250+ Names That Mean Galaxy with Meaning in 2024 [Ultimate Guide]

Names that mean creator, names that mean the universe, names that mean galaxy girl, names that mean galaxy: Congratulations on your newborn, so now you are in a search to get the best names that mean galaxy for the newborn and want some names that are unique, elegant and fascinating, then you have landed to the right place, as here we have listed out handpicked best names that mean galaxy for you.

Most of the names that you come up with in your daily life are now a little bit very known and give the feel that is very old and boring, so you don’t need to worry, just pick the names that mean galaxy or from the universe from the below listed names.

With that said, let’s dive in deep and explore the names that mean galaxy or similar monikers from which you can choose the best name for your newborn.


Names That Mean Galaxy

A galaxy is a God made and it contains our earth too which is a very small and minute part of it, literally in a nutshell it is gigantic, so having all the names related to galaxy and universe is next to impossible, so we have listed some shortlisted names from which you can choose the best among them.

Galaxy Baby Names For Boys

1. Apollo

Apollo is not just the name of the Greek god of sun and light, it was also the name of a famous NASA program. This classy name is suitable for kids of all eras.

2. Saros

The name Saros comes from the term ‘Saros Cycle’, a period in which eclipses repeat themselves.

3. Phoenix

Phoenix is the name of the robotic spacecraft that was sent to Mars for exploration. Meaning ‘deep red’, Phoenix is the name of a colorful and mythical bird that is said to live for thousands of years before erupting into flames and rising from its own ashes. As a boy’s name, Phoenix is cool with a rock ‘n’ roll vibe to it.

4. Cosmos

Cosmos is the entire physical universe, the world. So it’s an apt pick for the baby who means ‘the world’ to you. The name has been popularized by some television shows. Remember The Fairly Odd Parents and Seinfeld?

5. Ceilo

Cielo is an Italian name, meaning ‘sky.’ It is a short and sweet-sounding name for a boy.

6. Comet

Comet is a cosmic body of ice and gas that flies through the galaxy. It is the name of one of Santa’s reindeer.

7. Meteor

It is an English name that astronomers give to small metallic or rocky bodies that shoot through the galaxy. Meteors are smaller than asteroids.

8. Phoebus

Phoebus is an alternative name for Apollo. The name would appeal to parents because of its ‘s’ ending. It is also related to Phoebe from the TV series Friends. Besides, this name is also borne by a character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

9. Sky

Sky refers to the sky, the celestial sphere. A unique name perfect for your son.

10. Starr

This name comes from the old English word ‘steorra,’ and is a different form of the name star.

11. Zenith

Zenith represents the point of the celestial sphere that’s directly above an observer on earth. Zenith is an English word for ‘the highest or crowning point.’

12. Vulcan

Vulcan is the name of the hypothetical planet whose existence was questioned by scientists in 1915. The name is rising rapidly in popularity. So don’t consider it if you are looking for a unique name for your son.

13. Jupiter

Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in the solar system, can make an attractive space name for boys. Its name honors the chief God of Roman mythology. Even its female version Juno has become quite famous over the years. Jupe would make a cool nickname.

14. Mercury

Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, is named after the Roman god of the message. If Mercury sounds too strong a name for your son, go for Merc, its relaxed variation.

15. Aerglo

The name Aerglo is a play on the word ‘airglow’, a natural glow of the night sky from the reactions that take place in the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

16. Pluto

Rejoice fellas. Scientists have restored the planet status to Pluto. As most of you must be knowing, Pluto was removed from the list of planets, and was given the status of a ‘planetoid’ previously. So to honor the event, name your son Pluto. Pluto is derived from a Latin word and means ‘God of the underworld’.

17. Janus

Janus, the name of one of the moons of Saturn, is based on the Roman god with two faces. It is the masculine version of the month name January. Ensure that people do not pronounce it as Janice.

18. Mars

The name Mars honors the war god in Roman mythology. This moniker is no longer limited just to boys. Parents have started to use the name for girls as well. It’s also quite popular as a surname.

19. Oberon

Oberon is the name of the major moon of Uranus. The name sounds twice nice when you pronounce it as Auberon.

20. Jericho

The name Jericho has origins in the Arabic language and means ‘city of the moon’. Its beautiful meaning and its ability to derive several nicknames make it a cool name for baby boys.

21. Holmes

The comet Holmes was once the largest object in the solar system. It’s also associated with Katie Holmes and Sherlock Holmes. They have Holmes as a surname, but we think Holmes would make a nice first or middle name as well.

22. Neptune

Neptune is the name of one of the two planets that cannot be seen from the earth with the naked eye. The name of this planet is derived from Neptune, the Greek god of water.

23. Aelius

Aelius is a Roman family name derived from the Greek word, meaning ‘sun’. It was the family name of the Roman emperor Hadrian. Aelius is a popular name in Greek, followed by Scandinavia and Norway.

