210+ Strong Unique Spanish Boy Names With Meaning in 2024

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision that will shape their identity for a lifetime. Spanish boy names are known for their rich history, deep meanings, and strong, distinctive sounds.

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If you’re looking for a unique and powerful name for your son, this guide explores some of the best strong and unique Spanish boy names and the meanings behind them.

Best & Strong Unique Spanish Boy Names

Checkout some of the best names that you must find interesting and think to have it for your baby boy.

1. Alejandro:

Derived from the Greek name Alexander, Alejandro is a popular and timeless Spanish name. It means “defender of the people,” and it exudes strength and leadership qualities.

2. Mateo:

Mateo is the Spanish version of Matthew and is a name with biblical origins. It means “gift of God” and has a classic, yet unique, charm.

3. Salvador:

Salvador is a strong and dignified name that means “savior.” It carries a profound sense of responsibility and protection.

4. Valentin:

Valentin is a unique Spanish name that means “strong, healthy.” It conveys a sense of vitality and resilience.

5. Santiago:

Santiago is a powerful and masculine name that means “Saint James.” It’s a name rich in history and symbolism.

6. Leonardo:

Leonardo, a name known worldwide thanks to the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci, means “brave lion.” It reflects courage and creativity.

7. Maximiliano:

Maximiliano is a grand and regal name that means “greatest.” It carries an air of distinction and authority.

8. Renato:

Renato is a unique name with Italian and Spanish origins. It means “reborn” or “renewed,” signifying fresh beginnings.

9. Teodoro:

Teodoro is a strong and timeless name that means “gift of God.” It embodies gratitude and faith.

10. Gonzalo:

Gonzalo is a classic Spanish name with a noble feel. Its origin is uncertain, but it’s believed to mean “battle” or “war.”

11. Isidro:

Isidro is a unique and charming name that means “gift of Isis,” referring to the Egyptian goddess of fertility. It conveys a sense of blessing and abundance.

12. Aurelio:

Aurelio is a name that means “golden” or “golden-haired.” It’s a name that exudes warmth and radiance.

13. Ignacio:

Ignacio is a strong and timeless name that means “fiery one” or “ardent.” It carries an air of passion and determination.

14. Federico:

Federico is a classic name with Italian and Spanish roots. It means “peaceful ruler” and represents a blend of strength and diplomacy.

15. Armando:

Armando is a powerful and charismatic name that means “soldier.” It embodies courage and resilience.

So these are some of the best and unique Spanish boy names that you must be known and select the one among them for your baby boy, if you want to search more and choose the one out from the box, then let’s dive in deep and explore more.

Cute Spanish Boy Names

Here we have listed out some more Spanish boy names that you must be known.

