil

Another name for Lord Krishna, the name Sharvil has its origin in “Sharv,” a word which means “sacred to Lord Shiva.”

203. Shashank

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Shashank, refers to the “Moon.”

204. Shaurya

The name means “bravery and power.” It is also used to refer to a brave person.

205. Shayan

The name Shayan refers to a “courteous and intelligent person, who is worthy and deserves good things in life.”

206. Shivaay

A name with a religious origin, Shivaay, is one of the many names of Lord Shiva.

207. Shivansh

The name Shivansh means “part of Lord Shiva.”

208. Shivin

A name with a religious origin, Shivin, is another name for Lord Shiva.

209. Shlok

A name with a religious significance, Shlok, refers to “hymns or mantras in praise of the Almighty God.”

210. Shreyan

The name Shreyan means “fame.”

211. Shreyansh

The name Shreyansh refers to a “lucky/fortunate person who gives fame to others.”

212. Shreyas

The name Shreyas means “something auspicious.” Shreyas also means “fortunate” or “superior.”

213. Siddharth

A popular name, it means “one who has many accomplishments to his credit.” Siddharth has its origin from “Siddhartha,” another name for Lord Buddha.

214. Soham

A unique name, Soham, means “every soul has God in it.”

215. Spandan

The name Spandan refers to the “sound of the heartbeat.”

216. Sriansh

A name with a religious significance, Sriansh refers to “he who is born with a part of Lord Vishnu.”

217. Sriyan

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Shriyan, is formed by the union of the first three letters from the name “Sriman” (Sri) and the last three letters from the name “Narayan” (yan).

218. Sujal

A name with a Sanskrit origin, Sujal, means “pure water.”

219. Sumedh

The name Sumedh means “intelligent and clever,” a quality that every parent wants in their children.

220. Tanay

The name Tanay means “a son,” an ideal name if you have welcomed your little prince into this world.

221. Tanmay

The name Tanmay means “to be engrossed.”

222. Tarak

It originates from a Sanskrit word, and means “star.” The name Tarak also means “protector.”

223. Tejas

Do you want your child to have a sharp mind? Then you can name him Tejas, which means “sharpness” or “brightness.”

224. Tushar

The name Tushar refers to “mist or fine drops of water (or snow).”

225. Utkarsh

The name Utkarsh means “awakening.” Utkarsh also refers to “prosperity.”

226. Vaibhav

The name Vaibhav refers to a “fortunate, intelligent, and prosperous individual.”

227. Vansh

The name Vansh refers to the “coming generation.”

228. Varun

According to Indian mythology, Varun is the “Lord of water.” The name Varun also refers to “Neptune.”

229. Vatsal

A popular Indian name, Vatsal, refers to “someone adorable and affectionate.”

230. Vedanth

The name Vedanth has its origin in the word “Veda,” and refers to the “ultimate knowledge or wisdom of the Vedas.” Vedanth also refers to the “Vedic method of self-realization.”

231. Veer

It originates from a Sanskrit word that means “brave and courageous.”

232. Vehant

The name Vehant means “wisdom and intelligence.”

233. Vihaan

The name Vihaan means “dawn or beginning of a new era.”

234. Vijay

The name Vijay means “victory or success.”

235. Vinay

The name Vinay is indicative of a “humble and modest person.”

236. Vinod

Vinod is a name of Sanskrit origin and means “happy and content.”

237. Viraj

The name Viraj refers to the Sun. Viraj also means “king,” or “resplendent.”

238. Virat

The name Virat originates from a Sanskrit word, which means “brilliant or majestic.” The name also draws inspiration from “Virat Kohli,” a famous Indian cricketer.

239. Viren

The name Viren refers to the “Lord of the warrior.”

240. Vishal

The name Vishal means “magnificence” or “grandeur.” The name Vishal also means “illustriousness.”

241. Vishesh

A trendy name, Vishesh, means “something/someone special.”

242. Vivaan

Another name for Lord Krishna, Vivaan, refers to the “first rays of the sun.”

243. Vivek

The name Vivek means “conscience.” Vivek also means “judgment.”

244. Vyas

The name Vyas originates from “Vyas,” a revered sage and scholar who “compiled the Vedas, the Puranas, and the famous Mahabharata.”

245. Vyom

A unique name, Vyom, refers to the “sky.”

246. Yakshit

The name Yakshit refers to the “Almighty God or one who will never cease to exist.”

247. Yash

The name Yash means “fame,” “success,” “glory,” or “victory.”

248. Yashvir

The name Yashvir, means “brave and glorious.”

249. Yuvaan

A trendy name, Yuvaan, means “young” or “youthful.” The name Yuvaan also refers to the Moon and is another name for Lord Shiva.

250. Yuvraj

The name Yuvraj has a royal feel to it since the name refers to a “prince or heir apparent.”

Amazing baby boy named Indian

Here we have listed out some more awesome Indian names that you must loved.

  1. Aaditya
  2. Aarav
  3. Ajay
  4. Akash
  5. Akhil
  6. Akshay
  7. Anand
  8. Anil
  9. Ari
  10. Arian
  11. Arjun
  12. Armaan
  13. Arun
  14. Aum
  15. Avi
  16. Ayaan
  17. Bodhi
  18. Daksh
  19. Dev
  20. Eshaan
  21. Ishan
  22. Jahan
  23. Jaiden
  24. Jay
  25. Jiyan
  26. Kabir
  27. Kahan
  28. Kailash
  29. Kaiyen
  30. Kalpen
  31. Karam
  32. Karthik
  33. Kavish
  34. Kiaan
  35. Krish
  36. Kriyan
  37. Laksh
  38. Manav
  39. Milan
  40. Mivan
  41. Mohan
  42. Moksh
  43. Nayan
  44. Neeraj
  45. Nikhil
  46. Nirmay
  47. Nishan
  48. Nitin
  49. Niyam
  50. Ohm
  51. Ovi
  52. Parth
  53. Pavan
  54. Priyam
  55. Rajiv
  56. Rajveer
  57. Revan
  58. Ridhan
  59. Rishi
  60. Rithvik
  61. Riyan
  62. Rohan
  63. Rudra
  64. Sachin
  65. Sahil
  66. Sai
  67. Sajan
  68. Samardh
  69. Samay
  70. Sanjay
  71. Sayan
  72. Shaan
  73. Shikhar
  74. Siddh
  75. Sohum
  76. Tej
  77. Vardan
  78. Veer
  79. Vihan
  80. Vikram
  81. Vimal
  82. Viraj
  83. Yash
  84. Zayn
  85. Zian

Conclusion on baby boy names Indian

In conclusion, choosing the perfect Indian baby boy name can be a big decision, but with these popular and meaningful options, you can find the perfect name for your little prince. Remember to choose a name that reflects your personal and cultural beliefs, and that you and your family will love for years to come.
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Classic Girl Names With Cute Nicknames
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