24. Aku

Aku is a Babylonian mythological name of the Moon God. It also has its origin in Finnish, meaning ‘revered’ or ‘exalted.’

25. Aibek

Aibek is a combination of the Turkish words ‘aye’ and ‘beg,’ which means ‘the master of the moon.’

26. Astennu

The meaning of this Egyptian name is ‘God of the moon.’ The name Astennu was the most popular name in 1971.

27. Aten

Aten is the name of a group of asteroids. It is a short and sweet-sounding and easy-to-pronounce space name for a boy.

28. Arche

Arche is the name of a moon orbiting Jupiter. But people might mistake it for Archie from the Archie comics.

29. Badar

Badar is a lovely Arabic name, meaning ‘full moon.’ This strong name carries a romantic image.

30. Badru

Badru is an Egyptian name, meaning ‘born during the full moon’. In the 1800s and 1900s, the name Badru was in popularity.

31. Blaze

The term Blaze has a strong connection with the sun. This fierce name connotes a fiery personality that of a son.

32. Chan

The name Chan comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Chand’ for ‘moon.’ It also has its origin in the Spanish and Chinese languages.

33. Cupid

It is one of the moons of Uranus, which was first sighted in 2003. Cupid means ‘desire’ in Latin, and is also one of Santa’s reindeer.

34. Deimos

It is the name of one of the many moons on the planet of Mars. In Greek, Deimos means ‘terror.’

35. Donati

Donati refers to a long-period comet, named after Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati. It has its roots in Latin, and means ‘given by God.’

36. Eos

Eos is the name of the Greek Goddess of dawn and has a modern and sleek feel to it. It is the name given to a group of asteroids.

37. Hang

Hang is a Vietnamese name, meaning ‘moon’.

38. Hesperos

Hesperos is the personification of Venus and is of Greek origin. It s one of the popular names in the poem by Longfellow.

39. Hilal

The meaning of Hilal is ‘new crescent moon’. It is a popular Arabic name.

40. Iah

In Egyptian mythology, Iah was the name of the moon god, who was later identified as Thoth.

41. Ilkay

Turkish has a special affinity with the moon. Ilkay is from the elements ‘ilk’, which means ‘first’ and ‘ay,’ which means ‘moon’.

42. Io

Io is the name of the most volcanic moon in the solar system and is usually used as a nickname.

43. Kale

Kale is the name of one of the moons orbiting Jupiter. The name Kale is a version of Charles and comes from the Old English word ‘ceorl’, which means ‘free man’.

44. Koray

The name is famous in Turkey but has now started to make way to the West as well. It is one of the most meaningful and rhythmic names, meaning means ‘ember moon.’

45. Kuiper

Kuiper refers to a small band of space rocks, floating near Neptune. It is of Dutch roots and means ‘cooper.’ It is the surname of a famous astronomer, Gerald Kuiper, who founded the Lunar and Planetary Lab in Arizona.

46. Mahruk

Mahruk means ‘face of the moon’ in the African language. The short and appealing nickname is Mahru.

47. Maramma

Marama is a Polynesian mythological name of the moon god. It is the Maori word for the moon.

48. Mayank

Mayank is a popular Hindi name for ‘moon’. It refers to an ‘individual who is calm and serene like the moon.’

49. Meztli

Meztli is a Nahuatl name for ‘moon’. This name is currently on the 170th spot in its region.

50. Muraco

This American name means ‘white moon’. This name will sound cute even when used for a girl.

51. Nanna

Nanna is the name of the moon god and the son of Enlil in Sumerian mythology.

52. Neil

A popular name after Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the surface of the moon. This name peaked in the 1950s and is still going strong.

53. Pallas

It is the name of a family of asteroids. Pallas is another name of Athena, the Goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology.

54. Proteus

Proteus is one of Neptune’s moons. It denotes a strong and powerful personality.

55. Pulan

Pulan is a Chamorro name meaning ‘moon.’ The name has a jazzy edge and would appeal to non-traditional parents.

56. Purnama

The name Purnama originates in the Javanese language and means ‘full moon’. Purnama was once a prominent name in Indonesia and India.

57. Qamar

Qamar is an Arabic name and means ‘moon’. This name sounds appealing because of its similarity to the very likable Omar.

58. Saturn

This planet’s name is a peculiar name for a baby boy. According to Roman mythology, Saturn is the God of agriculture.

59. Sol

Sol is a Spanish name for ‘sun.’ Sol, pronounced Sahl, could be an excellent name for a baby boy.

60. Themis

This unique name, Themis refers to a group of asteroids. In Greek, it means ‘law of nature or divine law.’

61. Thule

An uncommon name referring to the name of a large asteroid discovered in the year 1888.