  1. Alamo: From the Spanish álamo, this melodic name means “poplar tree” which are known for being fast-growing.🌲
  2. Alejo: Meaning “warrior and defender”.
  3. Bartoli: Meaning “son of a farmer”.
  4. Brȧulio: Meaning “shining”. 🌟
  5. Casimiro: Meaning “famous destroyer” — a great name for a rebel in the making!
  6. Cesario: Meaning “head of hair”, Cesario also appears in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
  7. Chilo: Meaning “free man”.
  8. Emiliano: A solid, practical name meaning “work”.
  9. Figueroa: Meaning “fig tree”.
  10. Ignacio: Meaning “fire”. 🔥
  11. Kylian: Of Celtic origin, Kylian means “warrior”. It also means “small church”, if that has particular resonance for you.
  12. Naȅl: A shortened version of Nathanaȅl that means “successful,” “generous,” and “gift from God”. Talk about gifted!
  13. Sacha: A shortened version of Alexander, Sacha means “helper of mankind”.
  14. Salvatore: Meaning “savior”. No pressure!
  15. Amidio: Kick-starting our unique Hispanic boy names is this standout name that means “demigod”.
  16. Gabriel: Meaning “God is my strength”.
  17. Gaël: Meaning “good leader”. Actor Gael Garcia Bernal has helped to increase the popularity of the name in recent years.
  18. Gilberto: Meaning “bright one”. 🌟
  19. Guillermo: A Spanish form of William and often shortened to Guille or Memo, it means “protector”.
  20. Jesús: A Biblical name meaning “the lord is salvation”.
  21. Leo: Meaning “lion”. 🦁
  22. León: As well as being the nickname for a brave warrior, León also means “lion”. Fierce!
  23. Lucas: Meaning “bringer of light”. 💡
  24. Max: The shortened version of Maximiliano, it means “the greatest”. 🤩
  25. Thiago: Meaning “may God protect”.
  26. Valentin: Meaning “healthy and strong”. 💪
  27. Toro: Meaning “bull-like”, this is a great choice for a Taurus baby. 🐂
  28. Tuto: Meaning “fair” or “righteous”.
  29. Aarón: Originally of Hebrew origin, this is the Spanish version of the Biblical name Aaron which means “mountain of strength”. ⛰
  30. Adrián: Meaning “sea or water”. 🌊 One of the more refreshing water baby names.
  31. Alexander: A strong name of Greek origin that means “protector of men”.
  32. Benjamin: A sweet name that can be kept as is or shortened to Ben, it means “son of the South” or “son of the right hand”. Fun fact: the youngest child is sometimes called the Benjamin of the family.
  33. Jack: Traditionally a British name meaning “God is gracious”, it’s recently gained popularity in Spain.
  34. Dany: From Danielle or Daniel, Dany is a gender-neutral name meaning “God is my judge”.
  35. Dario: Meaning “possessing goodness”. 💖
  36. David: An old classic that’s going nowhere. It means “beloved”.
  37. Dilan: A popular name with various meanings, from “son of the sea” from Welsh origins to “like a lion” from French. Boundless choice for baby!
  38. Elias: As the Spanish form of the prophet and miracle maker Elijah, this name is ever-popular and means “Yahweh is my God”.
  39. Eliot: This sweet-sounding name means “the lord is my God”.
  40. Énaël: One of the more unique Spanish boy names, this unusual title means “angel”. 👼🏽
  41. Eric: Old Norse in origin, this Scandinavian boy’s name means “eternal ruler”.
  42. Ethan: Much like its popularity, Ethan means “strong” or “enduring”.
  43. Félix: Meaning “lucky”.
  44. Finn: Of Gaelic origin, Finn means “fair”.
  45. Hugo: A solid name for a rising brain box, Hugo means “intellect”. 🧠
  46. Iván: Meaning “young warrior”. ⚔️
  47. Julian: Meaning “youth”.
  48. Kaiden: An endearing boy’s name that means “companion”.
  49. Levi: Meaning “joined in harmony”.
  50. Luis: Meaning “famous warrior”.
  51. Maël: An Old Celtic name meaning “prince”. 👑
  52. Mason: Meaning “stone worker”.
  53. Matthėo: The Spanish take on Matthew meaning “gift of God”.
  54. Micah: Meaning “one who is like God”.
  55. Milán: Meaning “loving”, “kind”, or “with grace” — how can you resist?
  56. Milo: With a number of origins, Milo means a few different things: “pleasant”, “soldier”, “honorable”, and even, “apple”. 🍎
  57. Nathanaȅl: Often shortened to Nathan, this beautiful name means “gift from God”.
  58. Nicky: Meaning “people of victory”! ✌🏽
  59. Noé: Meaning “rest”. 💤 Not a bad thing to encourage in your baby.
  60. Noel: From the French Noelle, meaning “Christmas” or “birth” — ideal for December babies.
  61. Oliver: Meaning “olive tree planter”. 🫒
  62. Oscar: Meaning “deer lover”. 🦌
  63. Robin: Meaning “fame” or “bright”. 🔆
  64. Samuel: Meaning “God has heard”.
  65. Sydney: Originally an Old English name, Sydney means “wide meadow”.
  66. Thomas: A perfect name for your little Gemini, Thomas means “twin”. ♊
  67. Timeo: Meaning “honoring God”, this sweet name can be shortened to Tim.
  68. Yanik: Meaning “God is gracious”.
  69. Teo: A sweet short form of Mateo and Teodore, Teo means “divine gift”.
  70. Arturo: Meaning “courageous” or noble.
  71. Raúl: An undeniably cool Spanish name meaning “wolf counsel”. 🐺
  72. Alejandro: A popular Mexican boy’s name that means “defender of the people”.
  73. Antonio: Meaning “priceless one”.
  74. Carlos: Meaning “free man”.
  75. Daniel: A popular name in many parts of the world, Daniel means God is my judge.
  76. Diego: An Hispanic version of James meaning “supplanter”. And of course the name of a certain artist. 🎨
  77. Eduardo: Meaning “wealthy guardian”. 💸
  78. Fernando: Meaning “courageous adventurer” — perfect for your little explorer.
  79. Francisco: Meaning “free”.
  80. Gerardo: Meaning “strong spear”.
  81. Javier: Meaning “new home” or, better yet, “castle”. 🏰
  82. José: This is the Spanish version of the name Joseph and means “God will increase”.
  83. Jorge: The Spanish George, Jorge means “farmer”. 🌾
  84. Juan: Like the English John, Juan means “God is gracious”.
  85. Julio: Meaning “soft-haired youth”.
  86. Manuel: Meaning “God is with us”. It comes with cute nicknames like Manu and Manny.
  87. Marco: Inspired by the Roman god of war, this name means “war-like”.
  88. Miguel: Meaning “God-like”.
  89. Octavio: Meaning “the eighth one”.
  90. Pablo: Meaning “humble” or “small”.
  91. Pedro: The Spanish version of Peter, Pedro means “stone” or “rock”.
  92. Raphael: Meaning “God has healed”. And also the name of a certain Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 🐢
  93. Ricardo: A lively Hispanic version of Richard, Ricardo means “brave ruler”.
  94. Francisco Javier
  95. José Antonio
  96. José Luis
  97. Juan Manuel
  98. Marco Antonio
  99. Miguel Ángel