62. Titan

Titan is the name of Saturn’s largest moon. According to Greek mythology, it means ‘leader.’

63. Triton

Triton is the name of the moon orbiting Neptune.

64. Orion

Orion, also called The Hunter, is the brightest and best-known constellation in the sky. This constellation consists of three conspicuous stars. The name originates from Greek mythology, where Orion was a mighty hunter and the son of Poseidon. The meaning of Orion is ‘limit or boundary’.

Fun fact: The constellation Orion is also known as Altair in some parts of the world.

65. Aries

The constellation Aries, depicting a ram, represents the Golden Fleece in Greece mythology. Ares or Arese would make a nice alternative to Aries.

66. Atlas

Atlas is the name of the famous Greek Titan that is depicted holding a celestial sphere. He is also known as the titan of navigation and astronomy. Anne Heche can be credited for making this name popular as she named her son Atlas Heche Tupper in the year 2009.

67. Perseus

Perseus is the name of the constellation located in the northern portion of the sky. Its name honors the son of the Greek god Zeus, who defeated the monster Medusa. Perseus is a Unisex name but has been more popular with the boys in the past. On its own, Perseus sounds heroic, but when you add a nickname like Percy, it instantly transforms into a fun moniker.

68. Leo

Leo is the name of a constellation containing clusters of shiny stars. This constellation was discovered quite early. Leo was rated as the 134th most popular space baby names for boys in the year 2014. The name Leo, meaning ‘lion’, was very popular in ancient Rome. In fact, 13 Roman popes were named Leo.

69. Archer

Archer is the name of the half-man and half-horse Sagittarius group of stars and means ‘strength and power’. Archie would make a perfect nickname for it.

70. Sirius

Sirius is an excellent name to bestow on your son. Also called the Dog Star, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. So your boy will always be radiating and shining wherever he goes. It’s also the name of the XM satellite radio.

71. Castor

Castor is the name of the brightest star in the Gemini constellation. Together with its brother Pollux, they are called “The Great Twins” in Greek mythology. So if you are blessed with a twin, Pollux and Castor could make excellent starry choices.

72. Columba

The constellation Columba is named after the dove that warned Noah about the flood. Too bad that the name is not as familiar as it was a few decades ago. Callum would make a good variation.

73. Hunter

In Greek mythology and Homer’s epic Odyssey, the Orion constellation was personified as an adventurous hunter. Hunter was the 45th most popular baby name in the year 2012, and its popularity is increasing with every passing day.

74. Nash

Nash is the name of the Gamma Sagittarii star, which is located in the Sagittarius constellation. Nash is located exactly on the spout of the ‘teapot’. It was one of the most popular names in 2012, but its popularity has reduced in the recent years. So it is unlikely that your little one will encounter any other child with this name.

75. Rigel

Rigel is the super-giant star in the Orion constellation. It’s the most important star when traveling to the ocean. So you can hope that your little one will not get lost with this name.

76. Solar

The name Solar is perfect for your little boy who is the center of your world. The name is related to the Sun, one of the brightest stars.

77. Taurus

Taurus is the name of the star sign and constellation picturing the fore-quarter of a bull. The name Taurus comes from the Latin word meaning ‘bull.

78. Hercules

Mighty and powerful Hercules is the name of a constellation. The name is inspired by the Greek god Hercules, the son of Zeus, who in a fit of anger killed his own kids. The name comes from the Greek word Herakles, which means ‘hero’ or ‘warrior’.

79. Alioth

Alioth is popular for being used as a navigational star used by sailors in earlier times. It is the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation, and comes from Arabic roots and translates to ‘fat tail of the sheep.’

80. Aster

The origin of the name is Greek. The different meanings of the name include a star in Greek and a flower in the English context. It is a suitable name for the baby boys with a very appealing and charming personality and sweet smile.

81. Astrophel

Astrophel means ‘star lover.’ It was invented by the English poet, Sir Philip Sidney during the 16th century when he used the name for his work, Astrophel and Stella.

82. Altair

Altair is the 11th brightest star in the galaxy and is in the Aquila constellation. It means ‘the flying one,’ ‘soar,’ or ‘bird,’ and is of Arabic origin.

83. Danica

Danica is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘morning star’. Dany would be the best nickname for Danica.

84. Draco

Draco is the name of a constellation in the northern sky. It is known as the name of Harry Potter’s sneering nemesis. It has its origin in Greek, meaning ‘dragon.’

85. Elio

It is one of the several alternatives of the Sun god Helios who drives across the sky every day in a horse-drawn chariot. Currently, Elio is very popular in France and ranks in the top 250. It has a Spanish origin.

86. Hamal

Hamal is the name of the brightest star in the Aries constellation. It is an Arabic word meaning ‘lamb.’

87. Hoku

This space theme name for your little boy is a Hawaiian word for ‘star.’