Mexico and Spain boy names

Strong Unusual Boy Names

  1. Juan
  2. Carlos
  3. Hugo
  4. Pablo
  5. Alvaro
  6. Mario
  7. Oliver
  8. Alex
  9. Marco
  10. Gonzalo
  11. Marcos
  12. Izan
  13. Javier
  14. Sergio
  15. Eric
  16. Jorge
  17. Dario
  18. Hector
  19. Iker
  20. Pau
  21. Guillermo
  22. Jaime
  23. Luis
  24. Jesus
  25. Miguel
  26. Emiliano
  27. Benjamín
  28. Samuel
  29. Felipe
  30. Gael
  31. Joaquín
  32. Tomás
  33. Alejandro
  34. Nicolás
  35. Leonardo
  36. Martín
  37. Bruno
  38. Diego
  39. Daniel
  40. Maximiliano
  41. Gabriel
  42. Emmanuel
  43. Agustín
  44. Lorenzo
  45. Emilio
  46. Luca
  47. Valentino
  48. Dante
  49. Isaac
  50. Salvador
  51. Bautistan
  52. David
  53. Aarón
  54. Rodrigo
  55. Enzo
  56. Edgar
  57. Ricardo
  58. Eduardo
  59. Andres
  60. Raul
  61. Ramon
  62. Erick
  63. Julio
  64. Arturo
  65. Gerardo
  66. Ernesto
  67. Alfonso
  68. Gustavo
  69. Rodolfo
  70. Adan
  71. Gilberto
  72. Cruz
  73. Guadalupe
  74. Rogelio
  75. Noe
  76. Reynaldo
  77. Efrain
  78. Carmen
  79. Humberto
  80. Adolfo

Adorable Spanish Boy Names With Meanings

  • Valentin – “Healthy and strong”
  • Alejandro – “Defender of the people”
  • Antonio – “Priceless one”
  • Arturo – “Courageous, Noble”
  • Carlos – “Free man”
  • Daniel – “God is my judge”
  • Diego – “Spanish version of James”
  • Eduardo – “Wealthy guardian”
  • Fernando – “Courageous adventurer”
  • Francisco – “Free”
  • Gerardo – “Strong spear”
  • Javier – “Or a new home”
  • Jesús – “The Christian son of God”
  • José – “God will increase”
  • Jorge – “farmer”
  • Juan – “God is gracious”
  • Julio – “Soft-haired youth”
  • Manuel – “God is with us”
  • Marco – “War, Passionate”
  • Miguel – “God-like”

Unique Spanish Boy Names

  • Octavio – “The eighth one”
  • Pablo – “Humble”
  • Pedro – “stone”
  • Raphael – God has healed”
  • Raúl – A powerful name – wolf counsel”
  • Ricardo – “brave ruler”
  • Amancio – “loving”
  • Antonio – “beyond praise”
  • Cristobal – “Christ bearer”.
  • David – “beloved”.
  • Enrique – “home ruler”
  • Federico – “peaceful ruler”
  • Fernando – “journey”
  • Ferran – “Ferran Torres
  • Hernan – “spiritual traveller”

Spanish boy names that start with A:

1. Abejundio: resembling a bee
2. Abundio: a man of plenty
3. Agustin: venerable; the exalted one
4. Alejandro: helper or defender of humankind
5. Alfonse: noble; ready
6. Alonso: noble; ready
7. Alroy: the king
8. Antenor: one who antagonizes
9. Araldo: great leader of the army
10. Arrio: warlike
11. Arturo: strong as a bear; strong as a rock

Cool and Unique Spanish Boy Names

  • Isac – “God will laugh”
  • .Javier – “new house”
  • Jorge – “farmer”
  • Jose – “God”s grace” fro
  • Juan – “God”s grace”
  • Manolo – “God is with us”
  • Manuel – “God is with us”
  • Marc – “warrior”
  • Miguel – “the one like God”
  • Oscar – “spear of God”
  • Pablo – “little”
  • Pedro – “strong like a rock”.

Spanish boy names that start with B:

1. Bartoli: son of a farmer
2. Basilio: king
3. Bautista: to dip
4. Benjamín: son of the south; son of the right hand
5. Bernardo: bold as a bear
6. Bertin: special and honored friend
7. Blanco: white
8. Bolivar: mill on the shore
9. Bonaro: good friend
10. Braulio: shinning

Spanish boy names that start with C:

1. Carlos: strong; courageous; manly
2. Chago: replacer
3. Chale: strong; youthful
4. Charro: horse rider
5. Che: God shall add
6. Chencho: crown of laurel leaves; victory
7. Chepe: God shall add
8. Chico: boy
9. Chumo: twin
10. Cid: lord
11. Consuelo: consolation
12. Cordero: little lamb
13. Cristo: christ bearer; follows christ
14. Cruz: cross

Spanish boy names that start with D:

1. Damario: one who is gentle
2. Dario: affluent
3. Delmar: came from the sea
4. Desiderio: desired
5. Desperado: a renegade
6. Devante: one who fights wrongdoing
7. Diamante: like a diamond
8. Diego: he who supplants
9. Domingo: born on a Sunday
10. Donatello: gift from God

Spanish boy names that start with E:

1. Edgardo: great spearman
2. Eduardo: prosperous guardian
3. Efrain: one who is fertile; productive
4. Eladio: a man from Greece
5. Eldorado: the golden man
6. Elian: a spirited man
7. Elonzo: noble; ready
8. Elpidio: a fearless man; having heart
9. Elvio: blond-haired
10. Emilio: industrious
11. Emiliano: one who is eager
12. Enrico: ruler of the home
13. Enrique: the ruler of the estate
14. Ernesto: sincere
15. Eron: one who is exalted
16. Esperanze: filled with hope
17. Esteban: one who is crowned in victory
18. Estevan: crowned