88. Izar

The name was allocated to a binary stay in the northern constellation of Bootes. It means ‘star’ and is of Basque origin.

89. Lintang

Lintang is an Indonesian name with meaning ‘star.’ It is an exotic name for a western-world baby.

90. Namid

Namid means ‘star dancer,’ and is of Native American origin. It has an exotic, middle-eastern sound to it, and a rare name

91. Pollux

According to Greek mythology, it is the name of Castor’s twin brother and another twin in the Gemini constellation. It means ‘crown’ in Greek.

92. Rasalas

Rasalas is the name of a star of the Leo constellation. It signifies ‘the northern star of the lion’s head, and has Arabic roots.

93. Regulus

Regulus is one of the brightest stars of the Leo constellation. It has a Latin origin and means ‘prince.’

94. Samson

Samson is a popular Biblical name with meaning ‘sun’ and is of Hebrew origin.

95. Wolf

Wolf is derived from the name of the rare star ‘Wolf-Rayet.’ It is known to emit scorching gasses, and the name has Native American origin.

Galaxy Names For Girls

96. Galexia

Most of you must have got the reference by now. You get the name Galexia by tweaking the spelling of galaxy. It’s a great name for parents who do not want a clear space name for their child.

97. Andromeda

Andromeda is a galaxy named after a Greek mythology princess. The name means ‘ruler of man’. Being named after an entire galaxy, you can be assured that your little one will be at the center of the world.

Names That Mean Galaxy For Girls

98. Ophelia

Ophelia is the name of a tiny moon in Uranus. This moon was named after a character in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. It is sure to make a unique name for the apple of your eye. Both Blake Lively and Lee Curtis have played characters named Ophelia, so your little one will have plenty of namesakes.

99. Titania

Titania is one of the classiest space names for girls. It is the largest of the moons of Uranus and the eighth-largest moon in the Solar System. The name is inspired by the queen of fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. You can shorten it to Tania, one of the coolest nicknames of all time.

100. Portia

Portia is the name of one of the moons of Uranus. It was inspired by the name of the female protagonist of the play The Merchant of Venice, who disguises herself as a man to defend her husband Antonio in court. But the younger ones will probably associate it with the stylist in The Hunger Games. The Australian actress Portia de Rossi is the most popular namesake.

101. Venus

The second-closest planet to the Sun, named after the Roman goddess of beauty and love, makes the name regal and feminine. The name is fitting for a rising pop star or superstar. Venus William immediately comes to mind when we think about this name. If you take the tennis champion’s name as an indication, any girl with this name will have a successful future.

102. Pandora

Pandora is the name of the moon of Saturn. It is named after the first woman endowed with gifts of gods in Greek mythology. The Pandora box contained all the evils of the world. So if you can look past its strange connection, the name means ‘all gifted’ and sounds charming.

103. Phoebe

Phoebe remained the outermost moon of Saturn for nearly 100 years. Meaning ‘bright, radiant and prophetic,’ Phoebe was also the name of the Goddess of the moon and the mother of Leto in Greek mythology. The name shares a connection with one of the most famous sitcoms of all times Friends. If you love the eccentric Phoebe as much as you love astronomy, then you should definitely go for this adorable astronomy baby name.

104. Halley

Halley is a term used for the short-period comet that is visible to the human’s naked eye from the Earth. It appears just twice in a lifetime. The name Halley is quite popular in the US. Halley Berry is one of the most prominent bearers of this name.

105. Astrid

This Scandinavian moniker meaning ‘gorgeous goddess’ is used by the Swedish microsatellites for studying various features of space.

106. Miranda

Miranda is the name of one of the five major moons of Uranus. Scientists had named the moon Miranda after the female lead of the same name from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. In the play, the little girl Miranda was brought up and educated on an isolated island by Prospero, her magician father. The name Miranda comes from the Latin word Mirandus, which means ‘she who must be admired’. After all, who does not admire ladies like Miranda Lambert or Miranda Kerr?

107. Juliet

Juliet is famous as the heroine of the greatest love story of all times, Romeo and Juliet. It is also the name of one of the moons of Uranus. The name is heard more in England than in any other part of the world. The meaning of this French name is ‘youthful’. Jules or Julie would make the best nicknames for Juliet.

108. Bianca

Bianca is the name of a small moon in Uranus. It is named after one of the fascinating characters in William Shakespeare’s play Taming of the Shrew. The name Bianca was the most popular in the year 1991 and holds the 300th spot currently. So it’s a perfect name for parents looking for an uncommon, yet meaningful and beautiful name. Bianca is also the name of the daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

109. Aurora

The name Aurora comes from the natural phenomenon of the appearance of gorgeous red and green lights in the sky. It typically takes place near the southern and northern magnetic poles. Aurora is also the name of the Roman goddess of dawn, whose tears turned into morning dew.

110. Ariel

Ariel is not just the name of the red-haired Disney princess but is also the shiniest moon in Uranus. It’s one of the cutest space themed baby names for girls.

111. Elara

We love the name Elara, one of the moons of Jupiter. The moon was named after one of the lovers of Zeus in the Greek mythology. The name has been rising in popularity since the year 2013, so don’t be surprised if you find another Elara in the park or your child’s school.

112. Luna

Parents feel over the moon when their child arrives in this world. To celebrate your child’s arrival, why don’t you name her Luna? Luna is Latin for moon. This sweet, short and celestial baby name is also the moniker of one of Harry Potter’s companions in J.K. Rowling series. Actress Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem chose it for their daughter. Luna would also make an excellent middle name.

113. Cordelia

Cordelia is the name of the inner moon of Uranus. The moon was named after Queen Cordelia, the youngest daughter of King Lear from Shakespeare’s play with the same name. The princess was noted for her undying devotion to her father and unwavering honesty. The moniker is an Anglicization of the Welsh goddess, Creddylad and means ‘jewel of the sea’.

114. Calypso

Calypso is another pretty name for your baby girl. It’s the name of a moon personified as a Queen Nymph in the Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Atlas, who enticed Odysseus for seven long years. Calypso is also a singing style in West Indies. Add a twist to the name by spelling it with a K, like Kalypso.

115. Callisto

Callisto is the name of the third-largest moon in the universe. The name is inspired by a nymph who fell in love with Zeus in Greek mythology. You can shorten it to Callis or Calli to make a cute nickname.

116. Cressida

This moon of Uranus is named after William Shakespeare’s leading lady in Troilus and Cressida. The moniker is as beautiful and bright as your baby is sure to be.

117. Aina

Aine is the name of the Irish goddess associated with the sun. This traditional Irish name belonged to the queen of the Munster fairies. It is also sprinkled throughout Irish folklore as the Celtic goddess of prosperity and summer.

118. Alcmene

Alcmene means ‘might of the moon’ and is the Latin form of the Greek name Alkmene.

119. Amaris

Amaris is a pretty and unusual baby name, which means ‘child of the moon’ in Old Irish and ‘given by God’ in Hebrew.

120. Arianrhod

This name is associated with the moon and is popular in Welsh mythology.

121. Arpina

Meaning ‘rising of the sun,’ Arpina has a fresh and early morning vibe. The sound of this name might not be very mellifluous, as it sounds like Derpina. This Armenian name is also spelled as Arpineh is some regions.

122. Aylin

It means ‘moon halo’ in the Turkish language. The name could be the perfect pick for parents with Turkish ancestry.

123. Aysu

Aysu is another Turkish name with meaning ‘moon water’.

124. Aysun

Aysun is a lovely Turkish name, meaning ‘beautiful as the moon’. The variation is Aisun.

125. Belinda

Belinda is the name of the ninth moon of the planet Uranus. It has a poetic ring to its name.

126. Bellatrix

Bellatrix is the name of an appellation of one of the many stars in Orion. It also means ‘female warrior’ in Latin.

127. Carina

Carina is the name of the constellation containing Canopus, which is the second-brightest star in the beautiful sky.

128. Cassini

Cassini is one of the favored baby names from outer space. The gap in Saturn’s ring is known as the Cassini’s division.

129. Chandra

Chandra is the name of the Hindu goddess of the moon. The name was popular around the western world in the 1960s when incense and meditation were trending.

130. Chara

Chara is the name of the star that represents hunting dogs in Greek mythology, meaning ‘joy’. This unique name would make a distinctive alternative to Charlotte and Sarah.

131. Charon

Charon is Pluto’s moon and was the ferrymen of dead souls as in Greek mythology. It means ‘of keen gaze.’

132. Crescent

This English word refers to the shape of the moon. It is an incredibly intriguing name with a very pleasant sound.

133. Cynthia

This attractive Greek name is an epithet of Artemis, the moon goddess. This name so was overexposed in the mid 20th century that it fell into a period of neglect. But now Cynthia has become popular again

134. Despina

Despina refers to the inner satellite of the planet Neptune. It is also known as Neptune V. It also has its origin in Greek, meaning ‘lady.’

135. Diana

This lovely and classic name belongs to the Roman goddess of the moon, hunting, and virginity. This name hovered for decades around #100 and was most popular in the late 1940s.

136. Dione

Dione is an uncommon ancient Greek girl name meaning ‘Goddess,’ and it is also one of Saturn’s moons.

137. Eris

It is in reference to the second-largest dwarf planet in the solar system discovered in the year 2005. NASA initially discovered it as a tenth planet.

138. Flora

Flora is the name of an asteroid orbiting the sun. It is a Scottish and Latin name for a ‘flower.’