Spanish boy names that start with F:

1. Fargo: a person who comes from the fenced pasture
2. Fausto: a man of luck
3. Federico: peaceful ruler
4. Felipe: one who loves horses
5. Felis: fortunate
6. Fermin: firm; strong
7. Fernando: courageous; adventurous
8. Fiero: a fiery man
9. Fidelio: truthful and faithful
10. Filip: lover of horses
11. Fiyero: a fiery man; a proud person
12. Francisco: a man from France
13. Frederico: peaceful ruler
14. Frisco: free; from France
15. Fructuoso: one who is fruitful

Spanish boy names that start with G:

1. Galtero: the commander of the army
2. Garcia: one who is brave in battle
3. Geronimo: sacred name
4. Gitano: gypsy
5. Gomez: man
6. Gonzalo: wolf
7. Guadalupe: wolf valley
8. Gualberto: army general
9. Guillermo: determined guardian
10. Gutierre: army ruler

Spanish boy names that start with H:

1. Heraldo: of the divine
2. Hernandez: adventurous
3. Hernando: prepared for the journey; adventurer; traveller
4. Hidalgo: the noble one
5. Hilario: happy
6. Honesto: one who is honest
7. Honorato: honor
8. Hugo: intelligent
9. Humberto: intelligent
10. Husto: a righteous man

Spanish boy names that start with I:

1. Iago: replacer; supplanter
2. Ignado: fire
3. Ignazio: fire
4. Iluminado: one who shines brightly
5. Incencio: white
6. Inigo: fiery
7. Inocencio: innocent
8. Isadoro: strong gift

Spanish boy names that start with J:

1. Jacinto: resembling a hyacinth
2. Jade: resembling a green gemstone
3. Jaguar: jaguar
4. Jaime: he who supplants
5. Jairo: God enlightens
6. Jando: helper or defender of humankind
7. Javier: the owner of new house
8. Jobo: God will increase
9. Joram: God is gracious
10. Jorge: one who works the earth; a farmer
11. Jose: God will add
12. Juan: God is gracious
13. Juan Carlos: combination of Juan and Carlos
14. Julio: youthful

Spanish boy names that start with K:

1. Karlos: farmer
2. Keiman: strong
3. Kemen: strong
4. Kiki: ruler of the house
5. Kristian: Christian

Spanish boy names that start with L:

1. Lazaro: God’s help
2. Leandro: lion
3. Leon: lion
4. Lisandro: liberator
5. Lobo: wolf
6. Lon: noble; ready
7. Loni: noble; ready
8. Lonzo: one who is ready for battle
9. Lucero: light
10. Luis: a famous warrior

Spanish boy names that start with M:

1. Macario: happy; plessed
2. Mango: God is with us
3. Manny: God is with us
4. Manuel: God is with us
5. Mar: of the sea
6. Marco: warrior; warlike
7. Marr: divine
8. Martez: warrior; warlike
9. Mateo: gift of God
10. Melesio: an attractive man; one who is careful
11. Menico: belonging to God
12. Miguel: who is like God?
13. Montana: mountain
14. Montez: one who lives at the mountain
15. Montgomery: from the black Mountain

Spanish boy names that start with N:

1. Nalda: capable of producing great physical force
2. Naldo: a mighty person; strong one
3. Nando: courageous; adventurous
4. Nardo: bold as a bear
5. Natal: born at Christmas time
6. Natividad: the nativity
7. Navarro: from the plains
8. Nevada: white crystals of frozen water
9. Nino: a young boy
10. Nuncio: a messenger

Spanish boy names that start with O:

1. Oalo: small
2. Octaviano: eighth-born child
3. Oleos: the holy oil used in church
4. Olo: famous; renowned in the land
5. Orlando: rainy season; showers from heaven
6. Oro: golden
7. Ossie: a form of Osborn, Oswald
8. Osvaldo: divine power
9. Othello: prosperous
10. Ozzie: a form of Osborn; Oswald

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