139. Gaia

The Earth is not just any other planet. It is a living, breathing organism and the giver of life. Gaia is another name for our beautiful planet and comes from Greek.

140. Galatea

Galatea is the name of a moon circling Neptune and also referred to as Neptune VI. It is of Greek origin and refers to ‘she who is milk-white.’

141. Hala

Hala is beautiful and unique in its own way. The meaning of this Arabic name is ‘moon halo.’

142. Helene

Helene is the name of the moon of Saturn. The name was inspired by Helen of Troy.

143. Helia

Helia is the name of the ‘sun’ in Greek. It is the perfect name for a radiant and beautiful little girl.

144. Hilda

It is the name of a group of asteroids referred to as ‘The Hildas.’ This springs from Germany, and it means ‘battle woman.’

145. Hoshi

It is a Japanese name for ‘star,’ and could be a great pick for parents who wanted their child to be bold.

146. Indu

Indu originates from Hindi and means‘moon.’ It is a stunning moon name, which resembles Luna and Serena.

147. Jaci

Jaci is a native American name, meaning ‘moon’.

148. Kamaria

Kamaria is a Swahili name, meaning ‘beauty of the moon or moonlight’.

149. Larissa

Larissa is the name of one of Neptune’s moons. In Greek mythology, Larissa was the mother of Pelasgus. It’s also the name of a city in Greece.

150. Leda

This Greek name, meaning ‘happy’, originally belonged to the mother of the Helen of Troy. Leda was renownedfor her beauty and wisdom. It is also the name of the moon of Jupiter.

151. Lucine

Lucine is of Armenian origin, meaning ‘moon.’ Lucy would be the best nickname for Lucine.

152. Maha

Maha is a short and sweet Arabic name, meaning ‘moon.’ It is also considered a nickname for Mahdokht, a Persian name, which means ‘daughter of the moon’.

153. Mahina

Mahina is a Hawaiian name meaning ‘moonlight’.

154. Mahtab

Mahtab is a graceful baby girl name that sounds nice to ears. It is of Arabic origin with the meaning ‘moonlight.’

155. Mona

Mona also means ‘moon’ in English. This name was popular in 1950 with the 230th position.

156. Neoma

Neoma, meaning ‘new moon,’ is a rare variant of Noami. The name was only featured in Barbara Cartland’s book ‘Light of the Moon.’

157. Nevaeh

Nevaeh, the spelling variation of Nevaeh, was created by spelling ‘Heaven’ backward. It started off with a bang but became unpopular soon after.

158. Nokomis

Nokomis is a native American name, meaning ‘daughter of the moon.’ It is an unusual beautiful name for a baby girl.

159. Pensri

This popular name is of Thai origin, meaning ‘full moon.’

160. Rhea

Rhea is one of the moons of Saturn. It also means ‘a flowing stream’ and also the name of a goddess, the mother of Zeus.

161. Thebe

It is a unique space name for baby, referring to a beautiful red-colored inner satellite of the planet Jupiter.

162. Larissa

Larissa is the name of one of Neptune’s moons. In Greek mythology, Larissa was the mother of Pelasgus. It’s also the name of a city in Greece.

163. Rosalind

It is one of the moons of Uranus, which was discovered in 1986. In Spanish, Rosalind means ‘beautiful rose.’

164. Soleil

The French name for sun and another name for all the energy sources on Earth.

165. Solstice

Solstice is a new-age name with an ancient history. It means ‘the time when the sun reaches its highest or lowest excursion relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere.’

166. Solveig

It is of Scandinavian origin, meaning ‘daughter of the sun’ has rarely crossed the shores of the country. It was the name of the lead actress in Ibsen’s Peer Gynt.

167. Thalassa

Thalassa is the name of a moon of Neptune. The name comes from the Greek word for sea.

168. Titania

The largest moon of Uranus and the name of the Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This moniker has a lacy and delicate charm, just like its bearer

169. Vesta

Vesta was the Roman Goddess of the hearth. There is also a Temple of Vesta in Rome.

170. Zelenia

This Greek name means ‘the moon.’ It’s basically the variation of Selena.

171. Cassiopeia

Naming your child after just one star is a passé. The trend is naming the child after the entire group of stars that form a pattern called constellations. Cassiopeia is one of the hottest constellation baby names. The constellation was named after the mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology. Both mother and daughter’s name have celestial objects named after them. You can shorten the name to Cass or Cassie.

172. Lyra

Lyra is a harp-like constellation in the northern hemisphere. It is named after lyre in the ancient Green mythology of Orpheus. With the musical connection, you can expect a future rock star on hands.

173. Vega

Also referred to as the ‘Harp Star’, Vega is the fifth shiniest star in our solar system. Naming your child after this star would ensure that she always shines. The name has already been popular in Scandinavian countries, and has now started making its way to the US. So don’t be startled when you see a girl or even a boy named Vega.

174. Libra

Libra is the name of a constellation, which is also a member of the famous zodiac system. Meaning ‘fair, tactful and well-balanced’, Libra would make a perfect name for your girl.

175. Estella

If you don’t want to use Star as your baby’s name and feel that Stella is too common, you can go with Estelle. Estelle was once perceived to be an old-fashioned name from Charles Dickens’ novel, The Great Expectations, but it has now come back with a bang and is all set to shine brightly. It has a long way to go.

176. Alya

The Theta Serpentis star system was first known by the name of Alya. The name is quite popular in the Muslim community as a baby girl name.

177. Alula

Alula is the name of one of the first twin stars discovered. It would make an apt name for one of your twin girls. You can even use it as a nickname.

178. Nova

Nova is the nuclear explosion of a white dwarf, which causes sudden brightening of the star. Meaning ‘new star’, this bright and lovely name would brighten up your daughter’s life. Briana Dejesus, the participant of “Teen Mom 2,” named her daughter Nova Star. That’s quite a smart choice, as the girl will have both of the celestial objects in her name.

179. Adhara

Adhara is the name of the second brightest stars in the sky after Sirius. It is derived from the Arabic element meaning ‘maidens.’

180. Alcyone

It is the brightest star in the Pleiades. According to Greek mythology, Alcyone was the wife of Ceyx, but the happy pair enraged the Gods by calling each other Zeus and Hera.

181. Alpha

Alpha is the brightest star in each constellation and is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet.

182. Amalthea

Amalthea has significance in both Greek mythologies and also in the constellation of stars. It was the name of a goat who nursed and protected God Zeus during his infancy.

183. Aquarius

Aquarius is the constellation between Pisces and Capricorn. It is a Greek name, and also the 11th sign of the zodiac.

184. Ascella

Ascella is a pretty bright star in the sign of Sagittarius and could be an apt name for a December-born girl.

185. Astra

Astra means ‘of the stars’ in Latin. It is a small and easy-to-pronounce name for your little girl.

186. Capella

It is the name of the eleventh brightest star in the whole sky and stands for military honor and wealth, according to astrology.

187. Celestia

Celestia is a heavenly name that sounds ethereal. It will make a distinctive choice if you are considering feminine names like Seraphina or Angelina. Celestia means ‘of the planets, stars, and heavens.’

188. Electra

Electra means ‘bright’ or ‘shining’ in Greek. Astronomers gave this name to a giant star found in the Taurus constellation.

189. Esther

This name, meaning ‘star,’ is one of the significant figures in the Old Testament. Esther was one of the top 50 names around a hundred years ago but is used sparsely now.

190. Etoile

Etoile is a  beautiful girl yet the unusual name for a baby girl meaning ‘star.’ It has its origin in French.

191. Europa

Europa was a Phoenician princess who was abducted and taken to Crete by Zeus. It is also the name of the sixth moon of Jupiter.

192. Gomeisa

Gomeisa is a rare girl name with Arabic roots and means ‘bleary-eyed one’. It is the second brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor.

193. Juno

Juno is a unique Latin baby girl name, meaning ‘queen of heaven’ and it is a star of the Venus constellation.

194. Maia

It is the name of a blue giant star in the Taurus constellation. Maia was the mother of Hermes as per Greek mythology, and it means illusion in Sanskrit.

195. Nashira

It is an uncommon and mystical name of a giant star found in Capricorn. This also has an Arabic origin, and means ‘bearer of good news.’

196. Norma

Norma is a small constellation of stars in the southern hemisphere. It is of English origin meaning ‘from the north; or, the pattern.’

197. Polaris

It is another name for the Pole star or North star and is considered as a bright star that appears above the North pole.

198. Stella

Stella sees an enormous surge in popularity for the last decade. It has a balance of sass and refinement. The meaning of this Italian name is ‘star’.

199. Starla

The name ‘Starla’ means ‘a star’ and is of English origin.

200. Starling

Starling is a creature found in every corner of the Earth. This fanciful name is associated with Clarice Starling, the FBI agent from the ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ a role, which got Jodi Foster the Best Actress Oscar.

201. Zaniah

Zaniah is a triple star system in the constellation of Virgo. It is an Arabic name for ‘corner.’

You can also explore some of the most popular names that mean galaxy for boys and girls too.

Galaxy Names for Girls

  1. Aelia – Greek, means “sun”
  2. Adhara – Astronomy, the second brightest star in the constellation Canis Major
  3. Amalthea – Astronomy, a moon of Jupiter; Greek Mythology, a nymph who nursed the infant Zeus
  4. Andromeda – Greek Mythology, Astronomy, an Ethiopian princess rescued from sacrifice by the hero Perseus. A constellation in the northern sky is named for her.
  5. Ariel – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  6. Ascella – Astronomy, the third brightest star in the constellation Sagittarius
  7. Astra – Greek, means “star”
  8. Aurora – Latin, means “dawn”; Roman Mythology, goddess of the dawn
  9. Bianca – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus; Italian, means “white”
  10. Calypso – Astronomy, a moon of Saturn; Greek Mythology, the nymph who fell in love with Odysseus after he was shipwrecked on her island of Ogygia
  11. Celeste – French, Italian, means “of the sky, heavenly”
  12. Chanda – Hindu Mythology, goddess of the moon
  13. Cordelia – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  14. Diana – Roman Mythology, goddess of the moon, hunting, forests, and childbirth
  15. Elara – Astronomy, a moon of Jupiter
  16. Halley – Astronomy, a comet
  17. Helia – Greek Mythology, one of the Heliades, daughters of the sun god Helios
  18. Hilal – Turkish, means “crescent moon”
  19. Juliet – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  20. Larissa – Astronomy, a moon of Neptune
  21. Leda – Astronomy, a moon of Jupiter
  22. Libra – Astronomy, a constellation shaped like a set of measuring scales
  23. Luna – Italian, Spanish, means “moon”; Roman Mythology, goddess of the moon
  24. Lyra – Astronomy, a constellation in the northern sky containing the star Vega
  25. Miranda – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  26. Nashira – Astronomy, a bright star in the constellation of Capricornus
  27. Ophelia – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  28. Pandora – Astronomy, a moon of Saturn
  29. Phoebe – Greek Mythology, a titan associated with the moon; Astronomy, a moon of Saturn
  30. Portia – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  31. Titania – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus
  32. Star – English, means “star
  33. Stella – Italian, means “star”
  34. Vega – Astronomy, a star in the constellation Lyra
  35. Venus – Astronomy, the second planet from the sun; Roman Mythology, goddess of love and sex

Galaxy Names for Boys

  1. Apollo – Greek Mythology, god of the sun
  2. Alioth – Astronomy, traditional name of the star Epsilon Ursae Majoris in the constellation Ursa Major
  3. Altair – Astronomy, a star in the constellation Aquila
  4. Aster – Greek, means “star”
  5. Astrophel – Greek, means “star lover”
  6. Aten – Egyptian Mythology, a god of the sun
  7. Arche – Astronomy, a moon of Jupiter
  8. Aries – Astronomy, a constellation
  9. Atlas – Greek Mythology, a Titan punished by Zeus by being forced to support the heavens on his shoulders
  10. Castor – Astronomy, a star in the Gemini constellation
  11. Cielo – Italian, means “sky”
  12. Cosmo – English, Italian, refers to the universe
  13. Cosmos – English, Italian, refers to the universe
  14. Cupid – Roman Mythology, son of Venus and Mars
  15. Deimos – Astronomy, a moon of Mars
  16. Izar – Basque, means “star”
  17. Janus – Astronomy, a moon of Saturn
  18. Jupiter – Astronomy, the largest gas giant in our solar system
  19. Kuiper – Astronomy, a belt of asteroids in our solar system
  20. Leo – Astronomy, a constellation
  21. Mercury – Astronomy, first planet from the sun; Roman Mythology, god of trade, merchants, and travelers
  22. Mars – Astronomy, third planet from the sun; Roman Mythology, god of war
  23. Oberon – Astronomy, a moon of Uranus, Literature, king of the fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  24. Orion – Astronomy, Greek Mythology, a constellation, which gets its name from a legendary Greek hunter who was killed by a scorpion sent by the earth goddess Gaia
  25. Perseus – Astronomy, a constellation; Gree Mythology, a hero who founded the ancient city of Mycenae
  26. Phoenix – Astronomy, a constellation; Greek Mythology, a creature consumed by fire and then rising from its own ashes every 500 years
  27. Pluto – Astronomy, a dwarf planet in our solar system
  28. Rigel – Astronomy, the star that forms the left foot of the constellation Orion
  29. Sirius – Astronomy, a bright star in the constellation Canis Major
  30. Sol – Spanish, Portuguese, means “sun”
  31. Taurus – Astronomy, a constellation of the zodiac
  32. Titan – Astronomy, Saturn’s largest moon
  33. Vulcan – Astronomy, a small hypothetical planet that was proposed to exist in an orbit between Mercury and the Sun; Roman Mythology, god of fire

Conclusion on Names That Mean Galaxy

Today you can find very similar names in your surrounding that doesn’t feel that fascinating an engaging, so choose the names out of the box which was never heard of before from the names that mean galaxy.

So, that is all for the names that mean galaxy, hope you definitely like the post as much as we do share it with you, and must share it with your friends who recently welcomed newborns in their family.

Thank You 🙂

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